Walk in Your Purpose Master Class

Purpose Driven

Heart Centered Business

Hi I’m Raven Scott. As a Destiny Coach and Human Design & Astrology Reader, I guide in this self directed course in learning how to find your life’s purpose. There will be some energy work you can do as I guide you into guided meditations at certain points of the course. Feel free to reach out to email below with any questions and feedback.

Introduction 4 videos total

Section 1 4 videos 3 Ways to know your Life’s Theme

Section 2 – 7 Types Strategy

Section 3 – 1 video Inner Authority

Section 4 – 1 video 1 coming Growth & super power of open centers.

Section 5 – What planets are in your 10th house of career coming soon

Section 6 – How to apply strategy to get clients Manifestation Mantra Coming soon

Section 7 – Abundance Prayer coming soon

Section 8 – Energy Clearing to let original Blueprint SHINE coming soon


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.