Release Trauma from Narcissistic Abuse with the Emotion Code

Madhvi Mathur –

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

What is the emotion code?

Emotion code is a healing tool that is based on four different schools of thought. So it’s based on acupunc. Ancient Chinese medicine, magnetic therapy and kinesiology. So it’s applied kinesiology where we use muscle testing to get responses from the, from the subconscious mind.

Madhvi Mathur

And how can it help with healing and prevent me from attracting another narcissist?

“You’ll start attracting new things and you’ll start recognizing things. You may start creating new boundaries for yourself. You may start looking for different things, so completely agree. I think those are kind of some of the steps that come once you start. Feeling stronger, feeling healthier, and looking for more happiness.”

I had an intriguing conversation with Madhvi Mathur about how the emotion code can help withe energy relating to your  finances, career, health, and relationships.

I think this topic that we’re going to cover today will really benefit you when you’re listening. Cause this is going to help you. Release trapped emotions, understand what’s going on behind some of the blockages and unconscious things that keep happening and really letting go of that heavy, emotional baggage.

I then booked 6 sessions to have her clear out the blocks preventing my abundance. I shared in depth what we found and what she cleared in episode 89. Emotional Damage and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse.

Here are some key moments:

  • The emotion code can help clear out manifested physical dis – eases in addition to emotional body healing
  • The emotion code is an energy healing modality pertaining of a chart of 60 different emotions
  • In the body code practitioners look at energy, pathogens, circuits, misalignments, toxins, and nutrition and lifestyle
  • The emotion code is based off of four different schools of acupuncture ancient Chinese medicine, magnetic therapy, and kinesiology
  • We go through different experiences in our lives and these experiences caused us to have emotions that not all emotions can be processed fully by the body and some of these have become trapped cause ailments and emotion code is a way to help release them
  • Emotion code brings awareness to the subconscious mind so that you were able to release it by bringing awareness to it
  • Let go of the emotional baggage 
  • It makes you feel empowered that you’re the only one that can release less and part of the journey
  • Emotion code sessions are for restoring balance in the body and removing trapped emotions realigning chakras and misalignments in the body and spirit body and bringing awareness and setting intentions for your highest good

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7 Signs of Hoovering from Narcissistic Abuse | Ep 116

Are you wondering whether you’re being manipulated by a narcissist? Find out what is hoovering? And more about narcissistic abuse in this article and episode.

Madhvi’s Bio:

Madhvi is a certified emotion code and body code practitioner. Helping people release emotional baggage, break negative patterns & find root causes with Emotion/Body Code.

“Through the power of the Emotion Code and Body Code I have been able to gain confidence, find hope, and feel empowered to be actively involved in the growth and healing of my body and mind.   I spent years searching for solutions and then realized the answers I was looking for were always within me. I just had to learn to listen and hear the messages my body was already trying to share with me. My life has been transformed since I was introduced to the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Emotion Code. Everyone can clear their own emotions and learn how to use this framework. I’ve gotten certified and been trained to help guide you through it. I would love the opportunity to speak with you to see if you can also benefit from this! “

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7 Signs of Hoovering from Narcissistic Abuse Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

Determine your worth by waking up to the fact that you don't earn your worth. You are worthy of your desires and your dreams, and care and care by a lover because you were born, you are worthy because you breathe. – Raven ScottAre you wondering whether you're being manipulated by a narcissist? Find out what Hoovering is and more about narcissistic abuse in this.Someone who hoovers fears that their target will “get away” from them, so they may engage in love bombing, feigning crises, stalking, or smear campaigns in order to suck up all their target’s time, energy, and attention.Today I share signs of Narcissistic abuse and the manipulation tactics they use to control you. Instagram: @ravenscottshowHere are some key moments:You feel like you have no control over your lifeThey make you feel bad about yourselfThey don’t respect your boundariesThey lie constantly7 Signs of HooveringBetter Help : Empath get 10% off your first monthLimited time Free Ebook Empath & The Narcissist Book : Claim How to Leave the Narcissist Workshop & Soul Alignment Masterclass with BONUS 2023 Astrology Horoscope: SHOP Read Blog and Subscribe to receive directly to your inbox. Ravenscott.showUnbroken con FREE ticket Get your FREE Trauma to Triumph Summit ticket HERE STARTED YESTERDAY!!! you can still get access to all the contentBook free call to have Madhvi show you how to shift stagnant energy in your subconscious to abundance – Emotion Code FREE Inquiry CallMusic YouTube Library: Believe by Neffex
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