Finding Peace Amid Relationship War with a Narcissist: Strategies for Empaths to Calm Anxiety with Nature, Crystals, and Self-Care

If you’re an empath who’s been through the turmoil of a narcissistic relationship,…


This episode is your lifeline to healing. We delve deep into the soothing embrace of nature, the energies of crystals, and the profound impact of self-care in finding your strength and peace again.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

🌿 The incredible healing power of connecting with nature and its calming effect on your sensitive soul.

💎 How crystals can shield empaths from negative energies and help restore balance.

💆‍♀️ Self-care practices that are essential for your recovery, including boundary setting and energy clearing.

Join us on this insightful journey of self-discovery and resilience as we explore the path to healing and empowerment.

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Navigating Empath Anxiety: Healing from Narcissistic Relationships with Nature, Crystals, and Self-Care

Navigating Empath Anxiety: Healing from Narcissistic Relationships with Nature, Crystals, and Self-Care


[00:00:25] Raven: This is Navigating Empath Anxiety, Healing from Narcissistic Relationships with Nature, Crystals, and Self Care. Due to the energy this week with so many planets opposing and the new moon eclipse, ah, so much going on, there's a lot of anxiety to be stirred up amongst this energy. Maybe you're feeling unease like the gate of 57 is activating in us.

And I took notes because I was listening to Anna Ortley's weekly weather about astrology and she just kept saying there's this intense energy, there's a lot of anxiety coming up, there's relationship wars, and there's now a new war in the world. So I thought this was a perfect time, I mean any time is a perfect time really, to help us have the tools to ease anxiety but now is more pertinent than ever.

So you, dear empath, I know you possess an extraordinary ability to feel and absorb the emotions of others around you, of the collective, of the world, just as I do. And often, if we're not aware of this, it can be detrimental and even stress inducing and illness inducing in our bodies. So then you have a narcissist in your life, coupled with that, a relationship or shared custody or drama and trauma, even if you're not even in contact with them, there's still trauma that you're healing from, from a narcissist and the emotional abuse and all that entails With that type of relationship.

So there's this heightened sensitivity when you Leave or even if you're still dealing with them, but let's just talk about if you're not with them You still have a severe anxiety and emotional turmoil and there was somebody posted in their story Shout out to the celery Queen She and I are friends there and she shared something that was really interesting that someone had posted that it's not talked about often enough That our next relationship after an abusive narcissistic relationship takes a toll.

It, it, it is not easy. It is not smooth sailing. It is not just all of a sudden you float off into the sunset and the narcissist is gone. No, the trail of the conditioning of their abuse and that turmoil follows you and your nervous system is still not fully healed and I can personally attest that I almost was ready to Call it quits.

With my current husband now, when we had two babies, plus I was still healing from all of the abuse. You know, you would say, oh, it was a couple years after. You should have been over that. But I wasn't. I wasn't over it. And there was still so much trapped in my psyche and my emotions that I hadn't flushed out.

I hadn't dealt with. And having kids and being in another relationship triggered all that. So it takes a toll, and it's not smooth sailing, and it's not talked about enough, so I just wanted to highlight that. Sometimes even our healthy relationships can be anxiety causing because it triggers up old wounds and things from our childhood, or Things that remind us of what the narcissist did, but they're not really doing what the narcissist did, especially if you're with a covert narcissist.

So we're gonna explore today some tools from nature because I love nature as a hermit and an empath. Crystals, which I really are connected with through my Lemurian connection. And self care spiritual tools, which I know that you will truly enjoy. And I know that this will help you calm your anxiety because it helped me calm mine.

And it helped me during my healing process. So number one is connecting with nature. You know, nature has a remarkable ability to soothe. and heal the soul. Almost all of my fondest memories are not in the city, they're out in nature. On a lake or in a forest and every time that I feel anxious or confused I walk over to the lake near my house.

And spending time in nature can be especially therapeutic. Have you seen that movie On Netflix called, um,

Happiness for Beginners. It's all about them going out in nature and taking a hike and seeking, , after divorce, a school teacher was seeking for a fresh new start. And, she ended up finding love, even though she was not looking for love, and that love actually was an old friend from her life, and I won't spoil any more of the movie, but it was amazing.

And it just reminded me of that, it's like, okay, go out in nature, and start fresh, start new, have a, you know, experience, and a lot of us do actually have spiritual experiences in nature because it's so quiet, because it actually does connect us to our intuition and to the spirit within ourselves. So one thing that you can do, of course, is go hiking, but be careful that you are safe.

You have all the proper supplies, a guide. Don't go hiking by yourself. But even if you can just forest bathe. Shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, is a Japanese practice of immersing yourself in nature, particularly in forests. The gentle, mindful experience of walking among trees can help you ground yourself and find your inner peace.

Trees are majestic, trees are calming, and trees are all knowing and wise. They've been here for multi generations, many many generations, and so they are very peaceful, very calming, and they can help ground you into the wisdom. Meditation in a natural setting, of course, by a body of water would be very grounding.

So find a quiet spot in a park if you don't have a big body of water near you. Near a river or a lake or even by the ocean if you're lucky enough. Sit or lie down close your eyes and focus on the sounds, smells, and sensations around you. Nature's tranquility can bring balance to your hormones and ease your anxiety.

And earthing, one of my favorite ways also to connect with nature is to walk barefoot on the earth. Whether it's grass, sand, or soil, it will not hurt you. It is good for you. Mother Earth is taking what is in your body and energetically pulling it out through your feet. Your feet actually have the most nerve ending transmitters, , meridians they call it.

In Chinese medicine. So that's also why people put essential oil on their feet. Because it has the most. But really it's important to just ease your feet into the earth. Allow her to take it and compost whatever is ailing you. Whatever is negative in your body. She can handle it. Let go and let it go down.

Connect into the earth's energy. And this will provide you a sense of stability and calm. This is a great daily practice if you're dealing with a lot of anxiety through your healing process. Now the crystals. Harnessing crystals. , crystals have been used for centuries. Literally, more than even centuries.

All Lemurian times, which is... Multi thousand years ago into a land known as Lemuria, which would be the landmass, if you want to believe this, that is now under the ocean. It used to be above the ocean before the disastrous calamity of a giant volcano and earthquake sunk it into the ocean. Lemurians are very connected to crystals and their healing powers and properties.

And even their magnetic powers, like they had almost like Star Wars type technology where they had magnetic traveling baskets and things for transportation. And so this all goes back to the Earth having magnetism. Crystals are from the Earth and so therefore crystals have healing powers. That's not really a scientific way to prove it to you.

That's just how I'm trying to explain why a little piece of colored rock can help you emotionally heal and help you through your spiritual growth and help your, again, your meridians or your energy centers on your body. So I'm going to list off a couple that I think would be really important to use and to purchase if you can find a local, uh, crystal shop.

Um, they have them always at like pop up shops, um, there's sometimes, there are some in more of like Asian type malls or more new agey malls, like mini, not giant malls, but mini malls. Or of course online, there's so many I'm sure you've seen, uh, selling crystals. So the amethyst is known as the Stone of Tranquility.

It also is a stone of your intuition, your third eye, and it helps soothe anxiety and stress. So you can keep a piece of amethyst in your pocket. You could wear it as a jewelry. I wear a lot of sports bras, so sometimes you can just tuck it in your sports bra. Just remember you have it in there when you go to take it off so that you don't lose it.

But having it anywhere on you or on a, um, as a bracelet around your wrist, amethysts are very soothing, very healing, and they connect you to your deeper wisdom. And we know anxiety is not deep wisdom. Anxiety is the mind chatter. So this, this stone really can help you soothe that anxiety. Another one that is very powerful is called black tourmaline.

This black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone, you can also use obsidian, it is a protective power, it is a powerful protective stone that shields from negative energy. So if you need to interact with somebody who is negative, have this on your body. Place it in your home, maybe, uh, again, you don't need to do exchanges with the narcissist in your home at all, but it's always great to have it in your home so that you know that this space is a tranquil, calm space, and it's, it's guarding you from negativity, from bad spirits, from whatever we can't see, uh, in your home.

Rose Quartz, the stone of love and compassion. Rose Quartz can help empaths strengthen. your self love, your self care practices. So meditating by gazing upon a rose quartz to open up your heart chakra is a really great practical way to use rose quartz. Selenite is an excellent crystal for cleansing and clearing your energy field.

So use a selenite wand to gently sweep your aura and release any negative energy. So self care rituals for you, dear empath, as we end this last segment of, okay, now what do I do? I've got anxiety, we have the crystals, we have the earth. Let's give you some practical practices to incorporate into your daily life.

I'm going to say it for the hundredth time,

boundaries. to set and maintain healthy boundaries to protect your energy. Boundaries can be... Number one, saying nothing. Number two, it could be saying no when necessary. Number three, it could be prioritizing your well being before you help out somebody else. Boundaries are not hard, they're very simple, but they're remarkably powerful and important that I think a lot of us in the past forget to draw and actually focus on.

So write down a couple boundaries that you can focus on creating today, right now. Sometimes it's a boundary for yourself. Like, I'm not going to go on social media until I've finished whatever goal you're trying to finish.

Now the next is mindful breathing, which is why I love meditation, or yoga even, because it keeps your body moving, but you're mindfully breathing. Uh, practice deep breathing exercises to calm your anxiety, which would be breathing in, inhale slowly through your nose. For the count of four could hold for the count of four and then exhaling through your mouth or your nose Actually would be optimal through the count of four.

This also activates a certain nerve in your nose That kicks in and reduces the anxiety as well. You want to repeat this several times? So having a map of being able to observe your emotions is important You know, the green zone is where you're fine. You're at peace. You have no anxiety Yellow zone is where you're starting to feel a little bit like teetering, like I'm okay, but I'm not okay.

Like I'm feeling a little bit of something and then you've got the red zone where you're just like full anxiety, clenching your jaw, yelling, frustrated, not breathing, right? All those different signs of your emotions. So start to also be mindful about where your emotional state is. Are you in the green zone?

Are you in the yellow or the red? And then journal about that. Keep a journal to process your emotions. If you're in the red, get a pencil and paper now, and journal it out. Because that is a really great way to blow off steam. Uh, running is another great way to blow off steam, playing an active sport, um.

Writing down your feelings so in a journal can help you process things and sometimes when we get stuck in our head We literally get lost in this like infinite loop. You get lost. You're stuck. You're stuck You're just circling back and forth around the same exact thought pattern And our thought patterns are not always helpful to us and are sometimes the ego or the bad part of our mind the shadow Trying to take over to make sense, to save us, to do whatever, but in doing so, it's actually harming us.

You also, uh, I would encourage you to do energy clearing if you have sage, uh, it's really very effective. To burn sage in a space, and then you say, say the mantra, I banish any dark entities, dark energies, negativity. It does not belong here. Only love and light is allowed to reside in this space. And you say it over and over for each corner of the room, each room, each space, each hallway, which can cleanse out any negativity from the past, narcissists, maybe even bad spirits or whatever is kind of stuck sometimes also.

Our anxiety and anger creates its own energy, so it helps clear out that energy as well. You can also use Palo Santo. I find that sage is easier to burn, um, but maybe you don't like the smell of sage, and Palo Santo is just as powerful and healthy. And then also, uh, a salt bath is an energy clearing practice that you can do as well, because it draws out the toxins with the salt.

Um, if any of you love Hocus Pocus, Uh, it's Halloween season right now, so we're probably watching that on loop. There's the, right, the salt protects against any, um, bad witches spells, any dark magic. So, it's kind of true, in a way, and it's very similar to taking a salt bath. I know, um, my husband's Vietnamese, and every Tet, new moon, and more, like, on a regular ritual, I forget if it's like quarterly, he'll, um, Spread a line of salt at our thresholds on the outside, so no bad spirits can enter through our doors.

Seek support. Consider joining a support group for empaths, for yourself, who are healing from narcissistic abuse. You have my Facebook group, although I'm not very active on that because I'm always creating podcasts. But you have this podcast, and I'd love to be able to have some type of... active chat forum, um, soon, hopefully, maybe through an app, uh, cause it seems like the only place I really can chat with you guys is Instagram, but that's, you know, up to the Instagram owners and gods, if that can stay or not, versus my own app.

But I'm always there, you can seek support from me there on Instagram, a Ravenscott show, there's groups on Facebook, I find. But they're hard to be in and a lot of us have withdrawn from those groups because they're just toxic and a lot of people who are stuck in their negativity loop on there. So I get it's hard.

It's hard to really find that. But if you can find a core group of friends locally that are positive, that are supportive of you, that are uplifting, then that's all you need, right? And having this podcast in your ear, I'm sure has really helped just as much as a support group. But sharing your experience with someone who's been through it, like myself, like you, with like minded people, can be incredibly validating.

And it can be really healing. I know from last year when I was meeting with you, one on one, how supportive and healing it was for you. And... I'm happy to go back to that, just reach out and let me know if you'd like that. Right now we have the membership where you can join and listen to the exclusive podcast information.

And go to is to sign up to my newsletter group. It's called the Empath Healing Community. And I send you emails twice a week. That is definitely a place that you can always hit reply and talk to me.

When you're in there, you can receive tarot readings, empowering messages, updates on... What's going on the podcast and offerings that I'm starting to work on and soon to join the new narcissist proofing book review team. So really in conclusion

as an empath healing from the effects of narcissistic abuse and relationship Remember that your sensitivity is a gift. It's not a weakness This, your open centers being unguarded, that's the weakness, right? If we talk about human design here on the podcast, that's, that's it. And once you're aware, then you have power over that weakness.

It's not really even a weakness because it's a place for you to grow and gain strength and immense wisdom, but through conscious mindfulness. And by incorporating these spiritual tools into your daily and weekly life, connecting with nature, harnessing the energy of the crystals, and practicing self care, calm your anxiety, protect your energy, and embark on a journey of healing and self discovery.

Remember to embrace your inner strength and resilience as you move towards a brighter, more empowered future in the next chapter that this new moon eclipse brings us in Libra on October 14th.

And remember, always keep your unique light shining.

Thank you so much for joining us on this enlightened episode here, the Empath Rising Podcast. It would mean the world to us and actually add to the success of this podcast if you shared it with a friend, share it on your socials, and tag me at RavenscottShow to continue your journey towards self discovery and healing.

Don't forget to grab your free human design chart, it's personalized roadmap to understanding your unique energy blueprint at Ravenscott. show. And for an even deeper insights into your empathic nature and relationships, be sure to listen to the empath and the narcissist audible book, or you can grab your paperback.

It is a profound exploration of my specific journey and healing, providing you with tools for healing as well. And an exclusive offer here for you, just for you, you empathic community here in the podcast. You can now get your personalized human design chart reading for only 50. You click the link in the show notes, head over to the episode page.

It's an invaluable opportunity to gain clarity and guidance on your life path and areas that you can focus on to guard yourself up against. The Narcissist. And, if you'd like to learn more about how to read your chart and the human designed gate transits, I also have an invaluable offer to get immediate access to our exclusive Podcast content for a limited time price at 19.

99. This is your chance to take control of your healing process, to gain clarity, and to unleash your true potential. So simply click the link in the show notes to the episode page and you will find the link there to join the membership to gain exclusive human design content directly to your podcast feed wherever you're listening.

You'll get an email, it'll send you that RSS feed that you can copy and paste and follow. It's so simple and you don't have to download any other apps. So join now and listen to the exclusive information and gain your roadmap on how to understand Human design chart, as well as starting to understand each of the human design gates as they transit, remember, I'm here to support you.

Your empathic ability is your unique. So keep your empathic light shining brightly and let human design be your guiding star on your journey to healing and self. Discovery. I'm here to support you at every step of the way. And on the episode page, you can participate in the poll question I've posted. So we can create a community amongst ourselves on the website, as well as leave a reply of your thoughts and your questions regarding today's episode.

So all of that is in the one link in the show notes, head on over to the episode page. Until next time, keep your unique light shining. Swear.

I This thoughts are feeling endless. Sitting, bump this anxieties infectious, anxious. I feel so defenseless, betrayed, and embarrassed. I hate being open. I hate being broken. I feel like an notion filled up with emotion. Angering of potion. Rub it on like lotion. I can feel it. Soak and reopen. The scars have awoken.

I can't move on until I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go. I can't move on till I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go.

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