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Boundaries with narcissists are essential….

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Being that we are empaths, people pleasers,… we need to work on our boundaries with narcissists, toxic people and energy drainers. This is a wonderful time, starting today for the next four months for us to really focus on strengthening our boundaries, our self development, and our inner authority. – Raven Scott

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Four Ways Empaths Can Set Powerful Boundaries with Narcissists


Release the responsibility for the other’s emotional response. Release the conditioned stigma that you must say “yes” when you feel the “no”.


Soak in your strength, feel the power of your self sovereignty. And visualize to step into your courage to draw boundaries with the narcissist.

Healing Ritual

Self development and spiritual growth are a perpetual state of evolution. Learn some new ways to practice healing rituals to keep your growth going.

Disciplined Practice

Master your boundaries, practice visualization with saying “No” guilt free, practice pushing through the fear and taking back your self sovereignty.

With personal experience of being her family’s black sheep, she has embraced her solo path and dominates breaking toxic ancestral patterns. 

She is an Ambassador of gain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse. 

And Coach helping empaths heal from their black sheep wound through her transformational program. 

Through grounded and heart centered teachings she elevates the spiritual journey and concepts that you are uniquely magnificent and contrary to your doubts, you are here for a purpose. 

Her unique approach to addressing the souls journey v the ego’s protection mode, gives men and women hope and clarity of their themes they are meant to grow from. 

As an international author, narcissist abuse recovering coach, Podcast host of Empath & Narcissist and creator of Embracing your Black Sheep Program she is dispelling  the  narcissist power one soul at a time. 

Let’s do this together.

Comment at the bottom with your questions, and aha moments.


Identify your own needs

Get your journal out and write as much as you can and ponder deeply and answer honestly.

  • What people drain you?
  • What people make you feel guilty about your actions in an unhealthy way?
  • What social situations could you do less with?
  • How long is your maximum time in that setting?
  • What could you say “no” to and feel lighter and freer?
  • What can you add more of into your life?


Inner Child Meditation

This people pleasing and lack of boundaries coping mechanisms is from a core wound burdening your inner child fossilized in time.

This meditation will release you of these burdens and bring your relationship with your self healing magic and support in order to release the inner warrior from within to keep your powerful boundaries.

Healing Ritual

Full Moon Release

Journal, burn and shower 48 hour window of Full moons.

There is energetic magic when you harness the power of the moon. The Full moon is the fullest expression of what it symbolizes, our feelings. In the time window of 48 hours before and after the full moon is the most potent time to release your bottled up negative emotions. It is a time for shedding another layer to be free and feel more joy and vibrancy.

Under the abuse and oppression of the narcissist you become blind to how much negative energy and resentment you have built up inside. You were just surviving, drowning with a tiny straw for air (freedom). But now you are drawing powerful boundaries and regaining your power back. So in order to fully express yourself and find joy in your freedom you need to release the emotional baggage.

Here is the recipe for this magical transmutation exercise.

  • Write for 21 minutes using a lead pencil. Write down all the hard sticky emotions that you are mad about and hurt by. Think back to the first time you felt these and write how that felt and who did this. Find the root and pluck out this weed all the way at the base so it doesn’t grow back again. (Earth element to ground and draw out)
  • Burn safely, or tea into tiny pieces as a symbol of release. (Fire element to alchemize and carry the burdens up and away into Air element)
    • *Burn safely in a LARGE stainless steel pot in the sink or outside with no vegetation around.
  • Shower/bath ASAP to cleanse your energy field. (Water element cleanse)

Why fire? Fire cleanses out dead things for new growth to emerge. It also is associated with fast growth. As you practice this every Full moon – even the first time- you will observe that you will not have this specific pain point burdening you anymore, if you journaled deeply and detailed.

Protection Mantra

How to block their negative reactions through empath protection mantra.

Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa “You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite.

This protects to eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity.

During your most difficult times, Guru comes to stand by you as your protector. Yogi Bhajan taught us that when chanted for 62 minutes during the ambrosial hours, this mantra can relieve unbearable financial pressure and give you mental self-control. This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance.

Listen to it today and at any other point you need support and protection.

Raven Scott Show Meditation Playlist

Disciplined Practice

Practice the Empath Aura Shield Guided Meditation

Grounding empath Aura Shield Guided Meditation

Deepen your powerful boundaries

With these tools that carry you on in your daily self improvement practice.

1. Know your inner authority from your human design chart.
How to know if you are making the right decision using your human design inner authority
2. Shift your perspective.

You’ve learned that when you say “no”, or “I do not like when you do _____.” that the narcissist will push back and lash out at you. They will turn it against you. This can be painful, but this is a blessing in disguise. Their reaction is the litmus test to the health and their empathy and love for you (or lack thereof). Practice using your authority and say “No” to test out your relationships. Now be mindful that even healthy people will react defensively when their ego is hurt, so make sure the boundary is shared with love and not mean spirited. (I’m sure that will not be a problem for you empath, but a disclaimer.)

And if you receive a negative reaction and an overreaction such as gaslighting, insults, being called crazy, or getting the silent treatment as punishment, then you can defeat the narcissist and stand in your power by going no contact. Practice not taking on their guilt and shame as your responsibility, but not caring and moving on.

  • Do not try and mend the argument by reaching out.
  • Resist the urge to apologize.
  • Resist the urge to feel guilty.
  • Stand in your truth and power.
  • And block them or take a physical distance “break” or “permanent leave” if you have to.
3. Deepen your self love through self care.

Now that you have cut out the negative energy and abuse from your life you can focus on not surviving but thriving. Focus on your self improvement and relationship with yourself.

  • Find your inner child.
  • Find your joy.
  • Play again.
  • Start hobbies that light you up.
  • Focus on healing through inner child meditation, self discovery, and healing mantras.
4. Practice the Inner Warrior Meditation above daily for 21 days straight.
5. Go. no contact … or add emoji label to their name in phone

If you are unable to cut ties completely, add a snake, frigid, or devil emoji to their name in contacts as a reminder to not engage in their drama.

The most important is

Pre agree the boundary. And the important bit consequences. This is the bit most people leave out because if you don’t have pre-agreed consequences and you do not follow through, you have no potency, you have no power.”
Feminine power is not becoming a masculine, which means you do not scream or shout. You’re not trying to power them down. You’re not trying to score points. You’re not trying to compete for feminine power to win.
 Because we’re talking to men; one plus one equals two world; communicate that boundary with clarity and reason.
Follow through gives your words have potency.

Learn How to Guard your Energy

With the Open Centers Masterclass.

selective focus photography of woman wearing purple sweater holding silver tabby cat

How to Ease Anxiety

Narcissists can mess with your energy and wiring leaving your nerves fried. You will receive a calming and grounding audio that you can play every day to calm your nerves and raise your vibration.

Identify which Centers you have unguarded

Understand all about your open centers, how they are vulnerable to conditioning and other’s agenda. And what each center’s theme represents for you in your life.

Learn How to Guard them with these Practical steps

Gain these 3 Practical steps to guard your open centers, and stop being vulnerable to their emotions, energies, and manipulation. So you can remain strong and become wise within your open centers.

Create Community, Comment below how you are enjoying this workshop. Post any questions.

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