Reclaim your Freedom and Happiness after Narcissistic Abuse   

Claim Your Freedom: Meditate, Cold Therapy, Books – Dr. Tara Perry –

Raven shares a message from Dr. Tara Perry

In this thought-provoking episode of “Revitalize Your Life,” we delve deep into the transformative practices of meditation, cold therapy, and the power of books as tools to claim your freedom and happiness. Join us as we sit down with a special guest, the renowned Dr. Tara Perry, a leading expert in holistic well-being.

Tune in and embark on your own journey to feeling whole again.

S6 Ep 12 Reclaim your Freedom after Narcissitic Abuse with Dr. Tara Perry

Key Takeaways:

>>Meditation: known for its profound effects on mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Perry discusses the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, offering practical tips on incorporating them into your daily routine to reduce stress, enhance focus, and find inner peace.

>>Cold therapy: an unconventional yet powerful method to boost vitality, is another topic of discussion. Discover how exposing your body to controlled cold can improve circulation, increase resilience, and awaken a newfound energy within you.

>>Books: have always been a source of knowledge, inspiration, and transformation. Dr. Perry shares her favorite books that have the potential to spark profound changes in your life.

Tune in and join us on this captivating exploration of meditation, cold therapy, and the power of books to refresh your desire to live a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Your journey to a freer and happier life starts here. Don’t miss this opportunity to revitalize your life and embark on a transformative path towards well-being and happiness.

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Dr. Tara Perry. Tara is a specialist in Root Trauma Transformation and subconscious mind expert who has been featured in Fox NewsEsquireLifetime Television for Women, and more. Over the last 25 years, she has successfully treated celebrities, olympic athletes, first responders, doctors, parents, and children. Tara’s passion is working with people to resolve their trauma and deepest suffering.  


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Reclaim Your Freedom and Happiness after Narcissistic Abuse

Reclaim Your Freedom and Happiness after Narcissistic Abuse


welcome to the Empath Rising podcast, where we are healing from narcissistic abuse, with human design, tarot, and astrology.

I’m your host, Raven, Scott.

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This is reclaiming your freedom and happiness after narcissistic abuse. You dear Empath, have a S special individual. Blessed with the remarkable ability to feel and understand the emotions of others. While this gift allows you to connect deeply with others. It can also become overwhelming and burdens sun. If it is not managed properly or connected to a person. With negative energy. So in this episode, we will explore

how you can claim your freedom and happiness back by taking care of yourself and focusing on your healing. And embracing their unique qualities through mindset reframe. Our guests today, we’ll introduce you to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wim Hoff, and Byron Katie. All whom drastically molded my healing journey. During the path of healing from PTSD and narcissistic abuse.

Our guest today is Dr. Tara Perry.

She is. The founder of core trauma transformation. For over 25 years, Dr. Tara Perry has successfully assisted first responders, celebrities, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, and all sorts of human beings. Tim physically and mentally and spiritually heal faster and more deeply than they thought possible. She is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist. And a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. So let’s listen in to her message for us today Well, hello there. I’m so excited to be here with you on the empath rising podcast. I think that’s a wonderful theme because I think a lot of us are getting a lot more attuned and sensitive to what’s going on around us. We’re living in interesting times for sure. So I find that a lot of people reach out to me because they’re experiencing, feeling stuck or anxiety, stress they’re, they could have an addiction problem because they’re so desperate to get out of whatever state they’re in that they are reaching for drugs or shopping or sex or some type of distraction.

Another big reason that people reach out to me is because they’re stuck in fight or flight. And if you’re in that state, it’s like the fire alarm going off in your house all the time. You know, it, how useful is that? If you’ve got a fire, fire alarm, that’s blasting in your ear all the time, it’s not telling you anything.

It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. You start to tune it out. You, you become numb, you, you know, just basically tune out and that’s not a healthy place to be. So in this little Demonstration we’re doing today. I am giving you a bunch of tools that you can use either on your own or if you want to reach out and work with a personalized program to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Either is great. I would love to give you any and all resources available to me in this next 15 to 20 minutes. My name is Dr. Tara Perry. I’ve been helping gosh first responders, Celebrities, moms, dads, people just like you for 25 years now. I started out with acupuncture and nutritional medicine and love that and still utilize a lot of those tools because if you’re.

Blood sugar is going all over the place. You’re not going to feel good. If your brain is in chronic inflammation if you’re not exercising, bodies were meant to move. So I, I make a very customized program for people to again, get them from where they are to where they want to go. I often feel like Glenda, the good witch I, I don’t give people what they didn’t have already.

I just help them become aware of the, the jewels inside of them that are seeking to get out, that want to be expressed, that want to be free, that want to expand so that they’re not living in this dumbed down constricted place. I had a medical practice for 25 years in Southern California, in Beverly Hills, in Santa Monica.

I taught at Embers College and UCLA and ended up in Belmont shore, which was a great beach community until I left in 2020 and I found along the way that I’m very good at helping people reprogram their subconscious mind, find out what’s stuck in there. And then rewire it. I find the brain is very much like a computer.

And this is, these are not new concepts. Anybody that, you know, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, you know, there’s lots of people who have delved into this area and talk about these technologies. But it, it doesn’t really matter what happens to us. It’s our interpretation about what happens to us. That’s so critical.

So you know, something happens to us and it can be something minor like, you know, dad’s scolded us when we were doing our homework or, you know, it could be something very bad that a parent was either physically or sexually abusive when we were growing up, but it’s, it’s not the event that ends up harming us over time.

It’s our interpretation of the event. It’s you know, what is your interpretation of yourself, the world, other people that got wired in there. And in order for that to change, it’s usually stuck way in the subconscious mind, which scientists now know is 90 to 95 percent of our brain. So it’s really, really hard to solve that issue with just five to 10 percent of your brain.

So I find a lot of people I work with have been through years and years and years of therapy, often decades, and they’re still having daily panic attacks or health anxiety, or don’t feel good about themselves or having work problems, relationship problems. And it’s not until we get in to the subconscious mind, find the.

root of the problem. Again, Chinese medicine teaches that you always want to go to the root. You don’t want to treat a branch of the problem because then if the roots are still there, it, it will come back. So a lot of people that I work with often say, you know, I did this type of practice, that type of practice meditation this program, that program read this book, did this seminar and it was helpful for a while, but it didn’t change them, you know, permanently.

So what I’m looking for is that permanent change, taking people out of that stressful, nervous anxiety, you know, in whatever form that takes to that deep confident piece that really is available to you. It’s just obscured by filters that got placed in along the way. And if you look at babies, they are, you know, generally happy.

They. yell and scream for what they need but, and if something bad happens, they typically, you know, react, but then they’re back to you know, their normal, happy, giggly self, which is why we love interacting with them so much. So my personal journey I graduated from UCLA and ended up working in the entertainment business for five years.

I ended up at one of the biggest, arguably at the time, the biggest talent agency in Hollywood. The head of that company was always rated the most powerful man in Hollywood. And I was approached to work directly for him and for the head of the television department. And I just… didn’t feel like I could stay in that environment anymore.

I felt like I was suffocating. So I called up my homeopath and said, what would I do if I want to do what you do? Cause I was really impressed with how he healed people. And when he told me the answer, I, the, basically the lights went on. It felt like the clouds parted and God said, this is what you’re going to go do, which was crazy because nobody at that time had basically even heard of acupuncture months, much less had an acupuncturist at that time.

I hadn’t even tried it myself. When I. Decided to go down that path. But I did know that I wanted to profoundly help people. And when I saw that this fellow was doing that, I wanted to be part of that. So I started night classes a couple of weeks later and then gave notice a quarter later and ended up going to China for a year to study at one of the.

Top five traditional medical hospitals there. And that was just two years after Tiananmen Square had occurred. So it was really a very, very different world at that time, but life changing for sure, and a great experience. I’m, I’m deeply grateful for, for having done that. So I would say that, you know, for many, many years, I, you know, had imposter syndrome.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I would always be getting another degree, another certificate another award because I felt like something was missing. And yet I would achieve something and then five minutes later, literally, I’d be like, okay, that wasn’t such a big deal. I I’m looking onto the next thing.

And by the way, there’s a Fantastic book written about that. It’s a tiny little book called the gap and the gain. And what it teaches you to do is look back as well as looking forward because looking forward gives you your kind of North star, what the direction you want to head in. But in order for your nervous system to feel good about itself, it also has to look back in time and measure.

What has been accomplished in the last like three months, six months, years, it helps to look at it in varying chunks so that your nervous system can go, oh, okay. I’m not wasting my time. I’m not stupid. I’m not spinning my wheels. I’m actually heading in the direction and applying the tools that I’m so desperately want to enjoy in my life.

So that is another precious tip if you go on my website, I do have I’m starting on Tuesday’s Tara’s Tuesday book read because I hear from my clients on a fairly regular basis that they, they think I’ve read every book on the planet. And it’s just because I’m insatiably curious and I probably have over 400 books on my audible account.

And love to share that information. So people that do work with me directly get a very customized program from where they are to where they want to go. And some people need extra help with nutrition. Some people need extra help with exercise. Some people need extra help with business goals.

Some people need extra help with relationship issues. So. I, I listen deeply to what their needs are and then customize a program for them. So if that’s of interest, you’re welcome to go onto my website consult Tara. com and just click the button and fill out the 10 questions and, and see if it’s a good fit for you.

But throughout this interview, I’m going to. Make available to you any other tools that I use and have found valuable for myself and my clients because I think nothing makes me happier personally than seeing people discard what no longer serves them and claim a freer, happier life because that spreads not only am I helping you but you go on and help other people, and that ripple effect can be tremendous just smiling at somebody at the grocery store can, you know, prevent a suicide and that’s what we’re here to do is just make the world a better place.

So as I, and I I’m

When, when people say, well, what was the pivotal point for you and your personal journey to better health? And for me personally, there were a lot of key points, but I, I do feel that people are often like onions, myself included, you know, you, you peel off a layer and then you feel so much lighter and so much healthier and so much better able to navigate life, but life happens and things come up and.

Each opportunity that comes our way, if we look at them as opportunities rather than obstacles or points of pain that have to be suffered through, then that shift in awareness can make a big difference all by itself. So other tools that I found useful along the way definitely meditation.

I’m a big Joe Dispenza fan. So if you go online, you can find countless Joe Dispenza meditations. If that’s not your style, cause some people prefer a different voice. meditations available, but, or, and sometimes you don’t need To have anything at all. I often choose to just meditate in pure quiet.

That’s a little harder until you’ve gotten the hang of it and you understand what meditation is actually giving you. But the, the beauty of meditation is coming into that stillness. Coming into that peace, coming into that quiet, and whatever is unquiet in there, whatever is painful, rather than pushing it down, pressing against it, trying to run away from it, if we can go into it my meditation teacher described it as, you know, sitting with it and allowing it to open like a flower in the sun.

Or many meditation practices describe it as like a knot in the body, and if you can go deep, deep, deep into the knot rather than fighting it it often just lets go. I mean, that’s typically what happens. So for sure, meditation is a big tool that I use. I’m a big fan of cold therapy. Wim Hof is teaching that all over the world.

If you go on YouTube and type in Wim Hof 11 minute breath work he does a very, very powerful 11 minute breath, which has been viewed by I think almost 70 million people all over the planet. So that’s extremely powerful. Of course, do it someplace, you know, not when you’re driving. Just be someplace, you know, safe that you can relax and, and participate in that.

He also is the probably the forerunner worldwide in terms of notable figures who meditates on icebergs and swims in ice cold waters, but because of him and the science that’s coming out. As a result of people studying him and other people doing this, I stopped taking a warm shower probably, ooh, three years ago and in the winter time here, that gets pretty crispy but it, it has such tremendous effects on your hormones, on your Your immune system that they even injected him, I believe with salmonella and it did not even give him a fever.

He’s become so strong. And he was not originally, I mean, he was a mail carrier in the UK that had to help his wife. His wife suffered terribly from depression and ended up committing suicide. He then was so distraught and in such a horrible place that just out of sheer desperation, he turned to cult therapy to regain his desire to live really his sense of peace, his will to live and in that state of cold and, you know, some people fill up a bathtub with ice cubes, I’ve done this more than once, and just go in that some people have actual tubs outside that in the colder weather get very chilly, some people have regulated tubs which are quite a bit more expensive, but if you can.

Submerge yourself in cold water safely. And if you’ve got any medical conditions, you have to, you know, check off the boxes and make sure that that’s not an issue for you. I don’t know of any contraindications off the top of my head, but just getting into cold. And I don’t mean a cryo and there is no such thing like is available in your chiropractor office.

Although that does have medical value you, you, by submersing yourself in a cold tub, a cold plunge, some people call them you, you have to get very present and it’s a beautiful meditative state. I recently spent seven minutes in 47 degrees. And I always get Celsius and Fahrenheit confused, but it’s obvious I can think when you, when, you know, both of them and.

I stayed in for seven minutes, which is a good amount of time to stay in that chili of water. But it really, really is delicious when you, you can drop in, become fully, fully present and stop being in fear of course. You take the steps and do it at whatever pace is right for you. But that is a tool and Vimhof has an app for that.

A very, very simple free tool that’s available to you is forgiveness and gratitude. The scientific evidence out on that is also tremendous. And it takes some awareness and some time to really master those because We often carry around a lot of not forgiveness and a lot of not gratitude and sometimes we’re not even really aware of it.

And I have found with my clients that the last person, and I would say this is true for myself as well to forgive is often yourself. So if you’re carrying hatred or grudge or something for somebody else, it’s. been likened to drinking poison every single day and expecting somebody else to die. It’s not helping you.

I do have additional stories about that, but in the interest of time, I’m not going to go into them right now. But gratitude and forgiveness are two amazing keys for instantly up leveling your life and your health. And there are many resources for that. I just interviewed a keynote speaker on that.

Who’s an author on my, Podcast next level healing, you can go on there, check that out. There’s a variety of resources on next level healing cause I’ve interviewed people from all walks of life and different disciplines. Whenever I find something that I think is really helpful for people, I’ll interview the subject matter of expert on that.

Thank you. Thank you. So I think we’re getting close to running out of time here, but I want to just mention a couple of other things I think focus is really critically important. So if you’re focused on failing, whatever that looks like for you, then we tend to attract whatever it is we’re focused on.

So one of my favorite quotes is whether you think you can or think you can’t. You are correct. So if you’re focused on thinking you can’t accomplish something that you’re not worthy or you aren’t good enough, you will attract that. If you shift the focus to what is worthy about you, what is amazing about you, what is resourceful about you, what is lovable about you, and really give that your energy, your juju, your focus, your attention then it can grow.

It’s like watering a plant, really. There’s the theme of the good wolf and the bad wolf and which one’s going to survive. Well, it’s the one that you feed. As far as reading recommendations, there are so many, I wouldn’t know where to begin to start. One of my favorite books that I find I recommend to my clients on a regular, regular, regular basis is Loving What Is by Byron Katie.

She is a master. I hope to meet her one day. If you are an audible person, you will actually listen to her working with people and they typically come in in some state of complete disarray complete upset and in 15, 20 minutes, they are laughing and completely seeing it from a different perspective.

And I would say that is part of the magic that I do as well when I’m working with people is shifting perspective. I, I am kind of a hybrid. I’ve had a multitude of different. Areas in which I’ve studied acupuncture, nutritional medicine, hypnotherapy I’ve trained with some of the greatest people on planet earth as far as rapid change and am incredibly grateful to be in a time where we get to stand on the shoulders of giants.

So I think we’re getting a little close to time here. I just want to again, thank you so much for having me on the program. I hope that was helpful. If anybody would like I am offering a new free meditation. You can just message me on the comment section of my website consult Tara. com, or you can find me at Nashville healer.

com or remove the pain. com. And just message me that you heard about me on this show, and would I please send the free meditation? I’d be happy to get that to you. It’s called Unzip, and it’s just a way to unzip all the problems, the stress, the personality that you’re currently enmeshed with, and step out of that into something freer and not inclusive of all the limitations.

And if you are interested in learning more, there’s a button that says let’s talk on my website and you can go on there and answer the 10 questions and see if working together is a good fit for you. Thank you again. And I look forward to whatever the next step is together. Bye. So as you can hear. Your empath, your journey to claim a freer and happier life begins with self-awareness. And self care. Don’t put your health, your mental health, or even your spiritual health on the back burner. By understanding your gift, setting boundaries, practicing mindfulness, meditation, physical cold showers, and mental mind reframe. You can harness the power of empathy to create a more balanced and fulfilling life. Remember, your wellbeing is just as important and as the wellbeing of others, and it’s okay to prioritize yourself. On this incredible journey of self discovery.

When you invest in yourself and heal within yourself. It pours over and heals others around you, especially your children. Embrace your empathic nature and watch as you bloom into a happier. And more liberated version. of you.

[00:22:44] Raven: Thank you so much for investing in yourself today to become more empowered and listening and tuning into your own inner voice. Join our empath healing community for free and receive your free 10 day live NARC free audio workshop. Grab your copy of the empath and the narcissist book, either on paperback, hardcover or audible.

And look out in your emails for the upcoming workbook coming out soon. You can dive deeper with me and get your free human design chart at, in the pinned post on Instagram, at Ravenscott Show. Or you can purchase your full reading to ask me as many questions as you have about your chart. Don’t forget to get professional help through our sponsor, BetterHelp.

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And head on over to the episode page where you can subscribe to the blog and read even more. I have extra bonus information through the blog that you can read that I haven’t talked about here on the podcast. So many ways to dive deeper with me and I really, really, truly, truly I appreciate you, and I’m sending so much energy out to you, for you to be empowered to your impact, on your healing journey, and in this next chapter of your life.

Don’t forget to rate and review this podcast if you have not yet already, or just have, then just keep sharing it with a friend. And remember, always keep your unique light shining.