How to Manifest Anything you Desire

In the simplified version manifestation is the intention of bringing what your imagine and desire into reality. This is the same concept as re-reading your past and feeling into the vibration of “I am a victim”….

Awakening the Inner Goddess & Claim Victory over the Narcissist | Ep 108

Everyone, including people who may be narcissists right now, has the spark and potential of divinity within them. Everyone comes to spirituality …. read more

How to Heal the Narcissistic Mother Wound and Release the Pain | Ep 106

How to heal the mother wound and set boundaries with toxic family members will allow you to release the pain bottled up inside. with Courtney Hanson of Sweetest Little Life podcast

Raising Your Vibration To Heal from a Narcissist | Ep 105

Doing the Inner Work to heal through the womb and stop attracting the Narcissist and find the magic of flow in your life is key to attracting peace, love and abundance.
Today I share a conversation with Jaguar Womban.

Get Wise to the Tricks of the Covert Narcissist — They Can Break | Ep 103

The covert narcissist can show up as a spiritual influencer, or a cult leader. And Jude’s personal experience presents evidence of the dark side of a “light worker” who manipulated her…