How to Heal the Mother Wound from a Narcissistic Mother

Courtney Hanson –

Best-selling author, podcast host, yoga instructor, reiki master, hypnotherapist, trauma-somatics healer

“The most life changing conscious thing I did was, when interacting in my relationships, I would ask myself ‘Am I answering from love? or fear?’ ”

– Courtney Hanson [22:57] Empath & Narcissist podcast Episode 106

How to heal the mother wound and set boundaries with toxic family members will allow you to release the pain bottled up inside. And you will start attracting healthy women into your life. We all desire connection and love, and you can experience that when you heal the core mother wound.

The path of healing

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First step is to identify the patterns

Sometimes you adopt a victim identity to fit in

If we experience childhood trauma, sometimes we have been disappointed by our parents in some way. It may be that you were raised in a cult. For others, it may be you had a narcissistic parent. Others, you were abandoned by a parent through divorce, adoption, or another situation.  …

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“I carried all this blame of I’m not good enough.”

-Courtney Hanson [10:25]

Stop taking the blame for your abusers bad deeds.

Today I share a conversation with Courtney Hanson a best-selling author of Within (scroll below), podcast host of The Sweetest Little Life, yoga instructor, reiki master, and trauma-somatics healer.

Here are some key moments:

  • [8:27] Life & parents sometimes put you in a victim identity to fit in
  • [10:25] You may carry blame from the wrongs your parents did
  • [17:19] Generational Trauma
  • [23:47] Somatic Healing moves it out of your body
  • [25:18] Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • [42:15] She share 3 exercises to release the pain

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5 Minute Read

How to Heal the Narcissistic Mother Wound and Release the Pain | Ep 106

How to heal the mother wound and set boundaries with toxic family members will allow you to release the pain bottled up inside. with Courtney Hanson of Sweetest Little Life podcast

Courtney’s Bio:

Courtney Hanson is a best-selling author, podcast host, yoga instructor, reiki master, hypnotherapist, trauma-somatics healer, and inspirational speaker. She helps women remember their soul’s purpose and return home in their bodies. She is a wife, mother of three, fur mom to three, and successful entrepreneur. Her journey through life is the framework that has led her to serve others. She has overcome pain and trauma that she has used as lessons and stepping stones to mold her into the woman she is today, helping others reach their goals physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let Courtney help you break through barriers, step into your purpose, and become the Divine Goddess you were destined to be.

Yoga Retreat Link:

Do you have a nagging sensation that something is not right, For example, a lack of flow or direction, or are you overcommitted and burnt out? Then I highly recommend you read the book Within Healing through Sacred Feminine Archetypes. Awaken the Goddess Within by Courtney Hanson. Courtney covers the chakra centers and energy within each archetype and how to tap into this divine wisdom.

This book calls us to rise up together as warriors, as wild women, as mothers, but most of all, it empowers you to be the best version of your authentic self. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to this review. This book really stirred up my emotions and self-awareness. It will help you understand yourself.

It is so empowering and inspiring from a busy mom’s perspective. This is worth your time and every penny. If you wish to feel aligned with yourself and awaken the inner goddess within, then click here to add to your Amazon cart today.

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7 Signs of Hoovering from Narcissistic Abuse Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

Determine your worth by waking up to the fact that you don't earn your worth. You are worthy of your desires and your dreams, and care and care by a lover because you were born, you are worthy because you breathe. – Raven ScottAre you wondering whether you're being manipulated by a narcissist? Find out what Hoovering is and more about narcissistic abuse in this.Someone who hoovers fears that their target will “get away” from them, so they may engage in love bombing, feigning crises, stalking, or smear campaigns in order to suck up all their target’s time, energy, and attention.Today I share signs of Narcissistic abuse and the manipulation tactics they use to control you. Instagram: @ravenscottshowHere are some key moments:You feel like you have no control over your lifeThey make you feel bad about yourselfThey don’t respect your boundariesThey lie constantly7 Signs of HooveringBetter Help : Empath get 10% off your first monthLimited time Free Ebook Empath & The Narcissist Book : Claim How to Leave the Narcissist Workshop & Soul Alignment Masterclass with BONUS 2023 Astrology Horoscope: SHOP Read Blog and Subscribe to receive directly to your inbox. Ravenscott.showUnbroken con FREE ticket Get your FREE Trauma to Triumph Summit ticket HERE STARTED YESTERDAY!!! you can still get access to all the contentBook free call to have Madhvi show you how to shift stagnant energy in your subconscious to abundance – Emotion Code FREE Inquiry CallMusic YouTube Library: Believe by Neffex
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