The Empath’s Guide to Inner Peace Amidst Narcissistic Conflict | Human Design Gate 6 Conflict Energy Update

How can Human Design Gate energy help me find peace from conflict?

Empathic Evolution: Finding Peace Amidst Narcissistic Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, and for empaths, those individuals with an acute sensitivity to the emotions of others, navigating conflict can be an intricate dance. This becomes especially challenging when dealing with narcissists, who often bring their own set of complexities to the table.

In this episode, we explore the profound wisdom of Human Design Gate 6 Friction, Conflict, and Gene Key Conflict, – Peace, illuminating a path for empaths to not only survive but thrive amidst narcissistic tensions. Our journey leads us to a place of inner peace, personal growth, and transformation.

Unlocking the power of these systems, we’ll delve into practical steps that empaths can take to safeguard their emotional well-being, set boundaries, and communicate effectively with narcissists. But this isn’t just about managing conflict; it’s about embracing it as a catalyst for evolution.

Join us as we uncover the tools, insights, and strategies that empower empaths to transform conflict into a stepping stone towards their ultimate goal—peace.

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welcome to the Empath Rising podcast, where we are healing from narcissistic abuse, with human design, taro, and astrology. I'm your host, Raven, Scott. Make sure to share this podcast with a friend. Spread the love spread the light. And subscribe. with emotional intelligence and harmonious spirit. I embrace the power of resolving conflicts and tensions. Navigating emotional terrain with grace. And fostering understanding and harmony. And all my interactions. This is gate six and the human design charts affirmation. For this week, this is your affirmation, your empath for the week. I wanted to share with you an episode today regarding the energy. Of what the sun is activating in us. There are three groups of people. That will be impacted by this activation. Now this activation happens because the sun is transiting through the gate six. Similar to how this, you understand the sun transits through Zodiac signs. There's different degrees. So the circular human design Mandela has all of the gates in a mish-mash of number order. They're all grouped and lumped into their Zodiac signs. So gate six is the Virgo. gate of conflict. And it's this activation is occurring. Saturday. The 16. September 16th, 2023. Through Thursday. The 21st. Of 2023. And while this is happening, we also have the earth in 36. Now we're just coming off a fresh new moon. That just occurred. Friday. So we kind of have this energy of clarity. Newness we're ready for a new journey. New beginnings planting seeds for setting the proper intentions. Of what's not working in our life because Virgo is very analytical and perfectionistic. In a good way. It could also be shadowy, but if we really harness it for our highest good, it can be very clarifying. It can be impactful. And it can give us earth grounded information that we need to know. So the three groups of people and how this is activating. So number one, in your chart, if you have gate six, White. Not highlighted at all, not circled. Then you will still feel. Feel this as this week. It's activating in your chart, you are amplifying this energy through the collective. Now the other group is you have this gate defined in your chart. It's circled in, and this is in the solar plexus. Have you have your chart in front of you? Look at the triangle on the bottom, right? And if you don't have your chart and you can sign up to get your free chart, uh, Raven my homepage. There's a form to fill out there and I can send that to you so you can take a look and see where is my gate? Six in the solar plexus. Bottom right. Triangle pointing towards the right. And if you have a defined. Then you have it circled. This is going to be a really strong feeling for you because this is something that's very strong in your characteristics in your life. And your focus is. Striving for peace overall. Through conflict. Many relationships in your life probably have conflict. And so you're very familiar with this energy. So it's activating right now and, and really triggering up more. Like it's just almost like a magnifying glass on this energy that you already have experience. And then the third group. Is those who have this in your sun gate. Top-right conscious. Or subconscious. It can also be the top left. And this therefore gets you into your incarnation cross and also leads. If you're interested in the gene keys, that is one of your big major. Parts of your karma on your evolution as a soul? Is this. Jean Key of peace or it's called a conflict through the. The human design. Gait as well as the gene key, but the ultimate. Evolution or striving for is peace. And so you will definitely feel this very strong because that is it's a karmic type of energy for you. Because this is your incarnation cross. This is your soul's purpose of like what you are learning in human school. This lifetime. So keeping that in mind, taking a look at your chart. We're all going to feel this. So I'm going to go through gate six and a bit of the gene key. To describe it. So back to the basics for all the meat of my note takers gate six is called friction. In the east Ching system, because each gate has an eating located near it. It is called conflict. And the astrology, like I said, this is occurring during Virgo season. Therefore. This is Virgo. Um, if you have a birthday, probably very soon, right around this, these dates. Take a look at your chart. I'd love to know. I'm going to guess that your. Your son gate has gate six. Now the highest gene key expression, like I said, is peace. It's this. I mean, you all know it because you've been in conflict with a narcissist. I was like, how do I. First of all the question is why do I keep experiencing this? And with karma, it's always this like, and the life's evolution school. If we haven't learned the lesson the first time it'll come back around in the form of someone else the second time and the third time and maybe fourth. Or it can be the same person and the same conflict keeps reoccurring over and over. And maybe you're stuck in that friction state. And you haven't. Opened your heart up, and this is kind of a extrapolation of. How the founder of the gene keys described this. Is that. And it makes sense, but let me just, just bear with me for a moment. If you're always on guard. Then how can you. Activate any type of evolution during a conflict with another person. Both of your defenses are up. Both your egos are defending and both fighting and both arguing. So when you lower and you become vulnerable. And this is why the, I feel statements are so powerful and they sound cheesy and corny. But when you lower that guard and say, When you act like this, when you say this. I feel deeply hurt. It triggers my abandonment wound as a child, you know, whatever it is, go deep. Lay it there. Not that they might not. They may not listen, but they may write, but you have to give them the opportunity to see it, to hear it. And then there, that's where it lies for the other person to either. Listen, drop their guard. And say, wow, I didn't know that. That's how you felt. I thought. That you are mad at me because they have their own in perfectionist wounds as narcissists from childhood. Now. This might not always 100% work with a narcissist, especially when they're deep delved into it. But what if you can just like layer by layer try, especially if right now your stuckness situation with them. What's the harm of experimenting with this concept. And using, I feel statements. Versus. You know, always, you know, blaming them and pointing the finger. So in our conflicts, in our relationships in life, I think we all can agree, even though we don't like it. That our relationships are a mirror. Like I think to this scenarios for me, the most triggering things. That happen. With my own relationships in my life now. With sip. Certain people that I just seem to always have conflict with. I in my, in my moments, my quiet moments, I, and I'm observing myself. I see. That I kind of do the same thing that they did to me. And then I had the opportunity to change it, to shift it, to not do that. But whatever. We are facing in a conflict in a relationship. Typically, there is some type of mirror there. Because here's another concept that the founder of the gene keys talked about with this. Is that. The reason why the ego gets defensive is because it believes. Someone has control to affect. You affect how you feel affect your safety. Affect something. And where it can be a ripple effect. Yes. There is ultimately no control. It goes back to this old, old story. I know I've told us on the podcast multiple times, but new season, I'm going to tell the story again. And there was an old wise man in a village and his son fell off a horse and broke his leg. And all the villagers said, oh, what a terrible thing? Your son is such a misfortune bad luck that he has fallen off and broken his leg. Almost out of sympathy. Right. But this is just what, all the language they were using any and the concepts that we think right. When something bad happens. And he said. Is it. He was very neutral. It was a good, bad, whatever it is. It is the experience. Excuse me. And his experience that you're learning from. And then time went by and you know, the sun healed and moved on. And became a mighty warrior in the army and got medals of honor came back to the village. Great honors the village. And all the towns, people in the village. We're singing his praises and saying, wow, are you, you are so lucky to have a sunlight that. Who has brought you honor to the village and is such a great warrior. You're so lucky. And he said. Am I. Neither. Hi, you know, free you. Hi, emotional highs and emotional lows. Really. Had any merit to him, it didn't control his reality. It just. It is what it is. And some, I think, well, that's a really, you know, Mean dad. He doesn't really care about his kid, but the, the philosophy behind it is. Circumstances don't control how we feel our inner knowing our inner peace controls, how we feel. And so when you're in a conflict with someone, your ego thinks that that person. Has power to hurt you has power to control you. Has power. To move your emotions. Where that only happens. Within yourself at the core. And this is why I love Buddhism and meditation, because that is the constant striving for is this inner peace? To know. And nothing outside of you. I can shake how you feel about yourself at the core. And your emotional state. It is what it is. That's also stoicism. So, this is an interesting. You know, gate in a solar plexus, because you may feel activated a lot because it's the gate of friction. You may be fit. You. Experiencing a lot of conflict, but the constant, this is why I love to. To learn and integrate into the gene keys because it kind of gives us this. Striving for right. It's like, okay, so you experienced life and your learning in life school through conflict now, how can you evolve and transform? Out of these conflicts versus constantly experiencing them. In a negative way, perpetually. And it's an emotional experience and it's an interactive experience. And. As you may know, or may not know. That if you are not feeling all the feels of the full emotional. Wave. Especially, if you have a defined solar plexus, you're feeling them, but maybe you're pushing them down. You're blocking them. You're not allowing them to flow like water. Life gets harder. There's more tension. There's more grit. You're building up a dam of emotions and all of a sudden they explode. And this isn't the way to evolve and manage and feel and experience our emotions. That's just a old way of thinking about how to just not experience negative emotions. But human experience is just that it is the human experience. It's the low is the highs is the everything. It's not just the highs. We can't just always be happy and joyful. So. The hexagram conflict. Represents this idea of conflict and the need to find a harmonious resolution And people with this gate defined and especially in their sun gate and their inclination And Cross It is this Emotional tension challenging situations But really figuring out a way to resolve the conflict There's this desire to diplomatically Figure out how to resolve this conflict so we can get back to harmony Balancing those emotions is important And the transformation here really is Softening like Letting go of the ego opening up the heart wall you know Putting the heart wall down. And allowing the transformation to happen through vulnerability through compassion through the heart And this Is wherein lies the piece Peace. The personal growth And evolution So this week. From September 16th. Through a Thursday. September 21st. We have an opportunity. Dear empaths. To transmute the conflict in our shadow frequency. Of pain. Sorrow. Hostility. Anger towards the narcissist. To transmute that. Up into the gift of peace and the gene keys, they call up the city. That's like the final destination is the city. Of our souls, karmic evolution. And it's okay if you don't get there this lifetime. But as long as you are. Mutating and transforming little by little towards that path. I think that's all that matters. And the gift frequency of peace represents the potential. For inner and outer peace. And when you learn to embrace and transmute conflict. I again, I always think like, just recently. Instead of harboring resentment towards someone who is difficult in my life. And. Not labeling them as anything. This is the hard part, right? We've we've learned the things we've diagnosed our self-diagnosis and then now we say, okay, they're a narcissist, but now what that gives your ego. Um, Something to deal with when the shadow. Is conflict and hate and anger. And that is the last thing we need to do to transmute. That particular energy in your life. And if you want an, a collective. To really stop experiencing narcissists. For constantly just. Pitting ourselves against them. And I'm not saying, let yourself be abused by them. What I'm saying is in your heart of hearts, letting go of that anger and hostility. And wall. And always asking yourself, this was asking myself this week. It's like, what would compassion do? Not, what would I do? What should I do? Not even that it's like, what would compassion do the spirit. Of compassion. It's almost like that stupid corny phrase that I used to always hear as a teenager, what would Jesus do? That's really triggering for a lot of us. Cause. Dear Jesus is rolling in his grave because in his spirit world, because so much of his teachings have been skewed and misinterpreted. And used for their own personal control and gain, but it is the same thing. So let's just shift it to what would the spirit of compassion do? Okay. Well, they would just reach out and make sure that that person was okay. Because yeah, you drew a boundary. Yeah. You said something really harsh. And depending on again, if they're super toxic and you need to go, no contact, please do that. Protect yourself. I'm just saying. If they're just kind of. A wounded person who always seems like there's always this conflict in your life. And there is no real diagnosis there. Let's just say it that way. Cause there's plenty of conflict without narcissist in the world. Right. Start with the non-narcissists is to transmute the conflict into peace. Right? What would compassion? Well, the spirit of compassion do. Probably reach out and be loving. And knowing that you're doing it out of the spirit of compassion. We'll then allow you to not take it. Whatever they're going to say. Personally, because it's coming from a higher source. And maybe they're really hurt or maybe they're perfectly fine or whatever it is, that's their emotions. And if you can have this mindset that what others do. Doesn't have control over how I feel. How I think. And my worth. Then. Then you are, you're already guarded against whatever could be thrown your way. So. This is kind of the path of how we embrace and learn how to transmute conflict. Into inner calm and serenity. There's that serenity prayer arrive at that from the AA. You know it, then it's all about like so many things we can't control and we let go of the control. We surrender. And we do our best within our own. Bodies within our own minds of what we can do. And in doing so you can be a very skilled conflict resolution person and even have diplomacy. Maybe you're already a natural at it because this is part of your incarnation cross and your. Karmic journey. You're not afraid to stand, up and Step into conflict. You're bringing you loved to bring harmony to relationships and communities. You may be someone who is a diplomat who is helping in so many different areas. In the world. And the city, the highest frequency of this piece is diplomacy. And individuals who embody. The qualities of diplomacy and peaceful coexistence. This reminds me a lot of the Lemurian. If you don't know what Lemuria. Is, I'm going to talk probably more about this because I'm really. Learning more about it because of an Akashic record with Jacqueline. But I had that said that I had had. Maybe 45 lives. It's like unimaginable with all the years that go by. And then I was learning about The Lemurians like you could live for a couple of hundred years or a thousand years, like they just intended to live and then they lived, there was no like, oh, my body is breaking down and now I'm dying. It's the weirdest concept. I'm still trying to wrap my head around. This community though of Lemurians were very peaceful. Like the original, garden of Eden type society. They existed. Before it, like, imagine the Egyptians, but before the Egyptians, and also I'm learning that the pyramids are something that the librarians built. so you've got like all this. Information in my head. I'm not sure how to process. I'm just spitting it out and you can kind of be like, whoa, what's that. And whatever catches your mind, you can research. so it reminds me though, this peace, this gift of peace, this diplomacy. Is a place that humanity. Is hopefully going to evolve and strive back towards, I was tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago. Before the continent of Lumeria. Aria, uh, collapsed underneath the ocean from a cataclysmic. Uh, natural disaster. And I know also there was conflict between the Atlantis. They, they were becoming more kind of like what our society is now. Like, Individualized. Uh, greed oriented. They, you know, they wanted to conquer and have war, you know, versus the, the, the Lemurian who were peaceful. They just they're one with nature. You know, communing with the energies of the sound, the crystals, the mag, the magnets. And all of that. So that's hopefully to paint a picture of what our personal and hopefully collective. Evolution towards, from conflict towards peace. Looks like. And it really is a transformational gate. So we're all getting to experience and use this amazing energy is powerful energy. To embrace conflict. Don't run away from it. Tell your ego. It's okay. I got this. I got you. And then used your, I feel statements. So you don't want to have to, you know, Actually argue or fight, right. If you're worried about like, I can't argue, I can't fight. I'm not a lawyer. Like, I don't know how to speak up for myself. Just express your feelings. When you did this, I feel that's all you need to do. It. Doesn't have to be an argument that you win, which our ego always thinks that we need to do. It's just an expression and it gives you the opportunity for personal growth. Evolution. And it gives that relationship if it's really worth it and it's healthy and it just needs a bit of more work. It gives that relationship, the opportunity to grow as well. So you can move toward state or grade of peace and unity. Amidst the conflict with the narcissist. Yes, you can. And this may be one of the reasons your soul. Chose this role-play of life and the moment, cause I said, yeah, let's do it. Let's evolve into more peace. Let's transform and grow spiritually and emotionally. As a soul. I'm ready for it. Or maybe here for service and you're like, I've been there, done that, and you've got this whole peace thing figured out you've got the incarnation cross gate six. Highlighted. And ultimately. This is where you're here to shine and to help bring peace and diplomacy to the areas that really need it. The most. So I'm just going to talk through some practical steps. If that all felt very airy and thought provoking, but not very tangible as a Virgo. I love to bring things down to earth. So number one really is self-reflection. You have to know and think like, wow, This is a pattern. They do this. And when they do this, I feel this, like you have to reflect and know that you have to own your responses. And then also when you share that, you know, understanding that how they react emotionally. You can really. Change. It can change something. It can, but you have to let your heart wall down. To be able to navigate that situation gracefully and with compassion. Which is a challenge, which has a lot of us. Humans. I've never been able to resolve conflicts because it's hard. And sometimes even when we let our hearts pour open. We are still not heard any actions we desire to occur. Don't. And that's something to accept and to karmically. Realize as well, like we're not pouring our heart out to get what we want. That's still the ego winning. We're pouring our heart outs and hopes. That we ourselves can grow emotionally. And if it affects the other person amazing. But expect that I won't. You know, So setting boundaries. So you've poured your heart out. It didn't affect them. Zero empathy. They're still the same asshole. Fine. They still don't change their, their actions. That's still doesn't have control over you, your worth your emotions. So now you set boundaries and you say, okay, I see these little experiment. I did. W showed me something. It showed me that I need to establish clear boundaries now. And it's crucial to do so when dealing with. Narcissist like real psychopathic narcissist. And it's important to drug through your boundaries in healthy relationships. It really is a matter of. When. I didn't warm my heart out to them. They didn't hear it. So now the boundary is okay, now you're moved to the outer circle. Now you don't get to share in intimate. Activities in my life now. I don't pour out my heart to you again, because I know it's just not going to work. It's not going to shift anything. It's almost like you set your own personal boundary and then you set up another boundary, like. Okay, well, Now your. Each boundary is so customed to your own situation. Maybe it is. You don't get to come into my house when we are. You know, doing child swaps anymore, right? Exchanging custody. Or the boundary is. You don't get to talk to me like that. And if you start to, again, I walk away. Or the boundary is this relationship isn't working and I need to move out and find. My life, my own path. There's so many different boundaries, so, so many, and some are just. Unspoken boundaries where you don't reach out to them as often anymore. Right. And don't emotionally engage. As much. Because that person. Is seeking to manipulate you and exploit you. And so you don't want to put yourself in a vulnerable position of abuse again. So you say even to your children, you can say it's okay not to play with someone who you feel is pushing your boundaries and manipulating you. It's perfectly fine to not play with them and tell them I don't want to play with you. And everyone else might say, oh, that's so mean. That's so hurtful. Everyone needs to figure out how to get along in elementary school. But I'm not going to teach my child to not have boundaries and to be a nice girl and then grow up and then be in a relationship with somebody who does the same thing to her. The things that we teach them now today in grade school does translate up into adulthood. And so teaching them how to read personalities, draw boundaries, and then not be emotionally blackmailed by that little child or person or. This could be an adult too, because narcissists are John's children. Don't be emotionally blackmailed to. Two. Drop your boundaries like your sanity. Is worth it, right? You are worth having joy and peace in your life. And that's your boundary. He's like, no, every time that we interact, every time that you come over, every time I play with you, you make me feel like you're pushing me towards like getting in trouble by somebody or doing something that I don't want. And you don't stop pushing me to do it. Right, right. So then the other one here, practical step is communication skills. In paths can develop assertive community communication skills to express your needs. You can, you can develop the skill. Like I said, to express your feelings and concerns, because point blank, you don't care how they react. The only reason we hold back, what we share is we feel it's not a safe because they're going to negatively react. And sometimes that happens in normal relationships, then you get to call your partner out on it. It's okay. And so. It's just a matter of not caring. How they react and how they feel as long as you're in safe. You know, you're, you're safe and you're not going to get physically. Hurt. Then you can express your needs and feelings. Sometimes we don't get to do this with those real violent. People, but don't worry. There'll be many other opportunities for you to learn, to express your feelings and concerns calmly. To another. Human being who is not violent. So don't try this. With a narcissist who is violent, just find a safe shelter and space to heal yourself. And there's no need to face. A saber tooth tiger with a club. You know, it was like with barely any, any weapons, you're just gonna end up. Um, We have a highly wounded or dead, like literally. So please do not do that. And of course seek professional help. If you're dealing with any of these situations that are deeply psychologically challenging. And then number four, practical step is to embrace your inner peace. By working with the energy of gate six and human design and this gene key of. Then the E Ching. Of conflict to, you know, trying to evolve towards peace. You can embrace the concept of conflict as a catalyst. For your growth and transformation, which I think is really key. And hopefully as the mental mind shift for you All of you who are avoiding conflict and are just fed up and don't even want to deal with it right Big big wide sweep of no contact was last year in the social media realm with you know and paths dealing with narcissists. Which i think is a good boundary at first but it's also impractical. Tickle For all of you who have children with them Who share custody like it just doesn't work so this still is this catalyst for growth for you. To shift in perspective To find your inner peace and resilience And both of those come from the heart come from the power of the spirit of compassion And the last practical step Is seeking support It is so essential to make sure that you have a support system You have a therapist you can forward slash empath that link is in the show notes if you need someone and you don't know if there's anyone around locally There are trauma informed therapists there at better help and it is important to find a therapist who is trauma informed because some of them just go oh well They've never experienced narcissist and then they they're trying to talk to you like you're you're dealing with a normal person And you're not You. You know finding support groups i know that there's so many support groups on facebook i personally don't like them so maybe we should start like a light one which i was thinking of starting a support group And the Patrion i was thinking of doing Yoga tea and tarot weekly And I'm putting that in the patrion to help support this podcast So that's an idea please let me know reach out to me dm me if you would love to join yoga tea and taro weekly I'm. i'm thinking just like $5. And yeah that's my thought about that and then mentors if you need one-on-one mentorship i am here for you who can guide you Read your chart i can help read your human design chart and astrology chart to help you through Finding your roadmap for healing So in conclusion, And do your empaths. Thank you for listening to all of that and looking at your chart. To see where. What type of group you'll at, you're in, if you're just amplifying it in a collective, if you have it defined and you're really feeling the strong, or if this is part of your karmic journey, and this is. In your sun gate right now. And this is. Something that is really highlighting. In your spiritual journey and growth right now. Dealing with conflict, especially with narcissists can be. Very daunting challenge for all of us. On this earth, however, through the wisdom of human design and the gene keys and your astrology chart, I really truly believe that you can transform. These challenges into opportunities for personal growth and evolution. By embracing your authentic self. By setting up healthy boundaries, ignoring and rewriting over all the lies that have been conditioned to you in culture, society, and possibly by. Bye. Uh, narcissist. And developing the communications skills and seeking support. This is how we find inner peace and navigate the complexities of the conflict with grace compassion. And resilience. In the end it's through these challenges that we can truly shine. Any evolve into our fullest potential. And the affirmation again for gate six is. With emotional intelligence. And a harmonious spirit. I embrace the power of resolving conflicts and tensions. Navigating emotional terrain with grace. And fostering understanding and harmony. And all my interactions. This is going to be in the guide book. The workbook that I am writing. I'm editing them in the editing stages. I'm so excited. And I feel like, uh, the new title should be narcissist proofing your soul. And pathic healing through human design. Let me know what you think. This is definitely a companion workbook to help you dive deeper into the details. Understand your human design. It does have the tale of goddess. Descent, some shadow work. Guided meditations and mood rituals for each Zodiac sign in it. I'm so excited to be editing it. This is the fun part for me as a Virgo. Um, but I feel like it takes longer to edit than right. So. My hope is to get this out by November. Uh, so make sure you that you are in R and path healing, community free community. Um, you can get your free human design chart or grab the 10 day narc free challenge to make sure that you're up. To date with the announcements and you can join the review team for this book and get this book for free. As long as you help me write a review, that's all I ask. All right. So this is. This is it. So thank you so much for listening. They will be more. Of these gates and highlights of the energy of the week coming up for you. I think this is really important to know what to focus on in our spiritual journey. And what is out there in the cosmos to help us harness. So much love until next time.


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