Embracing Your Human Design Type: A Journey Through Slogans Defining Gates & Line Types

Ever wondered why some people seem to navigate life effortlessly, while others face unique challenges and opportunities?

Taylor Swift is an perfect example of a Manifestor in her power

It’s all in your Human Design! ๐Ÿงฌโœจ

In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of Human Design. Learn about your Type’s Strategy, Gates, Line, I Ching, and how it shapes your perspective on life.

Find your personal mantra, explore the power of Gates and Channels, and discover the famous faces who share your energetic blueprint. ๐Ÿ’ซ

Unlock the secrets of:

๐Ÿ”ต Human Design Line Types: Are you a natural Investigator, a creative Heretic, or a guiding Role Model?

๐Ÿ”ฎ Definition of Gates: Explore what the Gates are and their unique themes, revealing your hidden talents and potential.

๐ŸŒŠ Channels: Discover how these energy pathways connect your Gates and create your unique flow.

๐ŸŒŸ Famous People Examples: See how well-known figures embody each Line Type and Gates.

๐Ÿ“– Embrace Your Energetic Self: Learn how to apply this knowledge to your life journey for personal growth and empowerment.

Your Human Design is your cosmic roadmap, and we’re here to guide you on this enlightening journey! ๐Ÿ’ก

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So I was laying down in Sana today during my yoga practice thinking, oh my gosh, like I had such a funny slogan pop up in my head about the line one, and these things come to me in such a flash. It's hard to gather them up and write them down. So I figured, let's do that today. Let's take some time to gather up some funny slogans for each human design type. As well as each line type So I want to just recap what a human design type is. For all of you who are new to human design. Your type is the way that you use your energy throughout the world, moving through life. So us generators, I'm a generator. Your funny slogan, and this may help summarize what a generator is, is life's a generator and I'm here to energize it and even generating giggles and good times. One moment at a time for you manifesting generator, you have the power of manifestor, which is the initiating type of energy. Combined with the steamrolling busy bee energy, the energizer bunny, you have those two combined. So your funny slogans for life are manifesting my way through life with a slide of extra giggles because that is the way they always choose their own unique path. And you can't criticize or correct a manifesting generator child to do it your way. They're gonna find their own unique way. So you may help them when they ask, but just watch and go, oh yeah, that's a clever way of doing it. Amazing. The second one is generating ideas and manifesting my desires is my dynamic duo. For you manifester. The manifester is the non sacral beings, meaning you are not the energizer bunny. You just need to do work in short spurts and loads of rest and introspection. But the manifester has a lot of power and can be scary. So make sure you're informing before you initiate anything. And your slogans are, I don't follow life's rules, I create the remix. And if that helps. As an example, some famous manifester is Taylor Swift. For you generators, Oprah Winfrey is a generator. Give you some examples. Queen Elizabeth ii, Warren Buffett. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ellen DeGeneres manifesting generators. You are in good company with Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, Richard Branson, Serena Williams, and Jamie Oliver. And like I said, Taylor Swift is a manifester, so that line completely goes alongside with creating her own remix, her own company, her own brand, and seizing the rights to her own music. The other slogan is Manifesting Magic and Mischief wherever I go. Famous Manifesters are Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. Rah Uru, who, who is the founder of Human Design, Franklin d Roosevelt, Martha Stewart, and JK Rawling. Projectors. You are the wise counsel of the world. You also need to work in short spurts. You do not have a defined sacral center. It's not a bad thing. I'm just saying you are wise about how to use your energy. These are your slogans, projecting my Witt and wisdom onto the world's stage. Waiting for the right moment to drop some seriously funny and life altering knowledge. Famous projectors are Albert Einstein, former President Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela Na, Dalai Lama, Maya Angelo, and Eckhart Tole. The last is the reflector. Very rare. Few of you out there, your slogans are reflecting life's comedy back with a cosmic twist. All of your centers are open, so you're vulnerable to other people's conditionings. You feel everything everywhere. And you just need quiet time alone to really find yourself. Living in a city is not a place for reflector. And your second slogan is mirroring the absurdity of life, one lunar laugh at a time. And famous reflectors amongst your company, our Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol River, Phoenix, RuPaul. Timothy Leary. So for our next segment, it is presenting to you some life mantras for each of the line types. Now I just wanna cover the difference between the line and the gates, because they're both numbers and you might be thinking, oh, they're the same thing. I have Gate one here, I have Gate six. the line is not a gate, the line is another main personality theme in your chart. So the lines are actually the decibel numbers after a gate number in your chart. So you may have gate 64.6. So the 64 is the gate and the. Point six, the six after. The point is the line energy. So there's two different energies there in that particular spot, playing with that planet, right? 'cause each one's next to a planet. So that might even already confuse you trying to explain it. So just know that the numbers after the point are the lines and In human design, the line types refer to one of the six lines associated with each of the hexagrams in the I Ching. So this is relating to the I ching. Which is the ancient Chinese divination system. So these line types provide additional information about your specific qualities, behaviors, and themes within your personality and how you interact with others and the world. So each line type is connected to a specific theme and offers insights into how a person interacts with and influences their environment. So just to clarify, we're gonna define the human design gates, which are the numbers before. The gates are specific points within the hexagrams of the etching that provide further, like deeper insight into your personality, your talents, your behaviors, what you need to work on, potential challenges and energy. Each gate corresponds to a specific theme or aspect of life. These gates are connected by channels, so you see there's white lines connecting your centers. Those are channels or they're colored in. These are the pathways to create energy flows and connections between the different gates. Just giving a more deeper, stronger theme in your personality and who you are. So there are 64 gates. That's why you may see one through six of course, because it starts from one to 64. And the gate numbers represent are represented by numbers ranging from one through 64. Each gate has a specific etching hexagram associated. So I know this is audio, but the itching hexagram is a stack of six lines. Sometimes it'll be broken up in the middle, broken up on the left. And so like, let's say the top, like imagine a stack of a hamburger, those are each chings. So the top bun is line one. The second one below that is line 2, 3, 4, and so on to to six. And so each gate looks different. The I Ching looks different 'cause the lines are in like a different kind of Jenga size arrangement. Where there might be, the top line is broken up into two, or the bottom line is broken up into two, and so on, so forth. Like there's so many, there's the 64 different varieties. So I hope that that didn't confuse you. It gave you a little bit more extra detail onto that. So one more thing about the gates is that if your chart doesn't have any numbers circled in like blue or like a dark black, depending on. Who's generated the chart? If that number is circled and kind of highlighted, that means it's a defined gate. If it's not circled, that means it's an undefined gate, and it's similar to an open center where you don't really have that strong theme in your personality, but it could be amplified if you're around someone else who has that. So this is why sometimes we feel like chameleons when we're around different people. It's just because we're amplifying. They're energies. So the defined gates, the ones that are circled, represent consistent energies and characteristics within you. Just wanna clarify, while the undefined gates, the ones that are just a number with no circle around them, indicate areas where you can be more influenced by the energies of others. And just like as astrology, when the planets are moving through, The gates around the human design mandala, then that particular gate will be activated by the transiting planet, which means that that energy of the gate becomes more pronounced during a certain period in your life, depending how fast or slow the planet is traveling. Now these activations can influence decision making, emotions and experiences, so just some thoughts there for you. To receive. So if you're looking at your chart, I hope that that will help you, give you a guide. If you don't have your chart, you can fill out the form on my website, Raven Scott Show, and I will email you your chart within 24 to 48 hours. And then one more last piece of the puzzle, 'cause I did mention it earlier, the channels, the channels are formed by connecting two gates. With a colored line, so you might see white lines and then black lines and red lines. It doesn't really matter the color as long as it's colored in black. It could be a red to a black line, it could be red and black all the way. Those are just telling you the, the black line is your conscious like, yes, you are aware of this behavior. The red is the unconscious in your energy. So no matter the color, if that is connected, And it is a defined, it is a channel defined in your chart, and it's really just a deeper, stronger aspect of your human design, your energy, your theme, your passions in life, and so and so forth. let's go back to our investigator line one, going back to our lines line type again. Is the six lines in the I Ching stack of a hamburger. So if you are line one, then this line is associated with a patient and thorough approach to understanding. You investigate everything, you question everything, and then you look it up and you learn as much as you can. People with this line tend to explore deeply and seek wisdom through careful analysis and observation. So therefore, your life mantra is, I find wisdom in the depths of understanding through patient exploration, I discover life's hidden truths. Now, line two is the hermit. That's the second line down in that pancake or hamburger stack of the etching. And then number two is the hermit line. It's characterized by introspection and reflection. Its individuals with this line often find power and insights through solitude and inner contemplation. The line twos life mantras are, I embrace solitude to illuminate my inner world. In introspection, I find the power to guide others. Line three is the martyr. Now, this may be an alarming word, it may be triggering, but those with a martyr line often face challenges and obstacles. It is sandwiched in the middle of this itching hamburger, and through their experiences, they develop resilience and strength. If you're a big Harry Potter fan, Neville character is this martyr, the line three. He was always asking why me and all these bad things are happening to him while he's trying to practice magic. But in the end, he was the one that slayed the snake that killed the last whole crux to defeat Voldemort. So take note, if you have line three in your chart, in any part of your chart, there's other decimals through the planets, but also if it is a big theme in your line, either a three five. Or you have it in your subconscious one, three, you can become an inspiration through your ability to overcome adversity. So you are stronger than you can even imagine, and the power is within inside you. So for you, your life motto or mantra, Is rising stronger from every challenge I endure. Through my experiences, I become a beacon of resilience. Line four is the opportunist. This line embodies adaptability and resourcefulness. People with this line can easily find opportunities in various situations and can turn them into their advantage. And I really think that they are the people, persons, the person who can gather up and get the whole clan and tribe united together. So the life mantras for the opportunist is, I dance with life's possibilities and create my own luck adapting to change. I seize the chances that come my way. And the line five, the heretic. The heretic line, challenges established norms and perspectives. Individuals with this line often bring innovation and new ideas by questioning existing beliefs and systems. So the line five, which I imagine this to be like, The nature connected women in the past who were then called witches. The line five mantra is I question conventions, sparking new perspectives in challenging norms. I paved the way for innovation. And the last one, line six is the role model. The role model line is associated with leadership and guidance. People with this line often serve as examples to others, offering wisdom, insight, and a sense of direction. Line six's mantra is leading by example. I inspire positive change. With integrity and vision, I guide others toward growth. Remember, these mantras are intended to capture the essence of each line, type in a positive and empowering way. They can serve you as a reminder of the unique qualities and energies associated with each line type in human design. If you wish to grab these, Mantras for each line type. They are available in the Empath Healing workbook that's definitely gonna be where they're gonna go. But if you wanna receive them directly to your inbox, make sure that you're signed up to our Empath Healing Community Newsletter and the link is in the show notes. Thank you so much for investing in yourself today to become more empowered and listening and tuning into your own inner voice. Join our Empath Healing community for free and receive your free 10 day live narc free audio workshop. Grab your copy of the empath and the Narcissist book, either on paperback, a hardcover, or audible. And look out in your emails for the upcoming workbook coming out soon. You can dive deeper with me and get your free human design chart at in the pinned post on Instagram at Raven Scott Show. Or you can purchase your full reading to ask me as many questions as you have about your chart. Don't forget to get professional help through our sponsor Better Health. You get 10% off your first month by going to the link in the show notes and head on over to the episode page where you can subscribe to the blog and read even more. I have extra bonus information through the blog that you can read that I haven't talked about here on the podcast. So many ways to dive deeper with me, and I really, really, truly, truly appreciate you and I sending so much energy out to you for you to be empowered to your empath on your healing journey and in this next chapter of your life, don't forget to rate and review this podcast if you have not yet already or just. Have then just keep sharing it with the friends and remember, always keep your unique light shining.

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