Breaking Ancestral Patterns with Healed Ancestor Guided Meditation| S3 Ep 35

Connecting with your healed ancestor gives you guidance, strength and wisdom to break the negative patterns passed down. You are here to stop the toxic cycle.

Heal Trauma from Narcissistic Abuse with Sky Breathing Technique| S3 Ep 27

How all humans can heal trauma, vacate negative emotions and attract joy, love and abundance in your life after narcissistic emotional abuse through Breath work meditation by The Art of Living Sky Breath meditation.

Empath Guide to Surviving The Narcissist S3 Ep 8

Understanding how unhealed childhood trauma wreaks havoc in adults relationships. 1. Fixing others 2. people pleasing 3. codependency 4. external validation needs 5. living on high alert 6. fear of abandonment 7. deprioritizing your own needs 8. need to prove themselves 9. tolerates abusive behavior 10. attracts narcissistic partners 11. difficulty setting boundaries

Self Care Saturday: Healing Inner Child S.3 Ep.4

Self Care Meditation: Healing Inner Child “You can never be too advanced in your spiritual growth to heal your inner child just a little bit more. “ – Raven Scott We do things a little different on the weekends. We call it Self Care Saturday or if you listen on Sundays – Self Care Sundays. RavenContinue reading “Self Care Saturday: Healing Inner Child S.3 Ep.4”