Unveiling the Mysteries of Human Design Profiles: Unraveling the Commonly Asked Questions

Welcome to our enlightening blog, where we delve deep into the fascinating world of Human Design. In this article, we aim to demystify the commonly asked questions surrounding Human Design Profiles, offering clarity and insight into this transformative system.

Human Design, a powerful synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, provides a comprehensive blueprint of an individual’s unique energetic makeup. Central to this system are the Profiles, which serve as essential building blocks in understanding one’s authentic self and life’s purpose.

Are you curious about what exactly a Profile is in Human Design? How does it influence your life and relationships? Our blog will unravel these queries and more. We’ll guide you through the intricacies of Profiles, helping you uncover the hidden treasures of self-awareness and personal growth. Discover the different Profile types, such as the Investigator, Hermit, Opportunist, Heretic, and more.

Each Profile represents a distinct energetic pattern and personality archetype, shedding light on your strengths, challenges, and inherent ways of engaging with the world. Explore the impact of your Profile on your career choices, relationships, and decision-making processes.

We’ll dive into how understanding your Profile can enhance your ability to navigate life’s challenges, make aligned choices, and cultivate meaningful connections. Have you ever wondered how your Profile interacts with others’? Our blog will unveil the dynamics and compatibility of different Profiles, offering valuable insights into the nuances of personal and professional relationships.

Discover the harmonious synergies and potential areas of growth when Profiles intersect. If you’re eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, this blog is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of Human Design Profiles. Gain a deeper understanding of your unique energetic signature and tap into your innate potential for personal fulfillment and transformation.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Human Design Profiles and equip you with the knowledge to embrace your truest self. It’s time to embark on a transformative path and unlock the doors to a life aligned with your authentic nature. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles, where we’ll dive deeper into specific Profile types, practical applications of Human Design, and tips for integrating this wisdom into your daily life. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and uncover the magic of Human Design Profiles.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Human Design Profiles

Unveiling the Mysteries of Human Design Profiles


[00:00:33] Raven: What does the human design profile mean?

So if you’ve pulled up your free chart or I’ve sent it to you via email through the Empath Healing Community, you can, , take a look at your chart in front of you. And there’s something called a profile, and it says it’s exactly up there.

There’s six different boxes up there, and one will say profile, and then it’ll have a fraction number looking type of a thing with it, with a number slash align. And so these numbers, they’re all about the archetypes of our personality and what we are here to do in this life. You know how we.

Ebb and flow with our energy and where we put our focus. And this is an interesting one. I think as I observe people around me, the people I work with, the people I coach, even my children, I go, oh wow. Like I can totally see the coming through, or I can totally see the line one coming through.

, and we’re gonna get into what those mean. And you have two numbers because you have a conscious line like. It’s in the forefront and that is locked in the day you were born and then an unconscious line, and that’s locked in three months before you were born. So how often Rahru, who? The founder?

The downloader. The manifester who has brought human design to us. He talks about in the profiles, how often are we trying on rolls? And costumes that aren’t doing us any justice. And this happens through conditioning. This happens through the comparison game. This happens in our lives. Just trying to fit in, just trying to do it the right way.

And there are so many people on the internet saying, make money this way, have a relationship this way. There’s one way. That’s actually their one lens. And we all have our own unique lens and our own unique energy of how we come to a relationship. No matter what line, no matter what profile.

I think the magic in having a healthy interaction and relationships is to just check your ego. I just have been noticing and observing so much lately about people’s, even my own people’s egos, like getting in the way of hearing what the other person is saying, asking the other person for something. Just getting really defensive and hurt.

And starting arguments just because one person offended your ego. So really being aware of who you are, your energy, and allowing others to be their own unique selves, I truly believe is the key to all of us working together as a team in this thing we call Earth and in life. So , there are 12 profiles.

We have 12 different variations and how you can find your profile, of course, is up in the chart, up in the little, there’s those three sections. Say human design type your profile, your not self theme, your strategy. That little part of the top will tell you 1, 3, 3, 6, 6, 2, whatever it is. And what it is it’s pulling from the personality on the sun and the earth.

So here’s a little bit of a caveat to the details. When you’re looking at your chart, there’s all these planets I know on the low left side and the right side of your chart, and they are symbolizing where the gates were when you were born and three months before you were born, where the planets were and where it’s like astr, it’s correlated to astrology.

So it is, and then there’s these point parts. So you have, for instance, The sun in the black part is your personality, your conscious. Let’s say the sun is in 10.1 and the earth is in 15.1. The 0.1 is your line is part of your profile. And then on the red side you have 46.3. For instance, with the sun and the earth is 25.3.

The 46 is the gate. The 0.3 is the line profile. So that’s where they’re pulling those two numbers from. If you’re an investigator and you are a one line, you’re gonna be asking, where is this coming from? And this is where they’re getting these two numbers is the point, part. And every single planet has a point.

So you can then dive in even deeper into your personality or energy profile in that particular gate relating to that particular planet. And as we know from astrology, every planet rules something. Rules a certain energy so quickly. I’ll run through the 12 profiles. You can either have a 1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 4/2, 5/ 3, 3/6, 4/6 or a four one and a 5/1, 5 /2, 6/2, and 6/3.

Now fun little fact. Jovan archive is the official human design raw uru who originated, where you can learn and gain information, more free information and paid information. And I love this little graph that he has created regarding the profiles. And so just to give you a little snapshot of some percentages, I would say the most common, which I run into all the time are one threes.

Three fives and five ones. It’s about 14% of us as well as two fours, four, six and six two. I’m always running into six two. I personally am a six two as well as five ones. When I’m running the charts, always seeing one threes, three fives. Definitely. Now the more rare profiles, which are like 2% of the people are one fours, three sixes, and five twos.

Two fives, four one and six three. So I guess you can feel a little bit exceptionally lucky, if you have those more rare profiles and we’ll get into what those mean.

So number one is line one. We’ll just start at the beginning. Start at the very beginning. I love that movie. So line one is the investigator, the intro specter, always thinking, always observing it. Very keen observer. And I wonder, I’d love to take a poll of all of my projectors out there.

Do you have a one in your profile? I personally have one. A projector type in my life. Who is yes, a one in their profile. I also know a generator that has a one in their profile, so it doesn’t really get locked into any particular type. This is more related to the lines and the profiles because as the planets go through, as the sun moves through the mandala, it also moves through the line.

So it may be in gate what? Let’s say Gate 25, the first day of its rotation through wherever it’s at 25, and then it’ll be 25.1. The next day it’ll be 25.2, the next day, 25.3, and so on and so forth.

So if you take a look at the calendar in my blog, I post a calendar every month and the big circle highlighted in the colored is the line back to our line one. I think I’m giving you a lot of information for you investigators. So if you’re an investigator, I’m sure you’re loving all this. I’m going on lots of rabbit holes, so you have an innate sense to know and accept your place.

You carry a huge creative potential and you always feel a sense of calm knowing that you’ve done your research because you have, you love your research, you’ve done it, and it’s really important to you. I would say sometimes you may get stuck in what is it called? The paralysis, like decision paralysis.

That’s not the right, it rhymes, but there’s a double word there. Where you are doing so much research and you’re questioning and doubting, and maybe you have an open spleen or a certain gate, like the fear of not being good enough gate you have that highlighted, that’s one of the gates in the spleen, and you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t know if I’m good enough.

I need to research some more. And so you’re always researching, you’re always working on things in the background. But then you don’t move forward and take action. Now, everything in human design and in life is all about timing. So waiting for that right timing and your strategy, waiting for the invitation if you’re a projector or waiting for that response if you’re a generator.

Now, all of this too plays into how to heal from narcissism. I always wanna bring that back cuz that’s really why I love human design. It helps you. Mitigate all the lies from narcissism all the conditioning from your childhood. It helps just dissipate the trauma because you can see yourself for who you truly are.

And like all of the world stuff just goes away. But it’s important to also bring yourself back to self-awareness. So embrace that you love to investigate. Don’t let anyone think that you are like a time waster or oh my gosh, are you researching that again? That’s so silly. Why don’t you just go live it?

And that’s more of the line three, talking to a line four. Or you may have both and you’re like, oh my gosh, I feel this internal struggle. Like I should just stop researching and just go try it, right? Like we have this enemy in our head talking to us, the ego mixing up our messages as well as. People in our sphere, people in our life always labeling us talking down to us or just thinking that we should be doing it just like them, and that’s not how life works.

So when you have a line one interacting with a narcissist, hey, a narcissist is always gaslighting you. So the last thing they want you to do is research anything. Don’t learn about narcissism, don’t learn about what this means, don’t learn about gaslighting cuz then you’ll know my game. And so they’ll always be almost, there’s probably two ways where they’ll be criticizing you and trying to get you away from investigating by downplaying it or making it like sound dumb.

Or they will then become your siv for information. So you wanna investigate, they’ll have an answer for you. It may not be right? It’s like getting your news from social media. It’s not gonna always be accurate, but you’re gonna feel a bit of a sense of closure or like you receive some information, but with the narcissist, you, you don’t wanna trust the narcissist with the information cuz everything is skewed to their benefit, to their controlling the situation.

So as an investigator, don’t feel bad for actually investigating. Don’t feel bad about. Introspecting and that I feel like is a lot of feedback I get from empaths who are feeling like, am I the narcissist? That’s part of the introspection. And then they research over and over I do that.

I do that. It’s like we all have an ego. We all could think and feel like we’re a narcissist. But do we, first of all, introspect? Yes. That means that you are not truly N P D. They can’t take the time to be quiet, introspect. So there’s your clue right there that you’re not a narcissist, cuz you’re already asking yourself in this introspection time.

So really lean into the beauty of your line one, investigating and introspecting listening to your intuition to know your innate sense of knowing who you are, knowing your place in this world, and knowing that you are the one that provides all the information. To create a brilliant plan or to create brilliant advice.

This is your talent, so lean into the superpower and ignore all of the negative talk. Moving on to number two, the hermit, the projection, so the her hermit is an energy. You could have it as a 2/4, 6/2, 2/5, 5/2 again, right? We have this combination. I can personally speak to myself of having this. It is this push and pull of, I wanna retreat and just be in silence to be almost like away from all of the noise and the over stimulus and Ra Uru, who says the successful sidestepping of behavioral requirements?

Through isolation. We all have these social requirements and I really struggle with the guilt of isolating when it’s time and going out and, being with friends being out here on lives and socializing, even work sometimes feels like a struggle. And all I wanna do is just hunker down with a good book under a tree.

If you’re feeling that and you have a line too, don’t resist it. That’s what you need. Like it’s just this. It’s like at the chacha or the tango, forward, backward, forward, backward. And it is very in flow with nature because the nature goes through seasons and our conditioning so much in the world is you have to do and go all the time.

Which some of us in the spiritual world call that the toxic masculine where you just don’t ever take a break. You don’t ever stop, you don’t ever retreat. You don’t even take vacations. Is it in Europe where they take like the whole summer off of work versus in America we take one day off of work maybe.

Like it’s just this constant pushing. And so you have this line too. If you have it in you, you’re like, oh my gosh, like I can’t do it. I can’t, like you feel like you’re quitting, but you just need to take time to yourself. So listen to your unique calls in life. This may be a thing in your relationship.

You’re like, I just cannot do this relationship anymore. Okay? Find some time alone. You need alone time. To find a partner who can handle you. Needing alone time is really key. Narcissists always need some type of supply. So if you are not around and you have alone time and they’re not secure in themselves, they’re gonna get mad at you, they’re gonna get upset.

You’re always gonna feel obligated to be around them, which is not healthy for you as a hermit, you need your own alone time to nurture your unique talents. So this is part as a generator of your waiting to respond is do what you love as a hermit. If you have line two in the background, just hone your gifts and talents of what you love, your studies, and maybe you love to write poetry or do artwork or whatever your you love to do.

And that way when you’re nurturing your talents, You can then come back out and you can shine in the spotlight and be like, see what I’ve been working on. Isn’t this so fun? Then you get to show off your talents and really bring to the world your sparkle because with that hermit energy, you need it.

It is a push pull. And for so long I thought that was a bad thing. Oh, everything’s just like a push and pull a given, I don’t know, give and run a scenario. But it’s just a dance. It’s just a dance in life. Flow with the cycles of life and your talents will shine. It’s essential to have a sacred space.

So an altar, it’s essential to have a place near the water. Absolutely. , how can you get your chart? You can go to, Raven Scott show there is a form to join the Empath Healing Community Group and fill out your birth information.

It’ll pop into my email and I will send you your birth chart for free within 24 hours. So head on over to that to grab that. I’ll also put the link to that in the I was gonna say show notes. I’ll say show notes for the podcast. It’s always in the show notes for the podcast, and here in the comments below of this video.

Let’s get back into the last just conclusion of the hermit is to learn dance with the push and pull of social life. Learn to say yes with your inner authority and no with your inner authority.

So that way you don’t always feel like you’re on and you’re pressured to do social things 24 7. Cuz as a hermit, you’re gonna regret that. You’re gonna hate it, you’re gonna hate life, and you’re gonna be like, I just, I regret everything. I just wanna run and hide. Yeah. And if it is not easy, ditch it. This has been a really interesting thing that I’ve.

Also been working through guilt, right? Because of all the conditioning or whomever’s taught you in your life that once you commit to the bit, you gotta stay and do it follow through, which is true. Integrity is good. So that’s why waiting to respond and using your inner authority, sacral or emotional to determine should I commit to this?

Because if it’s not easy, then don’t do it. Really, cuz you’re here to sparkle. You’re here to do what you love and what’s easy. Interestingly enough, and there’s always gonna be some things that you need to work on. Let’s say for instance I was a while back learning how to write copy that was fun and a little bit hard, and then it got easier, right?

So it just depends. If something’s a struggle, it’s pushing against your energy, just take a break from it for a bit. Line three. We call it in human design a martyr adaptation. And you may think, Ugh, I’m not a martyr. I really am truly a victim. Of course you are. You are legit. This is a hard one. Sometimes Ra who would have a hard time with the words that he, you know, the English language that he was using to try and categorize everything because, the English language is limited.

However, it’s more about adaptation. It’s more about living life through experiences almost Experimenting, a good scientist didn’t invent something amazing without many multiple quote unquote failed experiments. Although there’s nothing is ever a failure because you’re learning something from it, and that’s the essence of line three learning from your experiences.

That’s it. A little caveat if you have line six in your profile. You also experience before your fifties, so your first half of your year your a, your life, these experiences of line three. There’s line three in your youth, if you have line six. So the futile rejection of standards based on a just awareness.

It’s futile. Life is an adventure. Life is all about resilience. If you have a line three, you are resilient. You’re learning through different experiences, trial and error, and essentially bumping into things. And people, yes, and some people don’t like that. Some people like perfection, like the narcissist can’t be showing like we’re failing here.

That means that no one will like us. That means that I’ve gotta face all my other demons. But if you just embrace in yourself and in your child who has line three oh cool, we just learned something new. Like instead of making a mistake, a really big deal, then they will, as they’re an adult, embrace mistakes.

And you may have been conditioned with a line three that making mistakes is bad and you’re always beating yourself up I’m such a bad person. No, you’re just a uniquely gifted person who is resilient. That can handle all these what society labels as failures or trial and errors, like your life and your world is an entire scientific lab.

And it’s a, that’s a hard one, I think to decondition out, but just know that you are, you haven’t failed your relationship with a narcissist. You’re learning with through all the trial and errors your multiple relationships. That is learning through life. Living through life, evolving. Like the diamond in the mine under pressure.

It’s not easy for the diamond to look beautiful and shiny and sparkly at the end. It’s hot, it’s pressure, it’s sucks. And that’s part of the line three is evolving and polishing and becoming shiny and beautiful. Through trial and errors, through difficulties, through life, through experiences, and that’s evolution and through discovery.

And as you discover and as you wake up to the fact that you are now with a narcissist, this is your own personal journey. So as much as you wanna share it to the mountaintops, you can. But this energy line one, two, and three, they’re all for your own personal evolution. They are not for others to learn from or have an interpersonal relationship.

It’s all for your own personal evolution.

All right. So embrace it dear. So you have options, the profile combinations of 1/3, 3/5, 3/6 and 6/3. So now we’re onto the last three profiles, which are what I was just mentioning, interpersonal. So these are something more of where you are bringing together people, you are , influencing others or some type of leadership role.

So in these combinations in line four, you are the opportunist and the externalization. The acceptance of norms until a successful transformation can be engendered is what? Raw uru who says acceptance of norms until transformation can be engendered. So the fourth line’s greatest influence is in their friendship network.

Yes. Friendship network. . You are a people person. And it feels so nurturing to be embraced and supported by the brotherhood and sisterhood of energy. So you may feel really good in a community, a membership. You may start your own because you have that influence and that drive and push to do you are the heart and the service of the community. And are the first ones to share your opportunities. So you share your opportunities with a friend, you share your opportunities with someone else. Always the persistent networker. And you find opportunities in relationships to, to, I’ve heard of someone with the line profile who’s always like the permanent matchmaker in her social field with, relationships.

It’s with moneymaking, you’re like, oh yeah, that can totally be something that we can put together and make an offer out of. And discerning like the really the key here, sorry. The key here is discerning which relationships are correct for you. And that’s really everything which relationship is correct for you?

Which I know here with empath and the narcissist, that is what we’re always trying to discern and figure out. So I always go back to your inner authority, discern with your intuition, which is the power of your inner authority, discerning is this correct for me or not? Because even a friendships and business relationships and acquaintances your network of friends, that is where you will truly gain your success.

In just love in happiness. And if we’re thinking, again, this whole culture of money, that’s also where opportunities flow from in your strategy, is it in a really healthy network of people. So your healing journey will be successful if you are in a healthy membership. If you are in a healthy network, which I do contain a membership for impasse to heal from narcissistic abuse.

So the profile combinations for the fours is 1, 4, 2, 4, 4 1 or four six. And we’re moving on to line five.

Line five is the heretic universalization. This is another interesting one, and I liken it to the very old fashioned witches that were then burned at the stakes, right? Because your mind. Is so expansive. You’re like this 3D life. Like what the heck is this? This is nothing. You just have this beautiful, mysterious, seductive energy and that was dangerous back in the days.

Oh my gosh. Would it be so awesome to do a study of the profiles of all of the beautiful nature plant medicine witches back in the day that were burned to the stakes? How many of them would be line five? Who says direct and overt challenge to norms, and this is a leadership type of energy. It’s also a intimidating energy maybe.

But all of the five lines carry a very mysterious, like I said, and seductive energy, pulling you in to find out who they are. And maybe that might bother them. They’re like, why are all these people coming to me? Why are they always copying me? This is really annoying. But really what they’re trying to do is come in your aura and see what you can offer, what they can offer you, how they can be led by you or just interact with you.

It’s just drawing and, it’s it’s just mysterious. It’s just alluring. So just be patient is the thing. Especially if you have a two, five, you’re like, I just wanna run away and hide, stop following me. But leaders with direct and efficient advice they really have the courage to take a look at things outside of the box and challenge the traditional values in order to you univer.

Universalize something new. So that to me sounds very aquarium. It’s Hey, like why are we still doing it this broken way? We can do it this way and really bring so much more peace and balance and harmony to this particular area or to the world. Your creative rebels. Line five. You are creative rebels and you have an influence outside of your tiny sphere.

You can talk right now as I’m talking cuz I don’t have line five and there would be so many more people I’m sure on. And there would be so much more drawing and yes, influence me to do this or I wanna learn about this. And you’re really here to make an impact. You are. You are here to make an impact.

So you may have a 2, 5, 3 5, 5, 1 or five two. And the last line, the last one, line six, I can speak from personal experience with this one, is the role model transition. So Ra ru who says the perfection expression of norms through action rather than words. So it’s funny how I have Gemini in my 10th house of career, which is a bit. I think maybe my push and pull two six hermit and role model, this perfection expression of norms through actions rather than words.

So I can literally be here talking to you all day long and it doesn’t matter if I’m doing, if I’m role modeling, but I’m actually living according to my human design strategy by waiting and responding by listening to my sacral. And just sharing with you how maybe I parent, how I heal from human design, then that’s really gonna be your superpower as a line six or mine and yours.

If you have a line six, it’s through your actions. Maybe that’s why I always talk about that too. It’s look at the narcissist, look at their actions, not their words. And maybe that’s just my big, scope on the world is always through. What are you doing versus what are you saying? And you know what, you’ve been through a lot you, like I said before, your age 50.

So I still got 10 more years of experimenting to do and experiences to process you. You’re just like line three. You feel like you’ve erred, you feel like you’ve been in all these relationships. I keep failing. I recognize that you’ve experienced a lot of trauma. We wanna call it. And definitely it’s an experience, right? Life on earth is twofold. It has its pain and it has its suffering, and it has its joys and love and happiness.

So we can view it more as, you know what, I’ve experienced a lot of experiences versus I’ve experienced a lot of trauma, and I wonder if that might help us shift out of always looking backwards or always looking at our. Victimhood. Oh, the trauma oh, it’s so bad. That might be a toxic masculine narrative as well.

Whereas you’re tough. You’ve been through a lot. Yes. And am not all of it was amazing and it, yeah, a lot of it sucked. Was a trauma for sure. I’m not discrediting like that. There’s stuff in your body, but it’s an experience that you can somatically release out. It is an experience that you had the opportunity to learn from, to evolve from and to grow through, to maybe observe the people around you and see who really was loyal to you, who really was the healthy type or who abandoned you when you really, when your time of need.

All of that information is information right for your soul, for [00:31:40] your higher self In this earthly lab called Earth. And so this, once you reach, to the point of your age 50, you’ll finally be able to walk out as a role model and really make a big impact. And I wonder why I would love to pull Mel Robbins chart because she was excellent.

She was really growing and leading. But now, like once she’s hit this she’s her teen, her kids are almost adults, I think, like they’re older. She’s. Not my age. And she’s really reached this point where she like, we call it like up on the roof. Everyone’s Mel Robbins. I’m like, where did she come from?

She’s just been working and doing what she’s loved and literally experiencing life, hard life, right? And she’s up on the roof and she’s shining, and she’s being a role model to everyone to just get up outta bed to push those negative thoughts out. Like all of the ways that she’s learned to survive and to cope with her.

Negative talk in her head. That’s what she’s sharing and being a role model to the world. So that’s the line six. So I’d have to pull her chart to know if she has line six, but she’s definitely exuding a lot of the qualities of a line. Six great teachers great mystical spiritual leaders with a very high vision and perspective.

This is why I love talking about human design and learning about who we are. So you could have a 3, 6, 4, 6. Six two or six three. And so that there is the, all of the lines. Now we could dive deeper in just a few examples of a combination.

So we had two. Members of the group, I’ll just shout them out here and make sure we get their profiles for them. So Wanda’s a two four. So specifically just to give you an example of, okay, now how do I put the two lines together? So that’s the hermit and the opportunist. So I remember talking with Wanda and her telling her about her foreline, the opportunist, always bringing people together.

I. And she’s yeah I just couldn’t help when I was at this one event and I met somebody and we got started talking about a certain project I was thinking about, and she was just always this she was networking. She’s I didn’t mean to, I was just going there. But that’s the energy of the opportunist is everyone that you know, that you feels good to you then becomes a close friend.

Like you just have this warm, inviting energy about you. You’re always connecting with people. And so they’re friends. They’re, and you can create so many beautiful, lifelong friends. So that’s why it’s important to really just continue to have your heart open. I know with a narcissist it’s difficult because you feel like you can’t trust people, but what you can trust is your intuition, and you can check into their your intuition and look into your act, your.

Their actions. So the difficult part about the line four, is that when you have been hurt by somebody because you have such a deep connection with people, you tend to close off and not wanna let anyone in. And I need to remind you, we all need to be reminded with line fours that you need to open your heart up again.

You don’t, like I said, you don’t have to do that blindly. Do it with discernment. Do it with your intuition, but open your heart up again to opportunities and relationships that are gonna come to you to help you nurture you, and to heal and to bring about joy and love again. So open your heart again. I know it can be hard because you’re so deeply wounded and feel like you’re mistrusting of that person.

For people in general, every single, right? One person’s betrayed you, the narcissist betrayed you, and boom, everyone’s in the bucket of narcissists and I can’t trust anybody. So it’s a real practice as spiritual evolution. Practice for the line four to open up again. And then so line two is the hermit.

Hermit is. Like we talked about the sage, the wise person who goes off to the cave, does their thing hides from society. I don’t want any responsibilities. Please go away. I’m retreating. I. And that’s essential and that’s crucial for you to be able to then step back out, have your heart open as the opportunist and to being able to socialize.

So I know there’s a beautiful opportunity happening for you, Wanda, that’s really part of your hermit. So embrace that. Embrace just investing in yourself in this time,

Then our last one I’ll do to show us an example is tally. Hey there, tally line three. You have a profile three, five. What does that mean? Three, five is the martyr and the heretic. Woo. I have a daughter who has this, so I can totally relate. So you have these experiences in life.

They’re hard. There’s struggle. Some may label them as failures. You may label them as failures. Like life is just ugh. Like why do I keep tripping and falling? You’re a scientist. You are experiencing, and you are resilient. And then the beauty of this is once you’ve learned your lessons in the line three, reach a point in line five where you’re like, wow, I’ve gained some incredible knowledge.

I’m pushing the boundaries of this. And on top of that, you are probably attracting certain people to have these experiences through, which may be toxic, which may not always be good, which may be bullies, which may be, narcissists. So it’s like this, you’re, they’re allured to you, but you’re like, But I’m gonna learn from it, right?

And then I’m gonna learn how to put up boundaries. I’m gonna learn how to speak my voice. I’m gonna learn how to speak my truth. I’m gonna learn all these things through this experience in my line three, to then be able to figure out a way to let everyone else know this is how I’ve done it. This is how I feel.

And you share it. You share it with people outside of your small circle. You can literally. Make videos on TikTok about it, and so you’ll help so many people. So this profile is a really powerful one to be able to help others through your own experiences. And you may just feel called to do just naturally.

And really you can actually have that voice to speak about it, whereas the line six more of a doing than a speaking. I hope that this has helped. I know human design can get really nitty-gritty, technical and difficult, so I hope that I’ve grounded this information for you and really brought to you some practical ways that you can continue on your healing path, your healing path with human design.

From anybody, the conditioners, the toxics, the narcissists from anybody, from just your own ego in your head. Human design really helps you see you, your authentic you, your soul, you for who you really are. So


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