Angels Healing our Hearts to Forgive and Thrive with Marcia Martin

In this Thriving Intuitive Podcast episode: As a spiritual transformation coach and respected authority in the heart-healing field. Marcia Martin helps spiritual seekers take charge of their lives and reprogram their subconscious minds so they’re able to move from despair to empowerment. She explains to us how to shift from misery and attract abundance through the heart and the help of the angels.

October Energy Update

Balance Listen to October Energy Update 2021 Watch October Energy Update 2021 I was putting together the astrological calendar and really seeing a lot of Mars activity and Venus activity. Mercury right now is in retrograde by the way. So you will be feeling a bit of, rework, right. Or redo going back on thingsContinue reading “October Energy Update”

7 ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life

Connect to the divine, live life fully, lean into pleasure of life through self intimacy, mother earth, and tantra inner self work.

How to change in your heart centered business, emotional healing on your journey with enneagram

Stop burnout, breakdown, body pain, and emotional rollercoaster with enneagram and mind body healing on spiritual journey with heart centered bravery

Protect Your Energy A Balanced Mind Body Spirit

we all have the warrior archetype in us . The trick is to balance that so your kingdom doesn’t get destroyed. Too much softness, drama, and giving up will allow the opponent to take over the castle. And too much fire, energy and action wears down the resources and will explode and the walls will crumble from within. Helen shares

Elevate Your Energy.Radiate Joy. Be Bold.

How to balance and elevate your male & female energies.knowing human design energy centers