How to Release Unconscious Patterns that keeps the Empath Pleasing the Narcissist. with Karine Brule

Karine Brule

Karine Brule – Clairvoyant healer

Ep 67 How to Release Unconscious shame that keeps the Empath Pleasing the Narcissist

“Because when you are always being kind to the outside, you are unkind to yourself.”

Karine Brule

How empaths can release unconscious shame and people pleasing patterns that are stuck in a pain cycle with the narcissist. And how to find your confidence and pleasure in life.

Today I share a conversation with Karine Brule about what the the empath’s energetic vibration is, the unconscious shame that binds them to the narcissistic cycle and how to release that shame and find your confidence and freedom.

Here are some key moments:

1. Fusional love is  interwined emotions and identity of two lovers. Where one does not exist without the other.

2. Unconscious shame that keeps the empath pleasing the narcissist is a prison of “kindness”.

3. Find your confidence by going to the source, what is your motivation in pleasing others? Why can’t you say “no”?

4. You deserve pleasure.

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Guest Bio:

Karine is a Clairvoyant healer who is an expert in unconscious Beliefs Transformation to help you align with your true desire and connect your life joy.

Unconscious patterns of the empath keeps them attracting and with the Narcissist

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