What is Projection | How Narcissists Use it to Manipulate with Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro

Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro — Award-winning Author, Speaker and Educator

Ep 64 What is Projection and How Narcissists Use it to Manipulate You

“”We can only control how we respond to it””

Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro

What is projection in narcissistic abuse and how to narcissists manipulate the empath?

Today I share a conversation with Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro

Website: www.GodCameToMyGarageSale.com

Guest Bio: Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro is an award-winning and celebrated author, speaker and educator. She earned her doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard after a very successful and rewarding 35-year career as a high school special education teacher, with 12 years as a university adjunct graduate school professor. Marni’s life was forever changed after experiencing numerous trauma-induced STEs-Spiritually Transformative Encounters. Marni’s 2020 Best Books Award Winning Spiritual fiction “God Came to My Garage Sale” is prominently endorsed by James Redfield, best selling author of “The Celestine Prophecy” series of books. Marni’s latest prominently endorsed 5-book series is entitled: “True Deceit False Love” addresses Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, Parental Alienation and Intergenerational Family Trauma. Marni is a lover of animals, nature, music and world travel who handles life’s challenges with love and compassion. She values honesty, integrity, equality and goodness and prays for peace on earth. Marni is a contributing author to numerous anthology books. In January 2022 Marni was inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization.

Here are some key moments:

  • Narcissists project their errors and flaws onto you, convincing you they are perfect and you need to improve
  • Tips to deal with projection
  • Understand terminology
  • knowledge is power to battle the narcissist
  • do inner work and know yourself
  • Boundaries are key
  • The power is in our minds

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6 Minute

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