How to Heal Anxiety from Narcissistic Abuse through your Gut with Join Bekome

Camila Smith – LCSW Psychotherapist, Dr. in Health Sciences, Chief Clinical Officer of Bekome

Ep 88. How to Relieve Anxiety from Narcissistic Abuse through your gut

“At the core, in mental health, we can typically tie a lot of different disorders or states of being personality traits to relationships. Relationships that were either formed early on with our parents or maybe peers or, any form of relationship. And that tends to have a long lasting impact that then continues to impact people’s a present day.” 

Camila Smith CCO Bekome

How the fear and anxiety of empaths after narcissistic abuse can spark anxiety in us and how we can take care of that is to heal it through our gut health, nutrition, and even mental health practices.

I  had a fascinating conversation with Camila Smith, LCSW, and chief clinical officer at Bekome. How what we put in our body, can help us heal more than we even know! Listen to her in depth, yet clear explanation on the podcast how our body produces serotonin and how negative stress is to our entire system.

Here are some key moments:

  • Body alarms us to protect us 
  • The Narcissist will never let go 
  • Trauma complicates the signals
  • How to heal through the gut 
  • one thing in your diet to be healthier
  • Take a supporting supplement such as Bekome 
  • Get outside and move your body, or start a hobby
  •  aromatherapy in your body wash / or diffused through essential oils

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Camila’s Bio:

Camila Smith, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and anxiety expert with advanced training in mental health and nutrition (Doctorate in Health Sciences) and Chief Clinical Officer at bekome. Bekome is a mental wellness company dedicated to providing a safe and all-natural approach to alleviating anxiety through supplementation, nutrition, and gut health.

She is a professional speaker, mindfulness facilitator at Copper Beech, and adjunct professor at the University of New Haven, teaching undergraduate/graduate sociology and psychology courses. She is passionate about holistic wellness, meaning social impact, and advocacy.

Your natural anxiety relief starts today. 

As Camilla Smith shares on Episode 89 of Empath & The Narcissist podcast, what we consume in our body, directly affects our brain and stress. Muscle tension from repressed anxiety, irritability, and  overwhelm, are all side effects of trapped negative emotions in your body. 

You can get relief and feel your best with their research- backed supplements, and feel a reduction in anxiety within 1 week of using bekome. 

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