EFT Tapping

EFT TAP to Dissolve the Anxiety Attacks

Breathe and Pause

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Place your hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly. 

Feel the breath fill up and thank your breath for arriving and always being there. 

Exhale feeling your breath empty. 

Again repeat, ten times. 

You may play relaxing music or healing singing bowls, to go along with it.

Reiki healing

Reiki Healing Meditation

Focus inwardly on your breathing and the source of your pain. 

Where are you storing this emotion?  In your hips? In your shoulders? In your neck? In your toe??? This is unique to you and this moment.

Do this in a stressful moment when you need to calm down. 

Imagine now that negative emotion as a swirl of dark gray energy.  

Now pull it out and curl it up in a ball in your hands. Pull, keep pulling, until you feel it is out of your body and in your hands. 

Now open your hands and release the dark swirl of energy up to the sky. It is gone and out of your body now, and it blows away like a cloud in the sky. 

Do it as a daily practice during your devotional time. This returning to the mindfulness of breath brings you awareness of your life force and centers you into being aware you are safe and cleansed of this negative emotion.

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EFT Tapping Instructions

This EFT tapping therapy is extremely effective if you concentrate and lean into feeling and talking your way through your anxiety while honoring your acupressure points and tapping them. 

Try practicing this every morning for two weeks, if you feel it’s helping then extend your practice to two more weeks until it becomes a habit and these positive phrases become rooted in your subconscious. And when events arise they will not be as stressful because you know everything will be OK.

 First step is to take a deep breath and observe what level your anxiety is at. From 0-10. 0 being none , and 10 being the highest. 

Then start by tapping each point and stating the phrases following the letter

A. After you’ve gone through all the letter A phrases while tapping, stop and take a deep breath and rate your stress level again. 

Observe, has it gone down, up? Or remained the same. Any is ok. 

Then Go through the tapping stating phrases following the letter B. Repeat breathing and rate of stress level 0-10, and do the last round of tapping stating phrases following after the letter C. 

Once finished take a deep breath and assess where your stress level is at.  Be thankful and absorb the positive energy and say a prayer to your higher self, the Universe or God. 

Note: You can customize what the phrase says based on what you are feeling or worrying about at the moment. A good time to do this exercise is in the morning, however you can do it at any time depending on how you feel. The goal is to carry on with your day knowing the Universe has you and don’t worry because thinking about the worry makes it worse. Surrender your worry and tap it away to enjoy life as stress free as you desire. 

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