Why Empaths Attract Narcissists with Soul Mate Coach

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci – Soulmate Coach, Author, Podcaster

Ep 87. Why Empaths Attract Narcissists with Soul Mate Coach Jeanne Sullivan Villeci

“A lot of empaths don’t see themselves as leaders or achievers. And that’s another way that they block receiving because they’re always creating inside the box.”

Jeanne S. Billeci

Empaths take on the responsibility of the world. Absorbing all that negative energy confuses them to think they deserve less than their dreams. Learn how to STOP attracting narcissists.

Here are some key moments:

  • Empaths get the default fixer role
  • Narcs insult you at the same time they give you a false compliment
  • Fixing the narcissists problems is enabling them and blocking you from attracting someone with the same vibration as you.
  • You are magnificent, you don’t need to try so hard
  • Surrender & Radical Self Love unpacked – over giving + resentment is a sign we need to learn to say no in a loving way.
  • Your number 1 priority is to yourself in order to heal as you are supposed to show up to heal.
  • Guilt is energetic resistance and conditioning
  • Men are empaths and the Judeo Christian Patriarchy has seeped toxic in the behaviors and expectations of humans
  • Soulmate is like a cozy borning sweater that you feel 100% comfortable and they dig you the way you are.

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Jeanne’s Bio:

The Soul Mate Coach Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, author of Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract, has entertained and inspired millions in media interviews with her extraordinary mid-life love story, where she turned her marketing and law of attraction skills on herself to call in her husband overnight. 

After being called a “confirmed spinster” because she was “too much” — too old, too fat and too successful and intimidating — she stopped holding back and started flying her freak flag to attract more evolved soul mates. She discovered that the very qualities people told her to “tone down” in dating were her secret sauce to magnetizing a partner who could stand in his power beside her.

As a certified life coach, Jeanne helps singles, who are confident in their career but less so in love, step into their sovereignty–live their happiest, most purposeful life–so they can attract a partner who supports and elevates them. Many of her clients are high achievers and empaths who always get the short end of the relationship stick and don’t realize they’re pushing partnership away by their approach. 

To help her clients, Jeanne developed a signature six-step process for releasing resistance to love, clarifying their needs and self-worth and taking inspired action to magnetize the love they want. This includes encouraging clients to unleash their most authentic, powerful self and doing a soul-aligned rebrand to scare off “relationship projects” and attract real partner prospects. She gives them the tools they need to receive and nurture a thriving relationship.

In addition to doing private and group coaching, Jeanne is the creator and co-host of the celebrated Dating is Such a Drag podcast, where she and her drag queen/life coach co-host Lady Portia offer fun, frank advice for grownups who are tired of games and holding back in dating and relationships and want to create love on their own terms.

Learn more about Jeanne and how to work with her at www.MySoulMateCoach.com or follow her @mysoulmatecoach on Facebook and Instagram, or @jeannesullivanbilleci on LinkedIn.

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