12 Days of Zodiac

12 days of the Zodiac

12 Days of Zodiac

Just in time for the holidays a new Christmas tradition that is steeped in the science of Astrology.

This is one of my favorite creative meditations to do during the holidays. Each day study the Jofrah imagery of the symbolism of the hieroglyphs. There are 12 signs of Zodiacs, and 12 days of the Holidays. 

It is as simple as taking eight or more minutes to ponder and study the artistry. Write down in your journal what you see. 

Write a poem from the imagery if you wish. 

And then meditatively draw the glyph over and over to feel how the energy and symbol speaks to you. 

Go to the Master Class workbook to view the imagery. 

Use the workbook to write down your ponderings and draw the glyphs out each day. 

There is also a fun 12 day advent astrology calendar to mark each day you sit down and do this. Consecutive would be ideal, but if a few days are skipped you can pick back up where you left off in your calendar. 

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