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Narcissist Abuse Education

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Are Narcissists dangerous? Can a narcissist cry? How narcissist break up with you? What do narcissists say? Which sign that my lover is a narcissist? 

All these questions answered here! 

Table of Contents

How to Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

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Are Narcissists Dangerous? 

There is a wide range of behavior of the narcissist from an unaware self centered person who acts out of narcissistic tendencies, to a full blown NPD Psychopath who stalks and harms to satisfy a need…read more

Are Narcissists born or made? 

Due to the insidious nature of the narcissist, they will never change. Some ask, were you born this way? And other think, or were you made this way?… read more 

Are Narcissists ever happy?

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Narcissist is a tornado and get a high off of how they make people react and how they control people. And that feeling of superiority is their happiness. read more

Are Narcissists violent?

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“You’re too sensitive!” — “No one will believe you!” “you made me so angry if you had just done X, then I wouldn’t have hurt you.” Are these phrases familiar?… Then you may be dealing with a narcissist. And it could cost you your life…. read more 

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Why do narcissist like to control? 

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Why do Narcissists like to control? Most Narcissists who do these things may not control intentionally. Learn more

Trauma Bonding

7 Warning Signs of a Trauma Bonded Relationship

Trauma bonds can form in relationships and make it hard to distinguish healthy boundaries from unhealthy ones. Learn the five warning signs of a trauma bonded relationship. And the differences between trauma bonds v. healthy bonds.

Why Narcissist Ruin your Birthday

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