How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist After Divorce with Sarah Kamoto

Sarah Kamoto – High Conflict Co-Parenting Coach

Ep 81. Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

“If you don’t have boundaries in place, how can you teach your children to have boundaries? If you do not know how to manage your emotions, how can they manage their emotions? And they are going to need to have that anchor of a person to get them through this stronger.” 

– Sarah Kamoto

“Shift in your mindset that they don’t have any power unless you give it to them.” – Sarah Kamoto

High conflict people follow certain patterns, learn how to co-parent with a narcissist after a divorce.

Today I share a conversation with Sarah Kamoto

Here are some key moments:

  • High Conflict people follow certain patterns
  • Be prepared for the court battle
  • Ground yourself
  • Children do not have to suffer
  • Tips for the healthy parent, struggling with the narcissist, turning your child against you.

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Sarah’s Bio:

Sarah Kamoto is an expert on High-Conflict Coparenting and Narcissistic Abuse, and also the founder of Narc Proof & Thriving.

Sarah’s life suddenly changed when she found herself in an abusive marriage. She then took her daughter and her life back, and embarked on a personal journey of discovery, research and healing.

Since then Sarah has:

1. Helped thousands of victims and survivors by raising awareness and educating them on narcissistic abuse

2. Created a 3-step signature system to help women coparent with their high-conflict ex by protecting their energy, using effective communication and protecting their children.

3. Transformed her own life from a single parent with no job, to a healthy loving blended family with a partner that also supports her vision to help people thrive despite having a high-conflict ex to contend with.

Sarah helps them manage their own triggers and emotions, manage the communication and help their children cope with the negative parenting of their high-conflict ex, so that they can find peace to raise emotionally healthy children and live the life they’ve always wanted, without fear.

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