Narcissistic Mother’s Who Can’t Love with Michele Johnson

Michele Johnson – Narcissistic Abuse Survivor & Psychologist

Michele Johnson -M.A. Psychology & Founder of Bumped Bruised and Blessed Channel

Ep 75 Narcissistic Mother’s Who Can’t Love

“”Flying monkey is like their little spy, like in the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch sends out the flying monkeys to get information on her targets. So that is what the narcissistic parent will do.””

– Michele Johnson

How to recognize and heal from a narcissistic mother.

Today I share a conversation with Michele Johnson of Bumped Bruised and Blessed IG & YouTube channel.

Here are some key moments:

  • Build your self perception with Affirmations
  • Do Self Care practices regularly
  • Educate yourself on narcissism
  • Cut contact
  • Pick your New family

Book recommendations :

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A GUIDE AND MAP FOR RECOVERING FROM CHILDHOOD TRAUMA by Pete Walker

Controlling People by Patricia Evans

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How to Recognize and Heal from a Narcissistic Mother | S4 Ep 75

Acknowledging that your mother is incapable of the love you deserve is the first step to liberating yourself and removing the blocks to your ultimate happiness.  Read More.

Guest Bio:

Michelle is dedicated to her incredible husband and beautiful daughters having graduated cum laude from Farley Dickinson University with a master’s degree in psychology, along with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Michelle founded Bumped Bruised and Blessed as a glimmer of hope for victims of narcissistic abuse. She and her husband endured. The atrocities of childhood cancer and lost their three-year-old son, Joey. To GBM in 2013. Michelle continues to persevere through an adversity by honoring Joey through spreading kindness and compassion with every effort. Her dysfunctional upbringing with a narcissistic mother, enabling father and flying monkey. and golden child, boy, brother have reinforced her empathic approach to other victims.

A previous romantic entanglement with a narcissist also enables her to relate to this insidious form of abuse from that perspective as well. The Bumped Bruised and Blessed community is a chosen family of victims providing support. Through validation and education. Michelle maintains both. Both the YouTube and Instagram resources for both forums.

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How to Embrace your Queen Energy and Shed the Narcissist's Control with Lady Portia Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

"Don’t give two shits about what anybody else thinks dance to the beat of your own drum. " – Marcus Hunter NeilLearn how to rid yourself of the toxic narcissist in your life and step up into your own queen power. Today I share a conversation with Marcus Hunter Neil pioneer drag queen Lady Portia Instagram: (@ladypandme) Marcus is a MindValleys Irish Ambassador, Coach, TedTalker, Podcaster, Pioneer Drag Queen, Ambassador for the NSPCC Here are some key moments: Being with a narcissist is like Grey Gardens pretending to be glitterati while you’re living in a dilapidated house. “ No one sets out to actively be a narcissist and the victim of a narcissist. It just happens.“ It's the narcissists personality. Be your own wing man, defend yourself and take no mistreatment Relationship should be a want not a need No matter how much self work you do if you and the other person are not a fit you are not a fit Know your values know your worth. Because if you don’t have standards then you will shape shift for whomever you’re with. Do not put anybody even royalty on a pedestal because we are all human beings at the end of the day Here’s a test exercise can you list five things that you love about your narcissistic partner? if not then you are stuck in a scenario in the wrong environment and you’re making excuses each day as to why you will not break up with them.  Love yourself radically. Be secure enough in your own skin no matter what happens when you come out on the other side it will all be fine. (Trauma 2 Triumph FREE Ticket) Follow and DM me (@ravencottshow )"free gift" to get your FREE Draw Powerful Boundaries Workshop Better Help : (Empath get 10% off your first month) Empath & The Narcissist (Book) : Support the Show Get Human Design Reading: ( SHOP ) Grab coaching sessions and more FREE Gifts on the website ( Madhvi – (Emotion Code FREE Inquiry Call) Music YouTube Library: Til I Let Go by Neffex Mentioned in this episode: Trauma 2 Triumph Summit (Trauma 2 Triumph FREE Ticket)
  1. How to Embrace your Queen Energy and Shed the Narcissist's Control with Lady Portia
  2. Emotional Damage and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse through the Emotion Code
  3. How to Relieve Anxiety from Narcissistic Abuse through your Gut with Camila Smith

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