Why Leaving the Narcissist is so Hard! with Mark V Smith

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Ep 65 Why Leaving The Narcissist is so hard

“There are 86,400. Seconds in a day. And what are we doing with our time?”

Mark V Smith

Yes, but when it comes to the tug of war on your mind, leaving the narcissist is such an easy concept for people outside of the situation. Why is it so hard on the inside?

There are a few factors at play, so while you are in this battle for your mind and sanity, be patient with yourself, and know when you are ready the time will come.

Guest Bio: Mark V. Smith as a dear colleague guest on that podcast and fellow podcaster of his own show, the process he is sharing words of perseverance and discipline that help you in your trying situation, push through and succeed in your journey. You can listen to our conversation on the empath and the narcissist podcast by yours. Truly Raven Scott, season three, episode 38. Eliminate your Fears and Grow to Rid your Life of the Narcissist head on over to subscribe, to both shows to wherever you listen to The Process and Empath and the Narcissist to regain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse and grow your self development process.

Here are some key moments:

  • There are 86,400. Seconds in a day. And what are we doing with our time?
  • What does the process mean to you and your personal journey?
  • describe a time or even two times when you had to accept the growth was necessary for Raven to grow forward?
  • Most people don’t change until the pain is staying the same.

1. They normalize their abuse.

2. They play on your good nature and forgiveness

3. Leaving the Narcissist is a scary

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