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Providing you with relatable inspiration, raw stories, tools to overcome narcissism, codependency, and manipulation and regain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse.

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“When it comes to the story of your life. Let NO ONE else hold the pen.”- Raven Scott

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  • Are you an empath looking for ways to heal?The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates may offer powerful support. Listen in to this episode to learn more about the energy this June 2023. Here are some key moments:Join Community to get the Full Moon Journal Release Ritual Sun in Gate 35 : Change […]
  • Do you wonder, why do I feel so passionate for someone so wrong for me? Soulmates and twin flames are both powerful connections, but they have distinct differences. Learn about these differences in this episode and find out which one is the best fit for you. Here are some key moments:Definition of Soulmates and TwinflamesDifferences […]
  • Human Design is such a gift to your healing and shows how special you are! This is the narcissist's Kryptonite, when you are empowered, in your truth and do not buy into their lies and control they lose their "toy". Highly Sensitive Empaths are commonly called sensitive like it's a bad thing. But it's your […]
  • Do you wonder if there is an invisible force connecting you to the narcissist and whatever choices you seem to make, you just keep getting sucked back in? Today with our guest, Madhvi Mather, we discuss what are the invisible emotional elements that keep us stuck in unhealthy cycles.And surprisingly, they may not have much […]