How to Release Unconscious Patterns that Keeps the Empath Pleasing the Narcissist | S4 Ep 68

How empaths can release unconscious shame and people pleasing patterns that are stuck in a pain cycle with the narcissist. And how to find your confidence and pleasure in life.

Can Narcissistic Personality Disorder be Cured? | S4 Ep 66

What is narcissism, How it infiltrates family, workplace, politics.
Why Gina Dobson felt compelled to write her book Scapegoat No More. Can Narcissists be cured?

 What is Projection? and How Narcissists use it to Manipulate| S3 Ep 64

What is projection in narcissistic abuse and how to narcissists manipulate the empath? Narcissists project their errors and flaws onto you, convincing you they are perfect and you need to improve; Tips to deal with projection.

How a Relationship with the Narcissist Wreaks Havoc in the Empath’s life | S3 Ep 62

The emotional paralysis and the aftermath of interacting with a narcissist with Nikki Eisenhauer M.ED, LPC, LCDC

How Spirit Guides Help Loved Ones Get Rid of Narcissists | S3 Ep 59

Spiritual Hygiene and how loved ones guide us on our life’s journey with Psychic Medium Maria Verdeschi

Healing from Narcissistic Parents | S3 Ep 57

“Just because you are guarding from certain people doesn’t mean you have to guard for everybody.” Healing from Narcissistic Parents with Anna Rodin

The Emotional Burnout Antidote from Toxic and Narcissistic Relationship | S3 Ep 55

“There is a grieving period. Because your whole body remembers in order to stay safe, you need to make sure this person is happy.” Guest Anne Berube

Taking Control of your LIFE from the Narcissist | S3 Ep 52

“Hurt me. Shame on you. Narcissist hurt me again. And again, shame on me.” – Raven Scott Accepting and HEALING to Attract Love and Healthy Relationships