How to Set Boundaries from a Toxic Narcissist with Keresse Thomspon

Keresse Thompson – LCSW, Podcaster, Author, Empath, and Pyschic Intuitive

Ep 83. How to Set Boundaries with Toxic Family members ie Narcissistic Mother

You are not creating space for anybody healthy to walk into your life if your “room” is full of toxic negative people. You have to make a choice and room for that.

How to overcome Childhood Trauma caused by Narcissistic Mother. And How to Set Boundaries from Toxic family members. Being raised in a narcissistic household is hard on your self worth, identity, autonomy, and overall decision making skills.

Today I share a conversation with Keresse Thompson.

Here are some key moments:

  • Highly Self Absorbed people do not contain empathy
  • Parents with turbulent reactions cause childhood trauma keeps your nervous system revved up. This conditioned her to be a hyper sensitive empath.
  • We learn love from our parents be it conditional or unconditional, toxic or healthy
  • That toxic environment being raised in a narcissistic household leads you down a path of detrimental decision making skills, and abusive and manipulative relationships
  • Narcissistic Abuse is a cycle that taps into your chemicals in your brain of rewards then devaluation. Removal of love makes you want to leave and it is an addiction when they love bomb you back in again.
  • Studies have shown that drugs v. emotional abuse are the same in our brain.
  • Keep good boundaries. If you have kids with a narcissist, do not react to their drama.

30:00 Empaths are often extremely compassionate. And we try to understand them so much we look past certain things. You can’t do that.

You can still have compassion for them and move those people to the very outer circle.

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How to Set Boundaries with the Toxic Narcissist | Ep 83

Have you ever been at your lowest and your parent, sibling or lover has ignored your condition and created drama about them, and reacts so offended when you do not have energy to be so wrapped up in their problems? Listen to this episode to relate to our guest and learn how to handle that…

Keresse’s Bio:

A Marine corps vet. Became a licensed clinical social worker 10 years ago. Single mom of a 14 year old girl, Empath, and pyschic intuitive. She definitely has her fair share of childhood trauma, and she spills the tea with us.

She also runs a worldwide podcast called Diary of an Empath and I am a self published author of Diary of An Empath.

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