Is Human Design Real or Fake?? My Experience : Empath Healing your openness

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Unveiling the Mysteries: Is Human Design Real or Fake? Join me as I embark on an investigative journey in this captivating podcast episode, where we dissect the controversial concept of Human Design and dive deep into the ultimate question: Is it a transformative tool or mere pseudoscience? Tune in to explore the enigma, challenge your beliefs, and discover the truth behind Human Design. Get your free chart at

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Unveiling the Mysteries: Is Human Design Real or Fake? Join us as we embark on an investigative journey in this captivating podcast episode, where we dissect the controversial concept of Human Design and dive deep into the ultimate question: Is it a transformative tool or mere pseudoscience? Tune in to explore the enigma, challenge your beliefs, and discover the truth behind Human Design.


Is hd real or fake hwo to heal in your open centers & my experience

[00:00:00] Raven: Welcome to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast, where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host Raven Scott, a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I’m empowering empaths in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse childhood trauma through human design self-care mindfulness advice and expert interviews Subscribe now Hello. Hello my implants today I’m talking about is human design real or fake?

There is a debate and of course skeptics are everywhere out there, . So we’re gonna talk about that today and then cover some basics that. Back to the basics, the history and origin of human design, and we’re gonna talk about your open and defined centers. Maybe you are on the fence and you’re not quite sure this whole human design stuff. Is extremely complicated, , seems like alien and you just can’t get your brain wrapped around it. , so let’s just take a look. It’s interesting. I was, , looking at different Reddit threads and people kind of poking at like Ra Uru Hu, who founded this, downloaded it from spirit. So this is the other part that we’ll talk about. Do you believe in the mystical, do you believe in spirit?

I guess if you don’t, then you’re going to think that human design is fake because the whole origin of it is, it’s downloaded from spirit consciousness. But it does actually incorporate science of neutrinos. And so that’s where people start to say, well, this is fake. And he claimed that he discovered it, but actually there were other scientists who discovered it. So we’re gonna kinda talk about that a bit. And maybe you’ve never even heard of that, and you’re just blindly loving human design. Just as I do, and we’re gonna dive into a bit of that just because I wanna make sure, cuz as you’re expressing your passion, you really know grounded. Is this for me or is this just some other, personality scam? Who knows? So, I love diving into this because it’s important for us to investigate. It’s important for us to know really what we’re believing. Just because we’ve come out of such a toxic relationship with people who have just told us so many lies, and so it is hard to trust, and then sometimes it’s really easy to trust and you could be trusting in the wrong thing. So in 2015, the scientists Takaki and Arthur B. McDonald were awarded a noble prize for the discovery of neutrino oscillations.

And which shows that neutrinos have mass. Yes. So neutrinos are like these tiny fusions. I think I have it on my next slide. But they’re these tiny fusions from the sky, from, the stars, the sun, from, extreme heat, right? Fusion is from heat. And so they discovered, or they got the prize in 2015. And this is the, the, the interesting part is, but Rah Uru, who published this already as the science behind the human design system as early as 1991, so you can debate chicken or the egg who discovered it first. I think spirit gives all of us inspiration and ideas at different times to try and bring out this new information. So it’s. It’s kind of an earthly thing to be like, oh, well these two scientists discovered in 2015. So they’re the originators versus believing, that somebody could actually also have the same message from spirit in 1991. And again, this goes back to do you believe in spirit or do you believe in only what you can see on the earth? And that will kind of put you on which side? If you believe that human design is real or fake. Now neutrinos possess an infinitesimally small amount of mass and are manufactured in the stars like I just said. So there actually are approximately a hundred trillion neutrinos passing through your body every second. And this is why, especially us impasse, really feel when there’s a major transit in the planet, the shift of the zodiac, the sun going into one zodiac to the other. All the different gate transits that are happening during the human design mandala, rotating like with time. Cuz that’s what’s happening is you feel, you feel it, you’re like,

yes. I’m all like right now, I’m all in, in cancer season. I am juicing, I’m fasting, I’m nurturing my body. I have not been, and I’ve had two skin cancer diagnosis as I’m like, you know what? I’m gonna take matters in my own hand. I’m gonna nurture myself. So you may be feeling the same thing. So again, going back to the neutrinos, why am I talking about neutrinos? Because it’s the science behind the human design, and I think a lot of us pass over that, and that’s perfectly fine. But this is the argument of if it’s real or fake, because for those people who believe in only earth evidence, neutrinos have an infant, small amount of mass as they stream. Passes through us, it leaves information. This is essentially how astrology works. When you’re born, you have all this information, which is the same as your human design chart. It’s a stream of information within each of us, and it exists, in particles that connect us to the stream. It’s almost like the science behind connecting to the stream of consciousness, which is, I think fascinating and incredibly amazing. So at the moment of your birth, you are imprinted by the information carried by this neutrino stream via the planet, and this imprint is reflected within your human design chart and it determines your particular design. And this information provides you with the knowledge to understand your nature, your potential, your themes.

And forms of interaction with others. Now, like I said, rahoo is a man. I know some people who are new to it. They’re like, is woman a man? He is a man. He’s the founder and messenger from spirit about human design system. And in January of 1987, he had an unusual mystical experience that followed by an encounter with. Quote unquote, a voice, an intelligence far superior than anything he had ever experienced. And this encounter lasted for eight days and nights during which he received a transmission of information. What is known today as the human design system. Inside note, he is a manifester. So he actually, once he downloaded all this information, he got together a group of trusted friends who had all the different talents and types. And they pulled together and organized the system.

There’s all this information he just got together. So he did not do it alone. He had a team as a manifester. So the synthesis of the rave mandala, I’m gonna describe this to you if you’re listening here on the podcast, it is a circle. You know how the astrology chart is a circle? So is the rave mandala. The mandala is. What’s happening, essentially the astrology chart around your human design chart. So in the center there’s a human design chart. The circle that comes first, there’s like three rings. The first ring is the astrology chart, which is the western zodiac, the lines that connect your centers inside your human design chart. Inside that is from the Kabbalah, the Seth, sorry. The SRA of the kamalah. So that is connecting.

That is again, another huge theme in your life. If you have something of a line that’s highlighted and connected in, and if it’s open, then you, you are amplifying and you’re experiencing that theme when the mandala is traveling or when you’re around someone else who has a defined, so you get to experience it in a variety of ways, just not consistent. So then the first ring is the astrology. The second ring is the hexagram, which is all the numbers in the gates. So all the numbers inside, all the centers in your chart is from the hexagram, and those all have a definition, a theme, and a meaning. Those are hexagrams. And then the next circle ring outside. That is the e ching. It’s an ancient, like multi centuries old. Ancient philosophy of evolution and shifting of energies and one’s self. So the etching is really a big part of it as well. So as the sun and all the planets are rotating around the circle like a clock, they are then highlighting within a wider scope, the zodiac sign, a smaller scope, the numbers, there’s maybe like five to six numbers inside the zodiac sign. And then the e ching as well is going around, maybe like four, five. Again, four to five each ching in each Zodiac sign. Sometimes they’re kind of on the border, so there’ll be, half Zodiac. There’ll be like, let’s say a Libra slash Scorpio etching energy has Libra slash Scorpio. Could be either, could be a little bit of both cuz it’s right on the border. So that’s when we’re talking about in my emails, if you’re part of the community, I send you out the transits where the sun is, and we talk about a gate.

That’s what I, that’s where it’s all coming from. If you’re wondering like, why is she telling me about this gate and how do I know it’s transiting, there’s a certain mandala and it goes around and it highlights each gate number, and it’s not an order. It’s not one through 64. It is all in different orders. It’s not in numerical order. So going into your body graph, I wanna talk a bit about open versus defined and maybe debunk some real or fake type of thoughts about this. Because when you first learned this as I did, I thought, oh no, I’m like lacking. Like I don’t have that within me. If something, if a center is white, So your body graph shows your definition. Anything that’s colored in in the centers and your openness, anything that is white. So you’re open, meaning you are ready to receive information, you experience life in a variety of ways.

Kind of like the, the theory about being open-minded. You may also have energies in different areas of your life where you’re open to receive, open to receive, kind of like not set in any ways in anywhere. So the definition where your centers are colored reveals who you are and remains consistent throughout your life. So that can be a place for growth as well, because you may be a bit bullheaded in some areas, or you may like just be blown through with your emotions in the room and setting the tone negatively, not even being aware of it and going, oh, like why? You know? Well, you aren’t aware of it, so you’re not thinking about anything, but everyone else around you is like, Why is she so mad? Like, why is she always such a B I D Z H? Like, what’s going on? And so awareness is key with everything in your definitions, you have consistent energy, in those centers in your openness.

Awareness is really key to make sure that you are, fully aware of your surroundings, you’re aware of who is influencing you, who is conditioning you, et cetera. So, Your openness if you have a center that’s white, is where you are susceptible to conditioning and can result in what human design calls the not self. So in your chart, the top, if you don’t have your chart, you can grab your chart for Just fill out your information and I will, send you your chart and you’ll be joined up in the Empath Healing community. You receive the information about the transiting gates as well as inspiration and. And sparkle reminders for your healing from narcissistic abuse. Yeah, so the not self theme in your chart will be at the top and every, it’s the same for every type. So the generator and the manifesting generator, you’re not self theme is frustration. So that’s a great thermometer. You’re like, I’m feeling frustrated. That must mean that I’m in condition susceptible or not. Acting appropriately according to my strategy. Right? So you’re pushing against the energy versus flowing with your energy. That’s the real key, which I love about human design, is it actually gives you a roadmap of how to flow with your energy, which is connected to consciousness, which is connected to the universe, to spirit. And I just think it’s fricking awesome. That’s all I have to say. So if we’re looking now at your chart, if you have it in front of you again, if you don’t have it, I can, provide that for you and then you can listen back to this podcast and re-look at your chart and see where are I Black, right? So we have the black on your chart, all of the numbers on the right it says personality and they’re all black. And there’s, there’s like, planets next to each one. These all are calculations that describe your characteristics attributed to your personality, something that you kind of already know. Like I could tell you your, conscious sung gait is in 51. That means fill in the blank.

And you’d be like, yeah, totally. I, yep, that’s me. That’s my personality. Right? So these are things you recognize, things that are on the forefront of your mind. And these are all imprinted. On the date of your birth, again, on the chart, if you go to the red side, this is your body’s intelligence. It is your subconscious. It’s all the red numbers and all the red lines in your chart. So it is your subconscious. It is imprinted 88 days. I always thought it was 90 when I was doing the research for this episode is actually 88, which I think is a really magical angel number. But back to our info here, 88 days before you are born is your subconscious. Where in , your body’s intelligence lies. Of your conscious awareness and therefore you do not necessarily have access to it. You might not quite relate to it, or it might feel kind of like, huh, I don’t know. Let me think about that. Well, that’s your conscious, still trying to think about it. It’s in your subconscious. It forms an equally important part of your identity, even though it’s in your, what we call like the basement of our mind, the subconscious. It’s equally important to tap into that.

So do you think now, after I’ve talked a bunch about this, do you feel like human design is real or fake? You can definitely mull it over as you’re listening to this podcast, and honestly, email me and let me know if you have more questions. You’re like, I just don’t know about this. Maybe you’re on the fence. And that’s perfectly fine because you don’t trust yourself right now. Coming out of a narcissistic, toxic relationship, you don’t trust anyone else. And that’s. Perfectly fine because the narcissist has twisted your brain up so much. So the way I love to use human design to heal is if you take a look at, your chart, and if you’re viewing here on the, the livestream on the Facebook group, I know we’ve got like three things going on here. Then you have, you can see in the chart, there are two centers currently in this example that are colored in. The Ajna, which is the second triangle, and the throat, which is a square, and so everything else is white.

So I would say, let’s take a look at that empath. If you just experienced being conditioned, being manipulated, and hopped on the narcissist bandwagon, let’s take a look at that. So number one is the head. You have a variety of solutions to things, so you may be giving the narcissist too much of the benefit of the doubt with your open head center. With your open I, if you have an open identity center, which is the diamond in the center, kind of like right in the chest area on the chart, then you feel them. You feel how they be, how they’re insecure, you feel sorry for them like you feel. Then you kind of take on and are conditioned to also be insecure just like them. I mean, of course it comes from their voice, but I think also energetically it just. For you. It comes like just almost instantaneous when you’re in their aura.

So it’s important to really find time to be solid in yourself. And that little triangle on the bottom, just to the right below the identity center diamond is a little triangle that’s called the will. This is where there’s willpower to do things. There’s like gumption to hop on someone’s bandwagon. This is where we’re sold things or we sell things. And the narcissist is always selling us their lies. They’re selling us their perfect successes on the outside and covering up their imperfections and not taking responsibility and selling us that we are the problem. So if you have that open, it’s just more susceptible. It’s just more prone to that.

And the last one that I really take a look at, there’s a couple more, but, well, there, there’s quite a few more, but. I’ll just for this episode, and we can dive into this deeper into your specific chart and a free call, but on this episode, I’m just gonna share one more. It’s the solar plexus triangle to the right of your chart. On the bottom right. It’s a triangle and it’s correlated to your emotions, and your emotions feel like you need to fix things. When you feel uncomfortable, you amplify their. Again, they have negative emotions because they’re a negative person. They have a negative mindset, negative energy, and so, ooh, like you just wanna fix everything. So then all of a sudden you become a people pleaser to make sure that your environment feels good because you don’t feel good when you’re amplifying their negative emotions, you see?

So there’s lots of different ways and tools that I personally have found to heal with using my blueprint in the human design, knowing. Where my energies lie, how I amplify things with others that amplify auras. And yeah, so this is how I help you in the coaching is through knowing my own personal journey of healing and becoming aware of my energies and in my, even in my current relationships. It’s not like they’re toxic, but it’s just the ego gets it in there and the negative emotions get in there. And so it’s this constant experiment in practice of being aware of. Their center energies, my center energies, and so on and so forth. So this is how I can help you in our coaching sessions. So, is human design real or fake?

Have you determined yet if it’s real or fake? I really think it depends. Like I said, the beginning, what you believe, what you believe in. Do you believe in the tangible only what you see scientific evidence. Or do you believe in the mystical of what you cannot see? Do you believe that we do have energy, that there is an actual aura around us? I mean, I didn’t really understand that until I really dove into under understanding the magnetic pole of the earth. And yes, us humans have magnetic energies around us, which are called auras. So it’s up to you dear Empath, if you believe it, if it’s real or fake. I personally have seen it in my life, as I’ve said, as I’ve experimented with it, as I’ve healed with it, that there are patterns in myself that are just, that, like I have a defined head and ashana, so, so when I get locked onto an idea, like I say, locked on, I’m locked onto an idea and I have to become aware. And just kind of take the middle road and be more balanced and say, okay, well I’m just gonna try it.

And it doesn’t have to be for everyone else, it’s just for me, it’s my own experiment. And that’s the more elevated energy of being conscious and aware and mature, that you have a defined head and ashana. So I’ve noticed it in my loved ones around me. I can see it. And we talked about the profiles last week and I, I can see it. I’m like, yep, that is the line one. Always wanting to pull up safari and research everything. Pull up as many videos tutorials, like, let’s dive in and let’s get this stuff investigated and yeah, figure it out. Yeah, everything’s figureoutable for the line ones. And so you can see all this, right? Like accidents, spills, I see that in my line three as well. I have a line six, which you have in your earlier years.

Part of the, you experience the line three energy. And my daughter has that as well. So it’s like accidents happen, you know? And that’s part of the experience of learning and loving and. We all have accidents, but it just, I see it more. It’s like, let’s just do it and let’s not even think about it. And then you find that you run into a mistake or a oopsies or something, you’re like, oh, well I, I regret that. And it’s like, well now you knowm. Now there’s the lesson. So I’ve seen it so much in my loved ones around me. And yesterday it was so funny. I’ll just share with you a line. For example, we’re looking for a second dog in our family and. I was just mentioning that the girls wanted to look up this and that, and I said, well, they really want a poodle. And it was like, instantaneous. I was like, where is he getting this information? Like, I’m thinking that he’s out, in the work field, he’s working and all of a sudden he is like, oh, oh, call so-and-so at number, and he had the number like blah, blah, blah, blah, and she, she will hook you up with puppies. And I’m like, oh my gosh. That was such a line for like. Connecting and instantaneously knowing who to collaborate with to find a puppy.

Like, I mean, actually don’t want a puppy. I an adult. I don’t wanna potty train anymore. But I was like, oh my gosh, I’m sitting there waiting for the phone number and I that, or put the paper to write the phone number down. And I was like, this is so line four. It’s like not even, it’s like so classic. And that’s, my husband has line four and six, so, I just, I don’t know. It’s, it’s really up to you and experimenting with ev all this new information that you’re receiving in your life and just try it out and apply it. It won’t really hurt anything. The only thing that I would say is try not to label yourself or shoe hole yourself, like I said, into thinking, oh, well I have this white center, so like, let’s say I have a white sick. Well, that must mean that I can’t have kids cuz it’s related to the, the. Reproduction organs. It’s like, no, that doesn’t mean that. It just means that you get to enjoy that activity in a variety of ways. This is all, you might think, oh, well I have a white head. That must mean I have no thoughts and I’m open or I’m empty. There again, it’s always about the white being a variety, like a receiver and the color being a consistent within you, the. Satellite out, like the radio station out. Yeah.

So just experiment. And when you find that you’re vulnerable and susceptible to different energies, trying to sell you on things, or try and scam you out of things or make you feel uncomfortable and you start to people, please and drop your boundaries. Then just be more aware. And I always say like those white centers are like open doors to your house. So don’t leave ’em wide open. Close ’em up, block ’em up. Maybe open the window with the screen on so that you can kind of sieve and screen out, which is part of really understanding your spiritual hygiene, your spiritual aura, and practicing and empath, aura type of protection shields. And I do have that on the YouTube channel here, that you can practice that meditation.

There is a YouTube video at Empath Healing with Human Design, on the meditation playlist. So again, your empath, I’ll leave it up to you if it is real or fake. And let your spirit and intuition guide you and that information. Thanks so much for listening and continue on to heal and love yourself the best way that you can and continue to stay connected to receive all of the beautiful empowerment reminders I send you via email on Saturday. And yeah, look out for the new book that I’m working on. It’s a workbook to help you understand your chart more in depth with a workbook so you can jot down your notes. You can jot down your ideas and your experiments in that workbook. The so you can really lock it in and feel empowered.

The real big thing about human design is I want you to feel empowered, and I want you to feel like you own you versus having everyone else tell you who you are I am so grateful for you listening, finding the show, and sharing it with your friends. It would give a great boost in the Heart Center, the algorithm to rate and review this podcast.

If you are enjoying it, take a screenshot, share it on your socials, share it in a text message to a friend that you know right now needs to be pulled out of the quicksand. And remember, always keep your unique light shining.

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