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Thriving Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs Membership + Swag!
With your $25 a month membership you gain access to:
Early Podcast Episodes
Walk in Your Purpose MASTERCLASS,
Full Meditation Library,Moon Calendar
2x a month live Group Q&A Hot Seat sessions,
2x a month Free tickets to Moon Ritual events.
30% off 1:1 coaching and products!

Walk in Your Purpose Master Class

Using Intuition, Human Design and Astrology, you will learn how to find your unique blueprint, and tap into your intuition to gain clarity on your life’s purpose, and how to use your strategy unique to your type to grow your clientel without burnout.

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Moon Ritual Events

Guide Moon rituals inside a safe circle. This is an energy practice when women get together in one place for communication and energy exchange. This practice has been around for a very long time.

Immersive Events

With Raven’s thriving network of light workers she curates events for you to attend. From group medium readings, to immersive ho’o pono pono practice, all the way to ancestral healing. These events are paid ranging from $40-$100 and as a member you receive 30% off each event!


Healing Meditation Library

A full Library of guided meditations to practice in order to clear out the energy that is not serving you and your business anymore.

Attract Abundance 8 week immersive experience

Attract Abundance 8 week immersive event

”Change me. Open me. Make me receptive to the unexpected.”

-Tosha Silver

 “Right here, right now, before we launch into the daily five steps next week, you can bless the entire process of opening to abundance with a direct prayer . provided as a pdf in the membership main page of this Attract Abundance Event.“I like the concept that there is abundance all around us… not just material things, but in nature and it is all for us to accept as a gift from the divine”“I think “my” releases that burden instantly!”“my favorite part of the first section is the radical acceptance. it was an aha moment for me”“everything comes to you when you are ready for it. all of our experiences prepare us for the next station”
If you wish to join in and watch the replay and catch up on the book to attract your abundance and surrender to the Divine.
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Q & A

Q& A Sessions on the specifics of your chart. 2 per month

Early Access to Podcast Episodes

Hear Raven’s live energy updates, intuitive message, teachings, and more on her podcast early before they air to the public!