How to Get Unstuck with Human Design Reading a Generator’s Chart

Are you frustrated and stuck??

Then you will benefit from this special episode!

I dive deep into the world of Human Design by reading the chart of a dear listener, Michele from ‘Bumped, Bruised, and Blessed’ on YouTube.

We explore the fascinating journey of a Generator stuck in physical paralysis and offer insights on how Human Design can be the key to getting unstuck.

Join us for a profoundly enlightening session as we decode Michele’s chart and provide guidance to unlock her true potential.

Discover how Human Design can be a transformative force in your life too. Tune in now and get ready to break free from the bonds of paralysis!

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How to Get Unstuck with Human Design

How to Get Unstuck with Human Design


You have so many planets in your twelfth house. Let's go. Which we have, hopefully she'll record soon, a guest coming on the podcast. And it's all about like twelfth house.

It's, it's planet people, and I think 9th house, so 9th and 12th house have a lot to do with, , you are here for healing, like, you are going through the trenches, and you've got a lot of subconscious things that you're soul chose to heal in this lifetime when you have a lot of planets in either nine or twelve.

Yeah, I feel that You know, yeah, you're like I'm feeling it and I need to like I'm in it. I'm ready to get out of it Yes, so let's start with your human design chart I'll share that because that is For me, what's where I'm more comfortable, but yeah, and it's a little bit more foreign to those of you watching too.

If you have your human design chart, pull it out because you may have, yeah, Michelle's got hers there. So what it says here in these little gray tabs, it's looks kind of like a two column table, but above your body graph, you have what it's the type. So your type is a generator. So, you are in good company.

37 percent of all of us are generators. I share this type with you. The generator is the the factory of the world. The assembly line of doing. We're always working on projects, thinking about what we can do, we're doing, doing, doing like busy little bees, which sometimes can be a bit of spiritual bypassing and distraction if you don't take time to sit with your emotions and heal as well.

The challenge with this type is we aren't very patient, especially if You have a defined spleen center, which you don't, you have a nice, beautiful, open spleen center here on the left. The triangle at the bottom pointing to the right, yours is white. It has the numbers 48, 57, 44, etc. That's your spleen center.

That has to do a lot with your immune system, your survival, and your, like, sense of timing and accomplishment. Your intuition is also there. Thank you. There's a couple different centers that have timing, but I bring it up because I talk about patience, and that's kind of the center where we look at is like, do you have, we all kind of are impatient, , can you , stay still and find time to be patient?

No. No, you feel like you can't. Well, that's because you have an open root center. See the bottom square? Yes. All these little shapes, they, they are like related to the chakra system. Are you familiar with the chakra system? Yes, my root chakra. I don't know. I don't know how good that is. Okay, well, it's open, meaning you are more prone to conditioning, pressures, Yeah, that's not good, right?

Yeah, in the chat, like every center has a shadow, like a thing that we need to grow and work on, and every center also has like a lesson to learn, a gift, and a place of where you can reach emotional maturity. So, if you're feeling like you're always under pressure, There's never enough time, you have to get all your to do lists done, which I know in your state that must be extremely aggravating because you can't, as a generator, just get up and do it.

You're just strapped to your seat. So that creates a lot of probably anxiety in you and frustration, which is your shadow part of your type as a generator. You see over there it says, not self themed, essentially that's your ego. That's your shadow. Your shadow's emotion will always crop up as frustration.

It's funny, we started this call before we hit record, and you're like, It's so frustrating. That is your That makes sense, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, because you want to, you want to have it done. You just, you can see it. You have the energy to do it. You want to do it. You're like, okay, let's just Yeah, my husband is the same way.

We want everything done yesterday. And my youngest daughter, actually, both of them are that way. Our daughters, they're both like, right immediately now, I'm done. It's so interesting to see if you all have an open root, because typically that is a very good sign that someone has an open root, like the impatience of also the pressure, like you want to get it done just so you can alleviate the pressure.

Like there's this Whenever there's a white center, I liken it to an amplifier, like, a turn, you can turn up the volume, you can turn down the volume, you have the control of the volume, but you are the radio, and there are, you know, the radio station from the collective, from your boss, from your spouse, from whoever, is pumping out these, these waves, and it's like, let's do it, let's go, let's get it done, or whatever.

They may be thinking, well, something needs to get done, but since theirs is defined and they're pumping it out, they're going to do it when they have the energy drive to do it. It's actually on a motorcycle. So they have a very cyclical way of getting stuff done, which I'm so jealous of because we don't.

We feel it and we're like, okay. Let's get it done yesterday. Let's get it done. Let's do it. And they're like, no, it's not quite time yet. I'm not going to do it yet. And if you're married to someone like me, who has the opposite of your route, it can be very frustrating, especially if you're like, well, why can't we just do it now?

And they're like, well, it's because it's, I'll do it later. Like, it's, there's no pressure. There's no pressure there. We're for, for you, you feel that pressure. Yeah, so it's like relieving pressure for pressure's sake. It doesn't always make sense. And maybe you found yourself saying the wrong thing too quickly, sending a message too quickly, making a mistake because you just want to get it done versus making sure everything Was sent in the right timing correctly like you didn't spell check something because you're like, I just need to send this email, right?

Like yeah things like that can happen if you're always operating in this shadow part of get it done yesterday But if you can embrace the fact that everything moves just like the tide in life And it doesn't always have to get done, like your to do list can wait. There are some items that need to be That's a bad combo, Raven, with like an anxious attachment style.

It is, right? Yeah. Right? Yeah, can you imagine that? Especially like, let's say the narcissist is a defined route. You have an anxious attachment style, and then you have anxiety and pressure. To like, get something done, and then you get agitated and frustrated at this quote unquote lazy narcissist on the sofa you know.

There can be scenarios too there, where the, the defined root center, they're just like, I'll get it done when I get it done. I don't want to get it done right now. It's like a, the perfect storm. It's terrible. Yeah. And it's funny, even I'm dealing with, my daughter has a defined root and she's a projector, which is a whole other video.

But she doesn't have that sacral, the box right above your root. That's the sacral center defined. She doesn't have that motor. She has to amplify the motor to get stuff done, which she can very much do and she can chug it out real quick. But she needs to work in short spurts. So when she's like, doesn't want to do homework, She won't do it.

She's like, you can't make you. I'm not doing it. Like, that's like the shadow of the defined route. Okay. Which, you know, narcissists are giant children, so I always love to use children as an example. All children are narcissists. It's just, it's just temporary. Some people do not grow out of it, but all children are narcs.

The world revolves around them and we're just here to support them. Yes, exactly. And we keep bringing up narcissism because we are connected through the topic of narcissism. And you can find her channel at Bumped, Bruised Blessed to learn more about narcissism and having a parent as a narcissist. Yay. So, the next one I want to move to, because a lot of people have this question, are you looking at that 4 slash 1 profile number and going, what the heck is that?

Yeah, what is that? So that's a big part of your personality. Your profile is, let me see, let me simplify this, because it can get really deep and intricate, which I know you're a Virgo, you love that. Right. So, your So all these black numbers on the right, you see these, the column on the right of your body graph?

Yeah. That's personnel. Yeah. That's all your conscious personality. Like you were very aware that, yeah, that's me, that's my personality. So the four line means that you have a majority of point fours over here. So you have a number and then a point, a decimal point, and then a four. So the, the sun, the earth, the top is a 0.4.

Your Mercury is 0. 4 Pluto, right? Is that Pluto? No, that's Venus is 0. 4, and you have two others down here, Uranus and Neptune, 0. 4. So you have a big group of 0. 4, so therefore your main theme is the line four, which relates to the I Ching. And there's a video that you can watch about the lines and profiles here that I made about the profiles and the I Ching.

So essentially, that means that you are a people person, you're a networker, like consciously, you love to have conversations and connect with other people. You love to connect friends. Maybe you've set up like dates amongst, you know, friends that you have, or you just love to chat and network and talk about whatever you're passionate about or business or what have you.

It's very much a networking cohesive profile. And if I go to the profiles,

what's happening, I'm just trying to type it in.

That's the, that's the simplest way I can, to word it. And let me just tell you what the profile name is. Yeah, The Opportunist. Sorry, I was blanking on it. I had to go to my new book's manuscript to refresh my memory on the name. The Opportunist. So you find opportunities for everything. For connections, for ideas, for...

You do have the, the potential to find those connections for income and things like that because you're always looking for the next great opportunity.

Got it. How does that feel? Do you feel like you have the potential to gather people together or to gather resources for your family? Yeah, for sure. It's funny because as an empath, like. I've seen so many posts about this. It's like, I'm, I feel like I'm an ambivert, right? Because I'm extroverted. Like I love the social, but I need my time, you know, introverted as well.

So. Yeah, the social element makes sense. And the reason why you love to also have your alone time is 'cause your subconscious, which is the, the red on the left, everything that was 88 days, all the planets were there 88 days before you were born. That's your subconscious, that's the part of your, your personality and being that you're not quite aware of.

You may, someone may say something about you, like people outside your sphere see it, but you don't see it. It's in your subconscious. And that is called the investigator. The investigator is like a scientist. You love to just, you know, go introverted, read all the books about everything, research all the videos about whatever topic you're passionate about.

And you can find yourself down a rabbit hole about investigating that particular topic. Correct. Yes. Just over analytical, right? Like... Mm hmm. Yeah, you can freeze up and be so analytical or, or like, I'm not prepared enough. Like, let's say you want to book a flight or a trip. It's like, I'm not prepared enough.

I have to get more information and more information. Or taking the next step into your health protocol, you're like, but I need to just research a little bit more. Like, let me just, yeah, exactly. Let me prepare a little bit more. Yes. So there's a balance in life and everything is to just be able to harness your conscious profile and say, well, I see an opportunity like you've done, like I'm going to grab this book.

I'm going to read it. And then I'm going to just try and take that opportunity to apply as much as I can from it. Thank you. But then your, your subconscious is fighting. It's like, no, like, let me, let me learn more about it. Let me make sure it's legit or maybe let's, you know, do some more research. Okay.

Make sure that everyone's prepared before I get all the protocol. Okay.

The other thing that's really important, do you have any questions before I move on to your inner authority? No, I guess like, how does it apply to Like, everyday life, I guess, like these dichotomy, like the, does, how does that apply to, like, my daily existence? So, if we're talking about your profile, right?

Your personality, for one? Yeah.

Can you give me an example? I guess, I just feel stuck right now. You know, I just feel like I just feel stuck. I feel like I'm in a funk. Well, and this may so if you apply your profile, which is kind of what a little bit I don't know how many other people you've talked about about, you know, you trying to heal or your health protocols But I know that we've talked about it, right?

Right. I presented an opportunity for you to get the book So I feel like your opportunist profile Is getting all your feelers out there. It's like, how can I holistically heal from this? Because I know there's a possibility. I know there's a way, but like, you're stuck, right? And the stuckness might be from your subconscious not fully trusting and diving in deep because you need to research it a little bit more.

I have the book sitting literally right next to me and it's like, I started reading it, but I used to love reading, loved reading, but like, I'm so like, not actively reading right now and I'm like, frustrated about it. You know, like, there's, I have a stack of books I want to read. And that's important.

That's an important one. And I'm just in, like, I'm, what do you call it? Like, I'm like at a stalemate. Yeah, stand still. You gotta stand still. Okay. This actually, I feel, applies more from your profile than onto your incarnation cross. Which is the cross of confusion. You have the sun in your conscious in Gate 64, which is also the gate of confusion.

So let me just pull that back up. I have the, actually the same gate in my sun as you. Good to know. Yeah. So I actually feel like I experience your incarnation cross as well. 'cause I have this gate defined. You guys are previewing my book before the release date here. So, The Gates in the Head Center. So, if you look at the top triangle, your son, right, like, you know, in astrology, your son is your main personality, you're a Virgo, you're analytical, you have Astellium in Virgo, your Mercury is in Virgo, right, so you do love to research in books.

But you're, you're stuck in a stalemate because Possibly of this confusion, the gate 64 is the gate of confusion. This also in the I Ching means before completion. So, you've gone a long way in your journey, in your learning, you almost have mastered it, it's almost complete, yet there's just like one more piece of the puzzle that's going to bring you this aha moment.

And of course your son is in Virgo, so the zodiac related to the gate 64 is Virgo. Now I don't know if you're into the gene keys, but these have really helped me figure out how I can grow in my personality and emotional intelligence and through the human design gates. So like I said, the shadow of this is confusion.

Like you have all these books, you're confused about what path to take, but the gift here in the lesson is to use your imagination. Okay. So that, I would imagine, would be more of stillness and using your intuition to know what feels right for you. Because we hadn't gone back to your, your inner authority in your chart.

Your inner authority is emotional because you have your solar plexus, your emotional center defined here on the bottom right. So using your imagination is through using your intuition and listening to your higher self. Know what, what feels right, not what do I think, and this is the, I think the stalemate is like, who's going to win?

Your emotions of your inner authority of like, how do I move past this block? What feels right to me? What's the next right step versus what makes sense to me in my head? You know, I think, I feel like a lot of us have this, we have to have this left brain. We live in a left brain mentality society, but.

For everyone, which a lot of people have this, who have their emotional solar plexus defined, like who have, essentially your inner authority is like your higher self's wisdom telling you what is the next right sign, like, right, your intuition, your intuition, you see signs, you see things, you see numbers, whatever

you is not the left brain thing. That's a right brain thing. How do you feel about this? Let's say, let's take for instance, the medical medium. How do you feel about this cleanse? Do you feel excited about it? You're going to have, you're going to have a cycle, right? We got, you're going to have a cycle. So at first you may feel really excited about it.

That's usually what happens. A new opportunity is presented. You're like, Oh my gosh, that's amazing. I'm so excited. I'm going to do it. And then you kind of find yourself pausing. It's like, imagine a tide, right? High tide came in. Now it's going back out. Now you're down. You're like, well, what if it makes my conditions worse?

What if it aggravates things? What if it doesn't work? What if all hope is lost? Right? That's like your lower emotional concerns and feelings and then you come back to the middle again The neutral point that's when you decide is the medical medium right for me or not. How does it feel now? To you, does it feel hopeful?

Does it feel like a bunch of crock? Like, how does it feel? And then that's your answer. I do believe that's the way. That's the way I'll go. My intuition, there's all sorts of synchronicities affirming it. I do believe, I feel great about it. I just, I just get overwhelmed, I think. Yeah, from the head, from your gate of confusion.

And you also have the gate of opinions. So, the opinions Of the world around you, of your conditioning, of your childhood, of what, you know, major, you know, doctor, whatever the doctors say, which I do know your opinion about that. So that helps you with your intuition. Great, great. On top of the confusion of all these ideas of making sure whatever, you know, it's like.

Like I said, it's the left brain fighting the right brain. So the imagination is diving into how does it feel? And, you know, you don't have to do medical medium. It's not the end all cure all, but it's just one example of how do you use your inner authority? I mean, it's like going out with friends, like people say yes, right away, who have emotional inner authority.

And then when it comes to an hour to it, they're like regretting that they said yes, because all they want to do is stay home and they're PJs. Like, yes, a lesson in learning to wait to say yes, never commit to anything. Yes. And just feel through it through your emotional cycle to know this is right for me.


ambivert. Yep. Ambivert. And tuning into your, yeah, how, how things feel for you versus. Do you think it's the right thing? You know, a lot of people say, Oh, what do you think about that for you? It's always like training yourself to be like, how do I feel about that? More than that. I'm trying to focus more on following my intuition and honoring my intuition because, you know, narcissistic abuse.

Silly enough, that it really just destroys that part of you, you know, where you don't think highly of anything you have. No self respect, like, no, you've, they render you, you know, helpless, you're helpless without the narc, right? They have you rely on them, you're extremely confused all the time, because your intuition is saying one thing, but they're convincing you of the opposite.

And so even though they may be out of your life, it's still a subconscious conditioning you have to erase. And that's why I love human design because it's telling you right here, how do I erase the lies and the conditioning, especially if you had it in your childhood from a narcissist? Well, it's your inner authority.

Start practicing and listening to your inner authority in the smallest of things every day. All day long and then you'll, you'll be able to master that for the bigger things in your life when you need it. It's my dog that keeps moving. Dog's moving. I tried to blur him out, but he's there. We love dogs to be part of it.

I love it. So we're almost out of time. We have one more last question I can answer before we end here. So you were saying, what about the healing? Like what? What or what element is that the 12th house healing I think okay, so you have your son Which is your identity yourself? Currently you would identify as you know, whatever, you know, if you had to describe it's like I have this you know illness and Whatever, like this is why I'm this way, but so that's almost like related to your 12th house 12th house is subconscious 12th house is dreams.

It's the, it is the nearing of the completion, right, the, the completion of the zodiac, because it's the last house there. So there's a lot of subconscious things to heal here. So your subconscious sense of self. Your subconscious sense of expansion or abundance, Jupiter's abundance, healing your way that you, we just talked about it, the way that you process information.

It's not about thinking, you have to process it through your feeling. And then Saturn, you have Saturn as well, which is the mother of all responsibility, healing subconsciously, the responsible. Parts, the parts where you feel like you need to step up, you need to create more organization or more order in your life.

Those are all the themes that require healing. Okay.

Okay. These all relate in your chart. If you take a look at your human design chart, if I can quickly find zoom again. Stop share. Okay. And then I share your human design chart. So we looked at, the thing that popped in my head was Saturn, so I'm just going to go to Saturn on the left because it's your subconscious in the 12th house.

It's at gate 47 here in your charge. Gate 47 is in your Ajna center. That's also a place where there's digesting of information. And if I quickly just go through what that is in a minute, this gate is realization. So this gate, the shadow of this gate of Saturn, Saturn feeling like there's oppression here.

The gift and lesson through this gate is transmutation, changing of form, and the enlightenment is transfiguration. So this energy is really applying knowledge and insights in a practical way. And it's about taking theories and turning them into something usable, a usable tool or strategy that have real world applications.

That's the energy of your Saturn in the 12th house in your, so you might need to replay that and re listen. And I can send you an email with that, the verbatim to kind of process and digest it because it is on the subconscious level. I need to do that. Yes, you need to digest it and you need to feel through it.

It's a new chart. Yes. Awesome. Thanks, Raven. That's cool. You're welcome.

I love all of this, like, self development because that's in, it's imperative to healing, you know, any trauma. It is. Because the reason that you may be succumbed to the, the lies. Of your negative mind and the trauma is because you just it's a it's a like a lost sense of self Right when you're powerful in your own sense of self in your own truth There's more armor up and there's less to be conditioned.

Yes Awesome. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you You're welcome of your blog. I was reading all like how to decipher all of this But it's way better to have you tell me. I guess. I know, with all the information I've written out there, it is a lot simpler, right? Because you're like, just get to the point.

What about me, right? What about mine? It's just a lot. It's a lot to process, but you break it down, like, to a digestible... You know, I appreciate that. Good. I'm glad that it's digestible. Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you. Have a good rest of your day and email me any questions you have. Of course.

Awesome. Okay. You're welcome.

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So all of that is in the one link in the show notes, head on over to the episode page. Until next time, keep your unique light shining. Swear.

I This thoughts are feeling endless. Sitting, bump this anxieties infectious, anxious. I feel so defenseless, betrayed, and embarrassed. I hate being open. I hate being broken. I feel like an notion filled up with emotion. Angering of potion. Rub it on like lotion. I can feel it. Soak and reopen. The scars have awoken.

I can't move on until I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go. I can't move on till I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go.

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