Attn Empath: The Soul Alignment Master Class

To feel happier and lighter in your physical, emotional and mental body with these 3 simple steps.

Do you feel like there is something more to life?

Or do you have a deep longing for meaningful and authentic relationships?

Yet you still remain in the darkness and feel you are a victim and not the creator of your life.

These experiences are your FUEL, for transformation, so STOP denying your divinity ! And…

The Soul Alignment Masterclass

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.”


Now is a time to claim your soul’s identity, step into upgrading your vibration and connecting to your highest self through the Soul Activation Masterclass. So you can be yourself, be bold, brave, vulnerable, and powerful in order to attract abundance.

We will provide you with three simple ways to align your soul with your purpose.

First, we will share with you exclusive information of what the astrological weather will be in 2023, so that you can better understand yourself and your place in the Universe as the planets activate your life.

The second simple way is Magic Kathi shares with you your DNA Activation, so that you can tune out the noise and discover your higher truth.

Third we reveal the cheat codes to your Mirror verse, and practices to connect with your inner self, so that you can realize your full potential, manifest the life of your dreams, and integrate your mind, body, and spirit.

These 3 simple ways will be delivered to you in four sections parts so you may feel joy and gratitude for your life and all the blessings that are all around you. :

  • Exclusive Astrology Horoscope of Major Transits in the entire upcoming year 2023, with a break down of each month, so you can understand the collective energy, and gain insight into your own feelings.
  • DNA Activation Session with Magic Kathi so you can transform into your authentic soul self in your body.
  • CHEAT Codes to the “Mirror Verse” to give yourself an advantage to life and your transformation.
  • Somatic Healing so you can end your suffering, relieve your trauma, dissolve your heart break, and eliminate your anxiety.

Gain immediate exclusive access to the 2023 Astrology Energy Transits shared by Magic Kathi so you can so you can relate where the planets are in relationship to your birth chart so you can know what areas in your life to heal, and focus on transforming.

PLUS Spiritual practices, somatic healing, and rituals to integrate your soul healing and activation into your body with Raven Scott.

Clear your cellular structure from traumatic imprints, and obstructive narratives that don’t serve you anymore.

– Void the coding and imprinting from childhood trauma and toxic patriarchy. Get reset towards your unique blueprint with the astrology update and DNA Activation Bonus with Magic Kathi.

You then will be able to embrace your authentic soul self in this avatar body. You are strong, wise, and powerful, and nothing can stop you from shining your unique light out into the world. 

The goal of the Soul Integration Master Class co hosted by Raven Scott Spiritual Guide and Magic Kathi, Astrologer is:

We will support you through these hard times. 

Explain the cosmic energy and forecasts.

So you will feel at peace and grounded into your soul with guided aura protection, and guided Grounding meditation and more!

This is your anchor in the storm that will be 2023!

This Masterclass also includes Four BONUS spiritual activations and more! valued at over $888 including :


Gain clarity and powerful symbolism to connect to your divine feminine power.

And get immediate access to guide you through the supportive healing exercises, meditations, and rituals.

Astrology Horoscope Explained

Do you know what 2023 will bring for you??

We have created a breakdown of all major transits for every month.

Now available at early bird price!!!

Soul Quiet Time Prompts

Release your old mistakes, they are gone! Shift into your power to change your patterns and never look back.

So you can release your fears and look in the mirror of your soul and level up!

Bonus: Guided Somatic Healing

Gain immediate spiritual support during these intense energy times, and gain better sleep, ease and release trauma.  

Reiki healing and Aura Shield Activation to dissolve the discomfort of others negative emotions and protect your energy body.

Bonus: DNA Activation

To shift into a NEW IDENTITY of your authentic Soul Self.

Did you know you are a Star seed? This activation by Magic Kathi will help you shift into your power and unique being and spiritual healing.

Bonus: Cheat Codes

The Cheat Code for the MIRROR-VERSE

 View the world through your souls lens outside of the matrix.

So you can shift to an advanced awakened state and gain special intuitive powers.

Bonus: 12 Days of Zodiac

Contemplate on the 12 zodiacs for the 12 Days of Christmas to improve your relationship with each zodiac sign.

The more intimate you know the signs, the more intimate you know yourself as they relate to each house in your natal chart.

The more you practice the powerful exercises and activations in the Masterclass you will just keep elevating and your lessons will be blessings. 

You will live authentically on another level, no one will recognize you anymore – in a good way. And your soul will be alive, aligned, and integrated into this 3D body. 

Nothing can stop you now!

You can have it all!

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Claim your seat in this Masterclass before the chaos of the energy hits now, for just $223

Listen to End of 2022 Astrology Transit Horoscope

with Magic Kathi and Raven Scott

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