Gate 48 The Well of Inadequacy and how to Evolve into Wisdom

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Are you afraid you are not good enough?


In this exclusive member episode, we dive deep into the transformative energies of Human Design Gates 48, 16, 6, 21, and 32.

I cover :

>>Sun in Gate 48 The Well And Gene Key Inadequacy in the Spleen Center “

>>What would you tell your 20 year old self?”

>>Earth in Gate 21 The Treasurer in the Will Center

>>Moon in Gate 16 Skills in Throat Center

>>South Node in Gate 32 Continuity in the Spleen Center

>>Mercury in Gate 6 Friction in the Solar Plexus Center

Join us as we empower empaths on their healing journey, offering insights and strategies to tap into their unique talents, break free from narcissistic influence, and shine brightly.

Discover how these gates can be your guiding stars on the path to resilience and personal empowerment. Tune in now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing like never before.

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Human Design Chart for Oct. 4 2023 in LA (PST)

Gate 48, known as the “The Well,” is a fascinating aspect of the Human Design chart. It represents a deep well of wisdom, intuition, and transformation waiting to be tapped into. When Gate 48 is activated by transiting planets, it can lead to profound insights, a heightened sense of purpose, and a powerful surge of creativity. Join our free trial of each gate’s transits to discover how the energy of Gate 48, “The Well,” can inspire you to draw from your inner reservoir of wisdom and guide you toward transformative experiences in your life. Unlock the potential of this gate and explore the depths of your own intuition today!

Human Design Mandala

The Human Design mandala, or body graph, combines elements of the I Ching, gates, and astrology to create a comprehensive map of a person’s energetic makeup and life path. Here’s a brief breakdown of each component:

I Ching: The Human Design system incorporates the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, which are represented as gates in the body graph. Each gate corresponds to a specific hexagram and represents different aspects of human experience and personality. These gates are further divided into channels and centers, adding depth to the analysis.

Gates: The gates in the Human Design body graph are numerical representations of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Each gate is associated with particular qualities, themes, and energies. Whether a gate is defined (colored in) or undefined (white) in your chart has significance for your personality and how you interact with the world.

Astrology: Astrological elements, such as planetary positions at the time of your birth, are not typically part of the core Human Design system. However, some practitioners and enthusiasts may choose to incorporate astrology into their readings for additional insights. Astrology can provide information about personality traits, tendencies, and potential life challenges.

The Human Design mandala, with its combination of I Ching gates and potential astrological elements, serves as a holistic tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and understanding one’s unique energy configuration. It is important to note that Human Design is considered a pseudoscience by mainstream science, and its claims are not supported by empirical evidence. However, many individuals find value in it as a framework for self-reflection and personal development.

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Gate 48 The Well of Inadequacy and how to Evolve into Wisdom

Gate 48 The Well of Inadequacy and how to Evolve into Wisdom

[00:00:00] Raven: Welcome to the exclusive gate transit content here at Empath Rising. We are exploring the transit from October 3rd, Tuesday, through Sunday, October 8th, 2023. The sun is in gate 48. The earth is in gate 21. The moon is in gate 16. The south node is in gate… 32, and Mercury is in Gate 6. We will be covering all five of these today, and I will try and keep it concise so this stays to just about 25 minutes each time.

So when we take a look at Gate 48, Gate 48 is the gate of, the sun is shining in on this idea in the I Ching, it’s called the Well. And the well is water over wind in the I Ching. This is an opportunity for us to shift from feeling inadequate, the deep well of fear, the deep well of inadequacy, the depth can be just, you know, sucked into the depths of the ocean, this dark cloud of…

of un clarity, of just the ability to not know. And then the fear of, will I ever know? Will I ever be good enough? And this, as us empaths with narcissists, is something that may be… Highlighting right now in your ego, and I say ego because there is a gift and a more heightened enlightenment state that this gate can take on, but when you’re unconscious and you’re in this fight or flight mode with the narcissist, you are feeling and the sun is highlighting your inadequacies, your fears, your insecurities of not being good enough.

And we don’t need to do this, because the narcissist already does this enough, right? We can never do right by them, we’re always doing wrong, and it’s important to find balance. Now this is a Libra, uh, gate. It is in Libra, as the sun right now is in Libra. See how it all aligns? And this is this, it’s a cardinal heir, Libra.

And so this is very much a thought provoking concept, right? It’s all in our head. The enemy is in our head. 48, the gate 48, is in the spleen center, bottom left triangle of your chart. So if you have it circled, you are feeling this intensely. If you have this not circled. This is shining a light, and you’re feeling it.

Your inadequacies, your insecurities are cropping up, and you’re going why am I all of a sudden feeling these scary feelings? And this is why. Because the sun is shining and illuminating on this gate, the fear gate. of being not enough here in the spleen. Now let’s talk just quickly about the gene key so we can transition into the other gates, but I wanted to take a few more moments here on this sun gate 48.

In the gene key, as was mentioned, inadequacy is the shadow. It’s like, your emotional intelligence and your mental intelligence are at war. They’re fighting. You don’t know what to do, who’s gonna win. The one who’s worrying all the time that they can’t be perfect, and they can’t get it done, or they’re just not good enough, and you may know the knowledge, but you don’t know the knowledge fast enough.

Or… You may understand what you need to do and have a cognitive dissonance of will I be good enough to do it out on my own, right? Move out, gain your freedom, am I, will someone else love me? All of these questions are in the shadow of this fear gate. In 48, however, there is an opportunity here to feel through that and then bring a gift of resourcefulness.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but whenever there is a will, there is a way. I will figure out a way out, right? Right now, my inadequacy personally, I’ll just give you a, uh, first hand experience, is, will my books be enough? To generate the income that I desire, to be able to provide for, you know, the supplementation of my family, in order to, you know, buy the things my kids want, in order to buy something fun for myself.

Or just be able to save up and travel. Any of the things that our resources give us, you know, the inadequacy of, can my books truly do this? If I write another book, will it do better? Will it do worse? You just never know. And that’s the fear gate. But, if you are frozen in the fear gate, and you’re stuck, then you will never know.

And then you’ll never put to the test. And use your resourcefulness, which is kind of like hearkened to the light at the bottom of the well. The well is dark, right? The I Ching well. The well is, you don’t know what’s gonna be pulled up from the bucket when you reach down into the well. So this is where the wisdom, this siddhi, this elevated state, enlightened state of the gene key is.

Wisdom. Once you can persevere, use your resourcefulness, just do it as an experiment, figure out a way, find the light at the end of the tunnel, and keep taking the next right steps towards that light at the end of the tunnel, not knowing where it’s going to lead you. Then it brings you to this enlightened state of wisdom.

Wisdom is the beyondness of being. and not being. Wisdom is the intuitive knowing, but it is not studied knowledge. Wisdom also is something of the Krone archetype, where you just live life, you experienced it, you took your time, you were, you, you are being, and therefore you have the wisdom. The wisdom could be, yeah, that’s a waste of time, don’t do it.

Or the wisdom is. You know, looking at myself, this is my contemplation for you to do as well. What would you tell your 20 year old self? You know what I would tell my 20 year old self, and now that I am 40, not, not far away, but definitely farther than I ever imagined, in my 20s, right? You live forever in your 20s, is that, you know what, I was so afraid that no one in the entire world, out of the millions of people, would ever love me.

Only this controlling, constantly disappointed man child, only he knows best for me and only he loves me, which was so far from the truth. He was hiding in his own securities, he was hiding in his… Shell of, he didn’t even feel like he belonged in a male body. And he questioned so much of his beliefs and his purpose and his life.

And I was putting my faith in him. And so my wisdom of 40 year old self would say, what a waste of time he was. Don’t be stuck here. Like all my friends tried to tell me and I lost them. Don’t be stuck here with this guy. There is greater. There’s far more fun, you know, in relationships. Just go have fun and date other people.

Experience different personalities. Travel with someone. Like, do anything but be stuck here with this lame person, right? It’s not worth it, is the wisdom I gained. So, but I was stuck back in my 20s in inadequacy. So this is the lesson here for us during this It’s illuminated time with the sun being in gate 48.

So I ask you to journal that down. Think about it. Talk to, you know, a trusted friend or your therapist about this. What would I tell my 20 year old self? And really invest the time in contemplating on that. So we’re moving to the earth gate 21. So the next planet that is transiting is the earth in gate 21.

So, when the Earth is in Gate 21, the Earth symbolizes where we need to ground our energy. So, Gate 21 is in the Will Center, and it is the treasurer. In the I Ching, it’s called biting through. So, the treasurer is also known as maybe the hunter or the huntress. It’s someone in the Will Center who knows what to do, the energy of seeking and hunting and gathering resources.

Saving resources, spending resources, having the wisdom of what to do with these resources. Um, gathering them in particular, right? Maybe they’re not so much managing, but they’re gathering. Gathering both material resources and emotional resources. So this is a really beautiful time to ground yourself into how to support yourself emotionally.

As you’re moving through these fears of inadequacy, this is a beautiful pair to help guide you and say, I need to go for a walk every day, barefoot in the grass. That is something that I did for a while and it was, felt very good. It always feels good to do so, but I needed it then, right? What do you need?

Hunt for what your emotional body needs. Does your emotional body need yoga every morning before sunrise? Does your emotional body need therapy or counseling or a good friend who you can trust? Seeking the resources for what your emotional body needs for grounding is self care, it’s nurturing, it is It’s vital for you to thrive and to heal.

This is a really beautiful space to do your grounding work. So this is more of an Aries. Energy, which the moon I think still may be in Aries, because we just had a full moon in Aries. And that was, right, that was initiating power. That was like, I need to speak up for what I need. I need to say, hey, no more, draw a boundary.

Uh, maybe you have already left, and you feel a bit like it would be nice and grounding to go date. Go meet someone new. Don’t dive in deeper, right? You’re just hunting. You’re just gathering a bit of information here or there. And maybe that’s good for your emotional body. Aries is all about taking action.

So don’t sit and stew on it. Take the action of what your self care is that you need right now. And with a keen eye for value, for nurturing your spirit, You will embrace the power of seeking and sharing resources that enrich the lives of yourself and others.

So gate 16 is in, the moon is in gate 16. Gate 16 is in your throat center, and so right now the moon represents emotions. So, it’s, you’re gonna be feeling the feels of this in gate 16, which is the gate of skills. And the I Ching is called enthusiasm. So in the throat center, it’s associated with energy of competence.

Mastery and potential to communicate with authority and expertise in a particular area. Maybe this is why I’m feeling compelled and excited to share with you in as the beginning, very first transit episode in the Membership Exclusive Membership podcast. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling it right now. It’s highlighting and saying, Go for it.

Share your mastery. Share your expertise. And there is something that every single one of us has, that we have an expertise in, that we’ve been mastering quietly for a while. And maybe even that is just your bravery. of getting out, stepping out, start to recognize your passions. What are you passionate for learning lately?

Maybe you just need to express and share and communicate that in order to master even more. Maybe there’s something that you need to seek a mentorship about so that you can, you know, gain your financial freedom in order to leave the narcissist. There is something here that can help you manifest. A skill to empower you to collect your resources where the earth is saying, okay, gather your resources, collect.

But first, let’s make a plan and make sure that you Get a certificate that you’re mentoring. Maybe you’ve already mastered it, and now you’re ready to put the offer out into the world in order to gather the resources. This is all cohesively coming together. So, this also is an energy that can signify contribution to the collective.

So don’t shy away or, you know, worry about your fear of inadequacy. Just focus in on being able to level up and harness the gift of resourcefulness in order to share your skill. Share your knowledge that you have. You never know. You know, so much of the inadequacy is, Oh, well I don’t have a doctor degree.

I don’t have a this degree. I don’t have a that certificate. I don’t have anything. But, If you have been studying from the proper resources and, uh, you know, we have to be careful with where we get our information. But if you’re mastering something and you’re working on something, you are further than someone who doesn’t know anything about it.

So you can help that group of people. Don’t worry about the people who know more than you, right? That’s the fear of inadequacy being highlighted and taking over. Use your resourcefulness and contribute to the collective with your gifts that are so powerful, with unwavering mastery. And when you do this, the joy of sharing your expertise This will allow you to embrace your power.

Embrace your power of effective communication. It’s going to embrace your power for inspiring others and to know, hey, I am meaningful member of society and the narcissist can’t keep me down anymore. And this really is the path to healing in order for you to pursue excellence in whatever your chosen path is.

So there is an important aspect here because the eclipse is coming, or this new moon, coming up, um, I don’t know, in two weeks I believe. It’s coming. The eclipse is coming where everything’s going to be down in Libra. The sun, moon, and the north, the, the, the, the south node. So the south node I wanted to highlight here in today’s transit is in gate 32.

It is here for a while, but this is our first episode, so I will share with you Gate 32 and its meaning. Whenever we take a look at the South Node, uh, the energy that really it’s all about is something that you’re familiar with. You know, they, they think about it as the past life, something that you’re born with innately because you carry it over from your past life experience or pattern.

And a lot of times it’s something that you’re still here in this lifetime. Uh, needs to let go as well, and strive towards the head of the dragon, which is the north node in the opposite side of the zodiac. So when we take a look at Gate 32, it is a gate in Libra, it is the gate of continuity. And the eaching is called duration.

Gate 32 is also located in the spleen center. So, this is important because the spleen is, again, the fear factor, the survival factor center. So, we really need to let go of the fears. The fears of… The fears of imbalance, the fears of things not being fair. So Libra energy is, is, hold on, let’s see, okay, so the gate of continuity is located in the spleen center.

I said that.

Right, so continuity and duration, that reminds me of a marathon. GATE32 is like a marathon. It is the energy of endurance, persistence, and the ability to maintain continuity in various aspects of life. So whether that be taking care of your children emotionally, you know, intelligence wise. Making sure you’re providing and not slacking off in good food, which is always hard for me to eat delicious, good food, and cook it, and that everyone likes.

Um, no matter what YouTube video I find, it always seems like they don’t like that recipe. They don’t like this recipe! Uh, right, so duration, right? Continuity, taking care of yourself, your well being. Uh, taking care of what you need to do to emotionally grow to… Guard yourself up so you stop being pulled back into the lies of the narcissist, right?

No contact, don’t be persistent, and do not pick up the phone. All of these things are related to this gate 32. Staying the course for sustained period. So it’s this commitment, reliability, consistency.

So in the spleen center, this is definitely a gate like Can I show up all the time? Am I good enough to show up? Can I, can I be perseverance? Do I have the energy to persevere and to face these challenges that I face?

But it, it really is this idea of you do have the energy if you put your mind to it.

It really gives you this energy to persist in your efforts and to maintain a continuous and unbroken line of action, which I think is so necessary in order to break free from the lies and the traps of the narcissist. It really does take perseverance. It is definitely a marathon, uh, and that is, that is the key.

So as we look at this. Maybe, since we’re connecting this as it being in the South Node of, we’ve got this, we already have this energy from past lives, just know and affirm yourself that you’ve got this. You’ve done this before, some lifetime away, you have the ability to persist. already within you. It’s there.

It’s unconscious. You got it. You have the ability to make sure your efforts are not for naught. That is the fear. My effort is useless, right? It’s for naught. I’m just going to lose anyways. They’re just going to win the argument anyways, this narcissist. But the persistence is not to win an argument. The persistence…

Persistence is to do the challenging thing that you need to do to get out. So, maybe your obstacle is you don’t have a job. Then, harness everything we talked about with Where the, the earth and the moon are and Focusing on your mastery and your passions and gaining resources from that. Being consistent one step at a time See your exit strategy with the nurse from the narcissist as a marathon.

Not too long, but not a sprint It’s not very short. It is a plan and a long term action and even if you have children with them It is a long term battle. It is a long term thing that you have to be committed to be persistent in being unwavering in your integrity with your children and being their emotional safeguard with your children while, you know, they have to bounce back and forth or while you’re battling a custody battle or all the horrible things that happen when you are dealing with a very nasty narcissist in divorce with children.

So all of these things require that duration that you already have within you. So, with your unwavering endurance and strength to persist, you can embrace the power of maintaining continuity and achieving your long term goals with patience and steadfast commitment.

And the last planet that I would love to cover and the gate Conflict is Gate 6, where Mercury resides right now from October 3rd through 8th. So Mercury is in Gate 6, Gate 6 is in the Solar Plexus Center, and it is the gate called Friction. Conflict. Solar Plexus is our emotional center, so obviously Conflict and Friction are where our emotions reside.

Our thoughts become ideas, and then they become emotions, and then… Friction arises. And this is a Virgo, uh, Zodiac sign. And I do believe Mercury is hanging out right now in Virgo and about to transfer to Libra, if I recall. Trying to re think back to where to what I would listen to. I don’t have the astrology transits in front of me.

But the Human Design Gate 6 is…

associated with the energy of tension, conflict, and the potential for friction and emotional experiences. So, this idea of our son being in Libra, you know, we want harmonious resolution, conflict resolution, and conflict is… It’s always there. It’s just a matter of how do you resolve it? And Libra is always like, well, we resolve it by listening to both sides.

And then we weigh out everything, right? And everything’s harmonious and everything gets resolved because we all could just get it all out. Um, and then you’ve got the energy of, uh, Virgo, who is like, well, everything just needs to be in proper order, right? I also imagine tension being like, A sewing machine.

You have to have the right tension, just enough balance of tension for the sewing machine to be able to keep the, the sewing pattern tight, not too loose, and not too tight so it knots up underneath your fabric. So it’s just this proper balance of tension. So, when you have this energy with Mercury, you have a bit of a challenging situation.

And if I recall, that’s kind of where Mercury is right now, because it’s going down, yes, into Libra for our eclipse. And so it’s, it’s starting to kind of edge towards this energy of, this is really challenging. This is not comfortable. I don’t like this. Right? It’s not comfortable. But we need to resolve the conflict through, uh, speaking, right?

Through our communication, through balancing your emotions. And so this takes me back to Conflict Resolution 101 to harness the power of I statements. So, this week, make sure that you are focusing very strongly on I statements. When you talk firmly to me, or talk down to me, or talk in that tone to me, It makes me feel, right, I, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

It makes me feel like it’s not safe to be able to express my opinion back. That makes me feel very scared, uncomfortable, I don’t like it. Um, and this is something that not all, a lot of us learned as children, and we’re trying to, as adults, teach our children this, so that… They have better emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

And really, it’s a matter of like, when you, when you throw something, I feel scared. Right? That’s the thing. And, if you’re in a relationship where you don’t want your partner to feel scared ever, but you have a hard time controlling your emotions, then you will say, I, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just got really frustrated at the situation.

I should not have thrown that. Moving forward, I will do, you know, I will do a walking exercise when I get mad. I’ll walk away from the situation versus throwing something. And I know this is difficult. We don’t get to hear this when we’re in a relationship with a narcissist. They don’t say those things.

That’s what you should hear, by the way. But they do not say those things and so it’s important still for you to use I statements. Because their reaction is going to be absurd. Because it’s just gonna be absurd. Because it’ll be like, well, I feel that when you… You know, do this, or say this, then you’re judging me and making me feel like a, in, you know, whatever they call it, but I, I can’t, like, I can’t even imagine what they say because I’m not in that framework of mind.

But it’s very crazy. It’s crazy making. It really is. It’s like, they feel like when we share our I, I feel statements, they say, well, that’s very threatening. I know. That’s crazy you said that, right? They kind of say words like that, like, that’s crazy, you’re crazy, I’m feeling threatened. You know, they throw it back in your face.

Essentially, they take your feeling and they, they say, well, they feel that. Like, okay, well, if that’s how you feel, then let’s take a breather, walk away from the conversation so that we can resolve this moving forward. And then they say, fine, they walk away, but it never gets resolved because they just can’t address.

So it’s really a practice for you to practice with healthy people, to practice with your children. I think practicing this with a narcissist is like, you have. Crazy, balls of steel, if you can do this. You have cojones. Uh, knowing that it really won’t end well, it’ll end, which sometimes is a good thing. You have to, you have to speak your mind and say something for it to finally crack.

For them to finally be like, say the craziest thing and you’re, you’re just like, done. And it, it gives you that clarity of mind, you’re like. Oh, right, yeah, that’s right, I’m not dealing with a regular person, I’m dealing with someone who just cannot handle anything and is crazy and keeps putting everything off on me.

And then they ghost me when I just try and call them out on it, you know? So this is the practice for our communication, is emotional intelligence. So, with your emotional intelligence, and your harmonious spirit, Embrace the power of resolving conflicts and tensions, navigating emotional terrain with grace and fostering understanding and harmony in all your interactions.

May this week’s transits be illuminating, may you understand a little bit more about your chart if you have any of these already highlighted. These are common themes no matter when it’s transiting. And thank you so much for joining and becoming a member. I will post these, um, the day before each of the sun’s transit through.

So we get them quite often. And the, the transits typically are, uh, five to six days. So you’ll get one every week. And, uh, just give me feedback. Let me know if you have any questions. How you enjoy this, um, if you need… If anything, feel free to reach out, either email ravenscottshow at gmail. com, you can join our community if you haven’t already to receive emails from me, and yeah, you can also DM me on Instagram at ravenscottshow.[00:31:40]

Much love to you during this transit, thank you so much for listening. Until next time.