How to Identify Spiritual Abuse with Cult of Christianity John Verner

John Verner – Former Pastor, Author, Podcaster

Ep 85. How to Identify Spiritual Abuse, Gaslighting, and Narcissism with Cult of Christianity John Verner

“We need to keep the conversation focused on the actual hierarchies that churches have created, the actual abuse that has happened and the exploited money in churches accounts. The tax exemptions, the legal developments, sociological developments, the history of Christianity.”

John Verner

Religious trauma, and spiritual abuse has the same negative effect on the social structures just as a narcissist has in their own private home.

TRIGGER ALERT! This episode talks about the extremist of hate under the cloak of Christianity. Not ALL christians. And we do talk about current affairs and “politics” and religion.”

It’s soooo juicy! And today we jam about the unpopular topic of Christianity being a cult. I share a conversation with John Verner.

Here are some key moments:

  • What is Religious Abuse?
  • Biblical Gaslighting
  • Difference between Narcissist and Sociopath.
  • History or Christianity
  • Christianity is a Cult
  • How to bridge the gap of the collective divisiveness

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John’s Bio:

John Verner holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Exposition, with an interdisciplinary in Literature, from Moody Bible Institute. He was one of two recipients of the MBI Homiletical Jury Award for outstanding preaching in 2016. He has experience as a youth pastor, pastoral intern, academic journal editor, and guest speaker. 

In 2019, he published my first book as a first step in addressing the subtle issues of this complex system. He hosts a podcast that continues that work under the same title, “The Cult of Christianity.”

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