DNA Activation

DNA Activation Magic Kathi

DNA Activation by Magic Kathi

“The DNA activation that I’ve prepared is very much all about you being able to see that you are just one aspect of your soul and source in the grand scheme of things. 

My intention really is that you embody that into your frequency. You really let that be activated and installed in your dna.

You’re so much more than just this human avatar, but what does it really mean to embody that, to understand it, and to live by it and through it?

Because we are on a very, very, Pivotal cusp in the human ascension process, in your own ascension, you know, timeline. And right now it’s very important to be flexible and to not be too rigid and to not put yourself into a box. What I mean by that is that you really wanna understand and observe and see yourself from the outside perspective and realize

Wake up to the fact that you agreed to everything that makes up this persona that you are. The word self image in itself tells you self image. It’s an image. It’s an idea essentially, that you have about yourself. And so I want you for this transmission to really see yourself as simply an idea.

You are simply an idea. But essentially we change the idea if the idea doesn’t work. So what areas in your life did not work or didn’t work. What areas in your life need some change? An upgrade.

And what ideas do you have about these areas in your life, but then also about yourself relative to these areas in your life? And I want you to sit with that. Because awakening to the fact that you are the creator of your own reality, of your own hologram, you’re just one aspect, one idea of how the energy that you are could become manifest. 

Because remember, you are just energy in a physical form.  it’s not set in stone. The energy that you are can have a different idea. So what would your life look like if you had a different idea about your life. 

 every aspect right now in your life where you feel stagnant, where you feel like it doesn’t work, create a new idea. Create a new idea that is more in alignment with your highest excitement, your higher heart chakra. 

​​Then it really comes down to what is your view action in this human vessel. You have been conditioned to believe that my name is X, y, Z, that I, you know, have to live my life in that way. That these are my parents, and that family means this, and that work means this, that relationships mean that.

And you’ve agreed to all of these ideas without realizing that you can create your own. And now is pivotal to a point in history, so to speak, in your own process, in your own evolution, to let go and to surrender.

Right now, with this DNA activation, I want you to create an alternative, a different idea, a different image about your life, about yourself, about how you live every day. And how that can be more in alignment with your highest self. 

This is cosmic play. We take life way too seriously. You can explore, you can have fun. You can change who you are, how you see yourself. Anytime. Why do you keep yourself limited to that one aspect, That one avatar? When this is a game, you can tap into different avatars and characters anytime. Anytime. Who told you that it’s not possible? Who and why do you believe that?

Why do you agree to that? These are the questions I want you to ask yourself, because then you can step into a different character and play a different role

create a new idea, a divine idea. What is the next divine idea? The next divine download wants to come through? And then just try it out without making it too serious, too rigid. And yes, it’s scary at first because we’ve never done this before. Never experimented with that before,

Cuz humans feel like there’s safety when we can put people. You know, into boxes. That’s their name, you know, that’s their id. That’s where they live. All of these things, all of these boxes and limitations. So we remain what we are. When it’s time to liberate our energy and realize that we can literally step into all the different roles, all the different characters, our soul predesigned, and still designs up there for us in any given moment, you’re free.

You are free. You are free to create. You came here to create. So let’s paint beautiful images. Let’s play with ideas.” – Katharina Hillenberg aka Magic Kathi

Start dreaming of a life – No limitations. 

Journal it out.  What is your name? Where do you live? Do you travel? What is your passion/ work? How do you contribute to the community? What are your hobbies? How do you feel doing all these things? Being in a relationship with whom? 

Then start finding inspiring images. Create a new avatar board to visualize. But not only to visualize yourself in that life, but to feel how it is in that life. And the feeling is what is powerful in order for the life transformation and DNA activation to ignite. 

So have fun. Play with this. 

And be blown away by years down the line where this takes! 

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