Perhaps the journey of becoming your higher self, is not becoming anything , but unbecoming all the things you were taught in the first place.

Raven Scott is a survival of an abusive relationship with a narcissist. She now has the life of her dreams with her family full of joy and love. She Is a certified meditation teacher, author, destiny coach, and teaches you how to manifest your dream life. Her North Node is is Gemini in her 10th house, simply put, she was born to teach and coach using her magical intuition.

As a Destiny Coach, she reads thriving Intuitive women entrepreneur’s astrology and human design charts and Coach them on clearing the blocks and live in alignment with their soul’s strategy to kick ass in their life and business!

She is the author of Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers. She coaches female seekers focusing on “writing their own story” and creating their dream life through spirituality and practical methods. She wrote her book to help empower and inspire you to discover the treasures within yourself. When you dream, heal, & transform you are able to unlock your destiny and find true joy in your Dream LIFE!

I loved getting a personalized reading and learning more about my soul’s desire as well as the greatest areas for my self-development. Everything really struck a chord for me, and it’s so powerful to hear these pieces that feel so true.


It was actually surprisingly accurate about my current situation, it makes me really think about where I put my focus moving forward. I feel better knowing these tings seen as they actually relate to me. I’t now time for me to figure out how to integrate these things into my day to day life and practicing which I have learned! 🙂

How amazing Raven is Testimonial

This reading is very resonate and I’m very grateful for you sharing it with me. 🙏🏻♥️

Jenn Evers

Girl! Shine on your unique light into the world.

Healing Black Sheep Wound Course/App

Heal Black Sheep Wound Course coming August 2022

This is something that’s near and dear to my heart.
And so I can’t wait to offer this to you to gain clarity, to heal from the narcissist and toxic, abuse as well as really tuning into yourself and adjusting your expectations, creating healthy boundaries, being able to say no, and really I’m strengthening your own inner autonomy.
These are really trying times it’s important that us em paths are strengthened are supported. And this is the goal of this course. So if you’d like to join the waiting list and sign up today to get the latest.
This will be designed to be an 8 week course, but knowing me I will have lots of bonus content that could easily keep you on your healing journey for 12 weeks.

  • Energetic Logistics: This course will be offered via web and app. The value is priceless… but if you had to set an energetic price, it would be $4,444.
    However, I am going to launch this course to the first class for $444.
    AND more than likely will set up the app to be a monthly payment format.
    So it will be $37 a month spread out to be paid over a 12 month period.

Empath and the Narcissist A Healing Guide for People Pleasers

Book : Empath & The Narcissist A Healing Guide for People Pleasers

“I don’t want to feel anymore.” – “I think I’m going crazy!” – “I can’t stand the heart break anymore!” Are these thoughts familiar? … Then this book is for you.

Over the past decade Raven Scott has first, exited a toxic relationship, then found her healing and renewal through the very tools she shares in this book. This healing guide weaves a story of an empath growing up, struggling with codependency and loving a narcissist, then shows how she was able to leave and heal from the pain and trauma. It guides you in transforming yourself from low self esteem, PTSD, emotional abuse, to a strong, confident, & renewed soul. It provides effective techniques to help you overcome pain, fear and the cycle of emotional dependency. Subjected to insults, threats, and disapproval, against all odds, as a Destiny Coach she helps you find your voice and inner strength to break free. She was only twenty seven when she felt so lost, heart broken and depressed that she attempted to commit suicide. But as the Forward explains, it is possible to escape the grasp of a toxic relationship and be rewarded with hope, joy, and fulfillment on the other side of the vast abyss of fear.

Exercises included:

  • Inner Child Guided Meditation
  • EFT Tapping
  • Astrology 3rd house Journal Prompts
  • Meet Your Healed Ancestor Meditation
  • Empath Protection Shield Guided Meditation
  • Bonus chapter – Learn about how Human Design can guide you to discover your Destiny

People are talking about my book

This is the kind of book that gives all seekers hope and renewal
An incredibly relatable story.
A guidebook to recovering from painful relationships and recovering self love Amazon Book Review Empath and The Narcissist
Inspiring education and practical book review Empath and The Narcissist
A bring light on a dark path Amazon book Review Empath and The Narcissist
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Human Design Chart

“I just had a fantastic human design session with Raven. She explained everything to me in an easy and positive approach. She helped me to understand what everything is on the chart and their meaning as well as how it shows up in my life. I am blown away at how accurate the chart is. I have so much more clarity on how to proceed with my business as a result of my human design chart! Everyone owes it to themself to do this and learn more about their true selves! Thank you Raven!” – Felicia P.

“God you’re f*cking awesome. You’re helping me sort this stuff out so much!”

Nick M.

“Wow I think everything you said is finally clicking, and coming together. I’m practicing waiting for the invitation + attracting with my aura, and my launch is going really good!!!”

Jessica S.

I am passionate about helping you, your child and your family all understand their uniqueness. The conditioning of this world does not serve all of our children. Most of us are “workers” of the world, however there are “guides” and “creators”. They need a little bit different approach to decisions, learning, guiding, and teaching them how to handle their emotions.

This is the best investment you will ever make for your personal knowledge and growth, and your relationship with your child.

You will be able to know how to empower them, encourage them and they will be seen, loved, and heard. Your relationship will be rewarding and with less resistance and push back.

Human Design was founded by Ra Ur Hu in 1987. It is new, but powerful! It was really designed for the kids. Everyone born after 1987 will benefit from the download of how our human energy and aura is designed. Our next generation are equipped to transform our world. Now we just have to share it with them and guide them appropriately .

This will be created custom for you and you will receive it within 48. hours into your inbox. Email me for inquiries into your human design chart.

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