Harmony in the Stars: Libra Season, Fall Equinox, and the Energies of Human Design Gates

Pumpkins and Love is in the air

Are you too serious? Do you need to play with your Inner Child?


In this illuminating episode, we dive into the cosmic energies surrounding Libra season and the fall equinox, exploring how these celestial events influence our healing journey. Join us as we unravel the essence of balance, harmony, and the quest for justice that Libra season brings.

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But that’s not all – we take it a step further by delving into the fascinating world of Human Design gates. Discover how specific gates can impact your energy during this season, offering insights into your emotions, relationships, and life’s purpose. From Gate 46’s determination to Gate 25’s innocence, we decode the energies that shape your journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer, a Human Design enthusiast, or simply curious about the energies at play during Libra season, this episode is your cosmic guide to finding equilibrium and tapping into the wisdom of the stars. Tune in and align yourself with the rhythms of the universe as we navigate the energies of autumn.

S6 Ep 9 Libra Season Human Design Gates How Empaths can Heal with this Energy

Key Takeaways:

>>Fall Equinox Libra Season: Autumn is here! Today is equal daylight and nighttime hours.

>>How we can Heal using Libra Energy: You, dear empath, can focus on several aspects to help heal their emotional body and find balance.

>>Human Design Gates: Sun Gate 46: Love of Body, Moon Gate 58: Joy, Earth Gate 25 Love of Spirit

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Fall Equniox Human Design Gate 46 Transit

Fall Equniox Human Design Gate 46 Transit

[00:00:00] Welcome back to Empath healing with human design and the empath rising podcast. Today, I am going to be sharing with you all about this week’s energy and all of why we’re going to be feeling these touchy feely, grounded, fall earth fives. And we all love pumpkin spice latte season and our fall decorations. And so let’s dive into why this energy, this week is so important for you in your healing journey.

[00:00:37] Raven: Welcome autumn. Welcome fault. The Northern hemisphere. This is September 22nd. Second 2020 threes, fall Equinox or finish Southern hemisphere spring Equinox. For the Libra season. And today I’m going to be diving into the human Design gate. gate energy update. Date as the sun is in gate. 46. Of. Of the love of body gate.

The incarnation cross I pulled for the chart is also a really powerful one. We’re gonna be talking about folly Equinox. It really is a spiritual, cosmic growth spurt. Out of division. And up into. Into. Love. Love. is where every. Everything heals and we’re going. to be feeling the feels. Or we’re going to be resisting the feels. Either way, this is going to be a powerful week.

So first let’s clarify. What is the fall Equinox? We hear a lot. About it’s a really big holiday. Of course, the beginning of fall is all of our favorites because it’s building up into our favorite holidays, like Samhain Halloween. Uh, Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the fields. So the fall Equinox is also known as the Equinox. It’s one of the two equinoxes that occur each year. When the sun crosses. The celestial equator. Resulting in approximately equaling daylight. Resulting in approximately equal daylight and nighttime hours. The word Equinox comes from the Latin words. Aqua’s meaning equal and NOx meaning night. So. So the term Equinox signifies the time of the year, where the day and the night are roughly equal. The length. And in the Northern hemisphere, the fall Equinox occurs this year. Year on September 22nd, 2023, mark. And the official start of the autumn season. E. Hey. And on this day, the sun is. Directly above the Earth’s equator. And as a result, both the Northern and Southern. Hemisphere’s received. Almost the same amount of sunlight. After the fall Equinox. The Northern hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun leading to shore. A shorter daylight hours and cooler. The temperatures. As autumn progresses into winter. Now, conversely, this. Happens. In the Southern hemisphere. But it is the spring Equinox marking the start of spring season. And a time when the Southern hemisphere starts tilting toward the sun resulting in longer daylight hours. Hours in a warmer temperatures.

So the date again is September 20. The second 2023 for this year’s, uh, Equinox, the fall Equinox and the Northern hemisphere. And, and, you know, it ranges from year to year. It either is the 21st, 22nd or 20. The third. And so let’s dive into this energy. This is the same day that the sun travels into Libra and the same day, the sun travels into the gate 46 and the. The human design chart and the Mandela. So Libra season. Season is a time. For warm. Warmth. And it’s a time for balance and harmony and love. We’ll get into. To that, but just to, um, Get specific into the dates. Uh, it happens approximately September 23rd, 22nd. So this year, it’s the 22nd. And runs through October 22nd, 21st. So each sign. This is Libra sign is associated with characteristics. Each sign has their different characteristics. As we all know. And so Libra season us all about Alan’s and harmony.

The scales of justice, which reflects the. The signs, strong desire for balance. Harmony, like I just said fairness. Everyone just get along kind of an attitude during LIBOR season, people may be more inclined to seek an equilibrium. Some of peace in their relationships and surroundings. Which is so true. And I always thought, well, maybe they’re just kind of like gearing up towards the holiday season. They want everyone to get together. Together, but it might just be this Libra energy really influencing them. And so as. We take a look at the gates and later on in this video, And this energy now just think about where in your chart and your astrology chart is Libra. Which house is it highly? Highlighting, what is being activated in your life as the sun is like a flashlight illuminating you and your energies. And potentially even of course it illuminates our gates. Now, if you have this gate 46 highlighted in your chart, It’s really strong. If you do not, then you will be feeling it just as if someone had, you know, just as if you had it defined in your chart. So we all are going to be feeling the feels. And the second element of Libra is diplomacy. They’re varied. This energy is very diplomatic and peacemaking. Uh, so during the season, you may find yourself willing to compromise and finding common ground in conflicts. And you’re wondering why now? Well, it’s because of this Libra energy. Socially charming are Lee. Bren’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Which makes Libras naturally charming and sociable. Libra season often encourages socializing, forming new connections. And enjoying the company of others. I always think of friends giving I’m so excited to prepare for friends giving, even though that’s not only brisk season, that’s in the Scorpio season. So the aesthetics. Are always appreciated by Libras. Um, if you have this in a certain house aspect in your chart and your son is not there, then you’re going to like have a real strong affinity for that particular area in your life to have an aesthetic. At like an aesthetically pleasing beauty to it. So Amy, it’s your marriage and you have a really hot husband, maybe it’s your second house and money, and that’s kind of where you naturally shine and bring in your income. You just never know, maybe it’s your family or your home, and you absolutely love to have a perfectly aesthetic house. You know, all the things like body, like your, your outfits. So the other thing that you will find is relationship will be a focus relationships, both romantic and platonic. They take center stage during Libra season. People may be more focused on partnerships seeking love and companionship or evaluating the balance and the health of existing relationships. There’s in decisiveness a bit. Yes. With in Libra, they’re known for they’re in decisiveness. Often they weigh pros and cons carefully about making their choices. Right. We’ve got the scales. What should it be? And during Lieber season, people might find it challenging to make decisions quickly as they seek. The most balanced and fair option. So it’s really hard to do any quick action, which I think is fine. Always taking the time. To figure out what is right using your inner authority and your human design chart, either your emotional, inner authority of your cycle, your sacred soul, listening to your gut. Your spleen, it listened to it in the moment. Right then. And your projected or non you’re, always just talking it out with trusted advisors. Now justice and fairness is a really big energy too. During Libra, you have a strong sense of justice fairness. Maybe you feel like that’s just not fair. We’ve got to make this right. So there may be a greater emphasis on seeking justice equality. Fairness in societal issues and in your personal relationships.

Artistic expression Libras because Venus rules and she’s all about, you know, creativity and money. An art, an art. Leber’s creative and artistic tendencies may come to the forefront during this time or wherever you have Libra in your chart. That’s going to get a real creative boost for you. So people may feel inspired to engage in artistic pursuits. Such as painting pottery music or designing something.

Maybe you’re decorating your house for the holidays. It’s a real creative boost for all of these things. So your relationship will because it’s in the focus, of course, there’s going to be highlights of the challenges, the things that aren’t working. Because Libra would like to just have everything harmonious. It can also highlight these relationship challenges that need to be addressed in order to reach resolution and harmony. To resolve conflicts and to improve communication. So really take advantage of this energy and harness that during the season. While we have it. Uh, and in doing so use the tact and politeness that Libras are known for this tact. This, you know, Polite. Again, it may drive some of us crazy who always, you know, are on either side of the fence. But the Libra is always are up like a cat on top of the fence, agreeing with both sides, being tactical, trying to find a way for everyone to come to the middle. So during this season, Use that use that in your language, use your eyes statements to help resolve your conflict and improve your communication. So it’s really important to note that. This astrological interpretation is from my viewpoint, my own lens. And generally don’t apply. They’re not going to apply to you just as I may have described us from trying to do many examples. Because your individual chart. Has Libra in it. Just because your sun sign isn’t Libra doesn’t mean that this information does not apply. You have a particular way that you experienced Libra energy in your chart, in your life? That based on all the aspects. Of the planets in your chart.

Now we moved to this. Section of the podcast. I want to share with you about how to focus your empathic energy. To heal your emotional body during Libra season. Because as an empath, we can focus on several aspects. Of our lives, which tend to not be us, uh, ourselves. And it’s really important in order to use this energy for, with Venus behind us. With the balance and the focus on the body and these human design gates and incarnation cross energy this week. , and this whole Libra season. To guide us through our emotional wellbeing. This energy is here for us. And this is one of the reasons I love to research it. And tell you about it is because it’s really pertinent to your healing path. Because if you can use it as a tool, it can propel you. Into your transformation into your butterfly state, into your power away from the toxic narcissist in your life. And into your life’s own purpose, your own unique purpose. So I really want you to focus in on self care this season. If that means finding ways. Like I always, you know, I’m always being careful about how much sugar I put in my body, but if there are ways that you can do it in a healthy way to get as many pumpkin lattes as you can, I’ll give you an example because I love, love, love pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin is my Libra season. Like I have to have it. Pumpkin is like a warm, cozy blanket at home. So for instance self care yourself by, okay. Well, I don’t like, it’s not self-care to drink lots of sugar and coffee and all these lattes from Starbucks. So why don’t I figure out a way that I can make a healthy alternative at home. Which I have, and I’ll place a recipe of that in the blog that you can click through in the show notes. So I absolutely. Love pumpkin spice latte. I love, I got a pestle and mortar, so I grind up my cinnamon and my cloves and all of those spices that are in the, the latte. And then I take.

Pumpkin. And I heated up like in a big pie and I blended up and I, , simmer it down into this concoction that is then going to be. The. Pumpkin spice, additive to my latte. I’m not doing coffee anymore. I feel really amazing not doing it. I feel so much more like my sleep schedule is balanced. Therefore I feel a lot more of energy. Versus that energy that you get from coffee. And I always would get short of breath when I drank coffee. And so I am drinking chaga mushroom. Which is, it’s like a tea infusion of chaga mushrooms, which is a really big immunity system booster. , because I’m trying to completely cleanse myself of anything that may cause any more skin cancer. So I’m on this full, like, Healthcare. So I’ve got my chaga mushroom as my substitute for coffee, chaga, mushroom tea. And then I have my pumpkin homemade it’s sweetened with maple syrup. And then I have my almond milk. So I make my latte that way, put a little honey in. So there’s zero sugar, but there’s still sweetness from the earth and I’m going on and on about it because I love it. And I’m going to stop now because we need to move forward into other things that you can do and path. In this Libra season, but I just wanted to share that with you. If you find something like this. That you become passionate about that you love, and it gives you self care. Do it ride that horse all the way through Libra season and do not look back or feel guilty about any of it. Just go for it. There’s nothing to lose. So really embrace the energy of balance. By setting clear boundaries with others is another really great way for self-care, especially with the toxic people in our lives. And, you know, you don’t need to go and spend time with someone who’s going to drain your energy. You know, we already absorbed the energy of the world around us. We don’t need another person who are actually actively interacting with that’s going to drain more of our energy. So it’s really crucial to establish healthy boundaries. To protect to your emotional wellbeing and prioritize self-care routines that help you recharge and reground. I’ll give you another example, just in case you’re like, I don’t know, self care routine. Every morning, I wake up no alarm. I’ve been able to tell myself I’m gonna wake up at 6:00 AM and I do it. I know that sounds crazy. That’s just me. So I wake up early. And I immediately go down and I pull out my yoga mat. And because I specifically. Was told by Akasha, that yoga. Is the way for me. And I really connect the dots between yoga being very. , Much a practice from India and then the Lemurian. there’s a huge lot that. , really all of that, like they were the ones that cherished and held the ancient clay tablets from the Lemuria in India. And these high priest temples . So all that connects to me, I’m like, yes, yoga. Perfect. So I wake up, I go down to my mat. I do, I open my Peloton app. I. Pick the yoga class. And I do a yoga class. And then I pull a tarot card. And I just receive a message for the day after I’d done the Vinyasa, pull the. A tarot card. And I drink. Oh, my whole thing of 30 ounces of lemon water. And that is the start to my self care day. And then it just snowballs into better and better self care choices as I go throughout my day. So that’s just one possibility to feel inspired and use my role model energy, to figure out what your self care routine is for you to start your day. And also end your day. Maybe you want to end your day with Tai Chi or end your day with that’s a really beautiful practice as well.

So back to what we need to focus on, on a healing during Libra season, as in paths. Reflect on your relationships. Take some time to journal, reflect. Think about. Go to a lake center under. A tree and ask for some wisdom. Evaluate the people in your life and the dynamics of your connections. Are they supportive? Are they balanced? And are they nourishing? Or are they constantly criticizing you? Are they always making you feel unsafe to share your feelings? Are they really balanced or are you investing all of the energy and they’re just sitting back and taking and not giving back in return. So consider making some adjustments, then that based on your evaluations. Or seeking guidance from trusted friends, myself or a therapist. Remember we have better health here available.

And then once you’ve done that, then you get to learn to practice and improve your communication skills. Both in expressing your own feelings and empathizing with others. Practice the, I feel statements. And even if you’re really good at it, right. Dear empath, I still catch my ego doing this. Instead of fixing, especially in relations to your children. Instead of always fixing them. Or criticizing them. Ask them more questions. What do you think about that? How did that make you feel? Oh, well, tell me more about that versus just immediately. Lecturing them right. So consider making adjustments to that. And. Communication skills are key.

And of course, always apologize, or even just affirm, right. We all need more affirmation in the world. You know, I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. That really sucks. Like just, uh, from that with them. Your children, your spouse. You know, whomever you’re with. These communication. Skills really will pull you through and help you through the hard times, because once you lead with. An affirmation, you lower the guard of the ego. And it allows the other person to vulnerably receive maybe some insight that you have that you wish to share. And you ask for that permission to share it. So open and honest dialogues are really important, but if all of our egos are up in guarded, Has all we’re doing is pointing fingers at everybody. And that’s not going to work. And that’s the collective message. They’ll be sharing with you at the, a little bit down the way of this episode about. The incarnation cross of Libra season here in 2023 is the vessel of love.

So a few more items we need to work on. Let’s just say emotionally release, take advantage of this time right now to release. Elise any pent up emotions. And heal your emotional wounds. How do we do. Do this my favorite way. Journal and burn. Journal and burn. And then shower afterwards and cleanse it all. All off.

I was watching, , a show on Netflix, Virgin river. One of my favorites. And I’m already all caught up, so I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but they did put this journal, burn ritual in one of the episodes. And I was like, oh my gosh, like, I didn’t start this. I got it from Danielle LaPorte. And it’s spreading to like main, wide stream that we should all just be journaling, a burning.

Come on. Let’s do what you guys. Let’s get all of that out. And last year, the emotional counselor advised my daughter to journal and burn. And I was like, I know I do it all the time. Don’t you see me do it. But it always takes someone outside of our tiny little sphere. To wake us up and give us the same advice that our advised parents have told us.

Another really great thing to work on during Libra season is your artistic expression. Libra season can inspire artistic expression and creativity via Venus. So engage in creative pursuits that allow you to channel your emotions and create something beautiful. Whether that’s art through painting art, through drawing, coloring. Music writing poetry. Uh, pottery all the things, any form of self-expression dancing. Go for it, lean into it. And I know I will be because I want to make this next book, a beautiful book with my artistic touch to it.

And then balancing your own needs. We always prioritize. Everyone others’ needs over our own, but during this season, Make an extra effort to balance your own needs and desires. Consider. What brings you joy?

You know, what brings you fulfillment and integrate those activities into your life?

Being mindful and meditating is also an important thing to do all seasons, but why not really? So try and start it up this season. To stay grounded. Because Libra is an air sign. You want to pull you like we were just in this grounded energy of Virgo. In the earth in the rocks. But now all of a sudden we’re flying up in the sky with all these ideas. Maybe feeling a little bit like. Time is flying by too fast. So stay grounded through your practice of meditation, either walking meditation. Yoga meditation. , Staring at a fire meditation, staring at a crystal meditation. There’s so many different ways you don’t have to just close your eyes. , I do also recommend doing some type of. Like singing bowl metal bowl, crystal bowl, type of a meditation as well. In order to bring more healing vibrations through those, or you can hum. You know, the, the chanting of the own. Is extremely. Like blood and fusing, like it infuses literal life, magnetizing your blood in your body. It’s gorgeous. So seek support during this time, reach out to friends and family or a therapist who understands your empathic nature. Sharing your feelings and experiences and having a therapist that is trauma informed, I think is really important. And it can be healing and therapeutic. Embracing nature. Spending time in nature is really key. I always am a big proponent. As a Virgo. But yeah, connecting with the Earth’s grounding energy. Again, help you. Nature can be soothing. It can be rejuvenating. It can be bonding for you and your partner or you and a friend, or just you and your own self. Dear empath to find balance. And release release of the stress. Walking is a well-known healing mechanism to really see PTSD stress pent up out of your body.

And the last I mentioned is gratitude. Cultivate a sense of gratitude during Libra season and reflect on the positive aspects of your life in relationships. Like really, really be grateful. I took a walk the other day.

, downtown and there are so many homeless, it was just.

It was humbling. It was like, I am so grateful. I don’t need anything else. I don’t need to buy any extra thing. Like I am so grateful. I have a roof over my house . Because it’s loud and it’s dirty and noisy. And just walking on the street was super stressful to me. And so I can’t imagine like living out there and being out there all day long. So stressful. So just shifting your perspective, shifting your focus towards gratitude. And really every little thing that you have, you know, even if it’s like the couch you get to sleep on right now, because your friend is lending it to you. That is amazing. That is beautiful. And that is a lifesaver because I know that you’re strong enough. You’re gonna. To get back up on your feet after this. Separation from your narcissist. And. It’s just a process healing and recovering ourselves after. A toxic relationship with a narcissist.

It’s grueling, but it also is rewarding because now you will be stronger and better and emerged and transformed. From that horrible experience into a beautiful butterfly. And this Libras season really is an opportunity for you to work on your emotional wellbeing. Find balance. And a nurture your empathic nature.

Here we are in the human design section of this episode.

So any human design, the sun gate right now. Is in 46.

It is currently in starting on the 22nd of September, 2023. It is the sun is in gates 46 and it remains in gate 46 until Wednesday, September 27th. So it kicks off Libra season for us. And the hexagram I Ching of gate 46 is called pushing upward.

And the gate name and the human design is love of body.

So, this really is an energy of determination. Upward movement and a desire to break through obstacles. So when the sun transits through gate 46 during Libra season, , it really can influence you. It can influence no matter if you have this gate defined in your chart, or if you do. Or if you haven’t in your sun gate, it influences us all in a different way based on what our human design chart looks like. And if you do not have your human design chart in front of you, go to Raven scott.show and scroll down midway to get your free human design chart by filling out the form. I will email it to you within 24 hours.

So here are some general characteristics of gate 46 is energy.

46 is the energy is.


You may feel a strong sense of determination and willingness to push through these challenges. AKA relationship challenges and obstacles during this time. Cause you want to find harmony. And resolution that’s that Libra energy. And breaking through is the energy of breaking through any limitations. It encourages you to rise above any restrictions, any limitations? In pursuit of your freedom, goals and desires. This independence is a sense of energy of self-reliance and independence. This is a good thing. In order to break free. And you may feel more empowered to make decisions, to take control of your own destiny, your own body, because remember, this is the love of body. And your own life. On the resilience. Can I give you the ability to bounce back from any setbacks, bounce back from your past. Bounce back from whatever the narcissist has taken from you. It is time now in the S the sun is shining on gate 46 for you. And is activating it for you.

Too. Find your resilience. The time is now out of two. Find. Your perseverance and to not give up. Focus on your goals. Focus on your long-term goals. What do you want to achieve? what do you want? Out of your life. And. [00:31:40] Create. A dream create a seed. Right? We talked about planting our seed in the new moon. Moon in Virgo. Now as a time to continue to water it pers be persistent persevere. And love and cherish yourself in order for that seed to grow and flourish. Flourish.

So we do have a bit of leadership in our chart here in the two, five align. Of this. Libra chart. So the LIBOR charts line is two, five, the hermits and the. The heretic. So we have this like, Like introspection. Cozy warm blanket book, reading latte. Time that’s totally the hermits vibe in nature. Out, you. You know, in a field or under a tree. My gosh, that sounds so good to me. I am a six two, so I have feeling the two vibes. And then you’ve got this leadership of this subconscious. Five line, which is that heretic, which is the person who pushes social idea constructs beyond the boundaries. Right. Pushes the boundaries and, , And a very creative and, and leadership and independent way. So you may feel a bit of that activating, especially if you have five in your personal chart, in your lines, your profile lines. You may be finding yourself inclined to take charge and. And to guide others towards a common objective.

Now the moon.

Is in gate. 58. But we’re first going to be talking about the earth because in the human designers and earth eight. And the earth gate is 25 and it’s associated with the energy of innocence, the ability to bring a fresh and. Childlike perspective to life. This gate is called. I love of spirit. The eating is called innocence. And this really is a time for. These earth symbol. Just to be connected, right? So it’s activating. In someone’s chart who has a defined or undefined. And when it’s connected next to the earth symbol, you can have a very specific. Energy for you. So when it’s connected with the earth symbol, This gate 25 is represents that innocence, the simplicity, again, that hermit like going back to the earth. Going back to the original simplest ways of doing things before modern technology. Which I think is interesting because of the air sign of Libra is so much tech, you know, air. Going on in the world. So let’s go back to like paperback books, right? Like that feeling of warming up with the latte and the paperback book. We’re not w you know, we don’t want to sit with a Kindle or a. A book, like on our phone, we want a real paper book, go back to the simplicity. This energy is grounded. It’s practical. It can manifest a per as a person who approaches life with a straightforward and uncomplicated perspective. Maybe we’re yearning for that this week as the start of Libra. And it’s practical wisdom. It’s trusting in the process. Step by step. You know, go. One step at. At a time and faith and allow the universe to unfold events to. Bring to you.

And then really the earth is all about stability, right? Ground grounding is stability. So it can indicate that the, the person’s childlike innocence and authenticity provide a stable and reliable foundation for life. So this really is a good time to do inner child meditation or inner child work speaking.

And. We know, investing in your relationship with your self, your inner child, your inner teenager, your inner 20 something year old. It doesn’t matter like really tuning into. You as the innocent. And connecting with yourself. Through that to heal the wounds that life has jaded. You through. That’s really the importance. This. This week in gate 25 for you healing as an empath.

So gate 58 is associated with the energy of joyousness and optimism.

So the moon symbol is next to gate 58. And gate 58 is called joy. And it’s also quite a joy in the eating. It is all about joy. Joyousness optimism, emotional joy, expressions of emotions, emotional depths. It’s the flexibility. It’s mutable, it’s appreciating life, the influence of the lunar cycle. Is how this gate is expressed in your life, the moon’s position. The energy of gate 58. And maybe particularly prominent. Or is activating something in your life during the lunar. Her phases. And we have the full moon coming.

On September 29. So maybe you’re starting to really feel it swelling up and just allow the emotional depths to. Com. And be prepared for it to be able. To release that during the full moon on September 29th.

All right. Our last. Last segment. We are almost to the end of our time, is the incarnation cross of the vessel. Of love. the vessel of love. We’re taking. Uh, look at the chart here.

So we have. The incarnation cross the vessel of love 46 25. So we have the sun and earth and the conscious on the. Right. And the black end gate 46 and 25. And the unconscious, the sun and gate 15. And 10. So when these intercross, it creates this right angle. A vessel. Love. This is a personal life. Theme. And I’m going to read to you from the book of destinies that I. I have here. What does this mean? And how can it, it can apply to all of us because we’re going to be feeling this. As a collective.

So this life theme is to be a living demonstration of love and all its forms of expression. Love of life. Love of self. Love of sensuality. And love of the journey and the people you meet along the way are all part of your path. If you were wounded as a child, you’re innocent and natural expression of love may be restricted. So really focused in, on healing, your inner child this week. Life is always asking you again and again, to trust the rhythm of love that Springs eternal within you, Springs through you and which you carry everywhere you go. Love is the intrinsic nature of all of us. Of the energy flying through the universe. And you are a natural conduit. And medium for Love’s expression here on earth. Whether or not, you are aware of it. You always affect everyone. You meet. You open people up to relax more into their lives and remind them of our inherent interconnectedness. Prompting others to recognize and remember the importance of celebrating the amazing gift of life. You were the one who makes people feel connected. Recognized and cherished. You help people move past their trials and comfort those who are different outsiders or are ostracized for any reason. Love, as it said is a many splendid thing. And you are it’s ambassador. Loves lifts us up where we belong. Where Eagles by on a mountain high.

Learn to accept all the differing ways in which love is expressed. Whether or not, you always feel comfortable in that role. With the conscious son in gate 46 right now. You love your physical body and appreciate the importance of taking good care of it. So that it takes you wherever you need to go to experience life fully. You express your zestful love for life by being fully present wherever you are. Ready for anything at any moment? Your knack for being in the right place at the right time is always enhanced by your ability to engage clearly within whomever and whatever you find there. You were very sensuous relishing, the touch texture. And attractiveness of the world. You appreciate physicality and how it connects you directly with people and environments. And many wonders of life. You have the means to bring love wherever you go. So pay attention to your type. And authority to find how and where your presence and participation. Is most needed.

Famous people who have this incarnation cross. And especially if you have this in yours. Go ahead and research them. Michael Douglas, Bruce Springsteen. H G Wells and Linda McCartney.

That is it for this week’s gate update. All of the gates I am describing in the workbook that I am currently editing. And well, Have it out by November. Make sure you’re subscribed to our , Community lists a free and path healing community so that you can receive. More updates and.

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Music} “losing time. I fade in fast. I just want to make it last, try to let go of the past, I close my eyes embrace the blast, sleepless nights and headaches stack, restlessness to hell and back, what’s my purpose, what do I grab, a slippery surface, a heart attack. And sometimes you just gotta believe, there’s something that’ll give you relief, there’s something that’ll have what you need, what you need.

We’re broken. It’s tragic, we’re not all elastic, but maybe there’s magic, believe you could have it.