How to Manifest your Dream Relationship with Radical Self Love After Narcissistic Abuse

Rohini & Karl Emanuelsson –

LOVE Coach & Y-42 Retreats

“Humanity is at a crossroads.

“We can destroy ourself in a millisecond….or we can elevate it through radical love.” 

— Rohini & Karl Emanuelsson Ep 93 Empath and Narcissist podcast

Our relationships are a catalyst for growth. Narcissists keep attracting your life because people can only disrespect you if you allow them.

Humanity 3.0

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“We see this as a wildly exciting time though. I think this is a time that collective consciousness is raising and all of these change in rules and paradigms.

It’s a catalyst for radical change. So if we see this as the most compelling time in the future, the most exciting time in the future, because we’ve got the keys to abundance. All it needs is a rise of collective consciousness to unlock it. And we think the way that we access that is through our relationships and through radical self love.”

Rohini E.

Relationships are a portal to a vast presence within you

If you see your relationship as a catalyst for growth and a catalyst for change and have the tools and technologies to work through those, then that’s how we feel collective consciousness can rise through radical self love. And that’s how we can awaken to our greatest potential.

So 80% of relationships are failing right now. It’s just, and off the 20% that are staying together, it’s not Mary Popper’s relationships. …

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Stop believing that you’re worth being treated badly, speak up, rise up and return to the foundation pillar, which is self love.

Today I share a conversation with Rohini and Karl Emanuelsson. They share how to to get the world Radically Loved up, which starts with Radical Self Love.

Here are some key moments:

  • Relationships are a portal to a vast presence within you
  • Toxic Masculinity affects men and women
  • Humanity 3.0
  • Healing and balancing energies
  • Evolved masculine is coming and needed
  • How to get unstuck from attracting toxic relationships.

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Rohini and Karl’s Bio:

Rohini & Karl are on a mission to get the world Radically Loved up, which starts with Radical Self Love. 80% of relationships fail, they feel it is needless and a symptom of deeper unrest, trauma & anger. They run Radical Transformational Retreats for Self Love and for Couples to make their relationships a magnificent daily love affair – yes it is possible, they have been together 22 years and every year get’s even more passionate & exciting. 
They are in the Media, most recently on BBC1 with more upcoming – as want to share a compelling view of the future to give people hope towards a more Loving world 
Rohini was in senior corporate leadership roles working for the likes of Microsoft, and as a senior management consulting advising world leading organisations. Karl was working in London in Banking starting his career at Goldman Sachs. 
On Facebook may have looked like they had the “perfect life”…but suffered “burnout”, no energy and marriage on the brink with 3 sons. This led them to embark on their own transformation journey learning from the world’s leading experts in psychology, relationship experts, yogic philosophy, breathwork and mindfulness! This thirst for learning & growth continues as they seek to experience the most EXTRAORDINARY life possible as every level! 
Running Retreats started as a side PASSION PROJECT to give back, and were blown away by the effectiveness of how it can also RADICALLY TRANSFORM others lives too. They are the no1 Retreat in the UK with celebrity stays and incredible reviews from people like the Ex- Editor of Psychologies Magazine. 
Nothing is quite as fulfilling, so now they are ALL-IN to do their bit to create a more LOVING WORLD

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