Finding Clarity on the Path to Freedom with Eclipse Power: Astrology, Human Design Insights + Tarot

How can an eclipse in a cardinal sign help an Empath heal from narcissistic abuse?


Welcome to another soul-nourishing episode of “Empath Rising.” Today, we embark on a journey toward clarity and freedom—a journey that speaks directly to the hearts of empathic souls seeking to break free from toxic relationships.

In astrology, eclipses in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are associated with initiating change, taking action, and breaking new ground. If you’re an empath healing from narcissistic abuse, an eclipse in a cardinal sign can be a supportive influence for your healing journey.

The eclipse is occurring October 14, in Libra and is a vital time for you to remove your blinders, allow the messages to come, and find clarity in your relationships in order to move on empowered in your next chapter in life away from narcissistic abuse.

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  1. Raven Scott Avatar

    Hello! Let’s create a supportive group here. Leave your current status with a Narcissist and what you are intending to heal at the moment.
    I am currently in no contact with my ex Narc for 12 years now. And my Narc SIL has pulled away after I created a boundary.

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Finding Clarity on the Path to Freedom with Eclipse Power: Astrology, Human Design Insights + Tarot

Finding Clarity on the Path to Freedom with Eclipse Power: Astrology, Human Design Insights + Tarot


[00:00:25] Raven: This is the episode, Harnessing Eclipse Power, Empowerment, Insights, and Strategies for You, Dear Empath, to Conquer Narcissistic Abuse.

Today, I wanted to shed some light onto how eclipses can help you harness the power to defeat narcissism in your life, to heal from narcissistic abuse, to block out narcissistic abuse in general at all in your life, and how you can... Be emboldened and empowered. Now, Libra, we all see as such a docile sign.

And this eclipse is occurring on October 14th,

1. 55pm Eastern Time. So that's 10. 55am Pacific Time. But Libra is a cardinal sign, just like Aries and Cancer and Capricorn. They're all associated with initiating change. Taking action and breaking new ground. If you are an empath, which I know you are if you're listening to this, and you're healing from narcissistic abuse, then an eclipse in a cardinal sign can be a very supportive influence for your healing journey.

And here is how. The first is empowerment. Eclipses in cardinal signs often bring a sense of empowerment and motivation to take charge of your life. It gives you clarity, and inspires you to assert your boundaries and regain a sense of autonomy. This cardinal sign is all about initiating change. It helps you find a way out of the thorny forest, or maybe let it go and turn back, and start fresh.

Start anew and break free from the patterns of abuse. It's a time to let go of what is no longer serving you and take proactive steps towards healing. Of course, setting boundaries is part of it, and the cardinal sign helps you have the determination and courage to do just that. To establish boundaries so that you no longer put up with toxic, narcissistic behavior in your life.

And the last one is emotional release. Healing from narcissistic abuse can involve processing and releasing pent up emotions. Eclipses can act as a catalyst for emotional release, because it's like a magnifying glass up on the energies at bay, as well as, you know, what's going on in your life. And it really allows you to let go of past pain and move forward with a lighter heart.

And this being a new moon, In Libra, during an eclipse, this gives you new beginnings. You can start a new chapter in your life and all of the planets and the astrology and your human design, , gates, all of them, they are. Activated, here and now to open a gateway for you to set intentions, to take next right action steps for a positive change.

So find yourself and set intentions to explore new interests, new relationships, find a whole new chapter of your life unfolding in front of you. And this eclipse in Libra, like Any eclipse in a particular sign, it really has a very specific theme for us, Libra is associated with balance, like we said, we think it's very docile, harmony, sits on the fence, doesn't pick a side, relationships, and beauty, and justice.

So, an eclipse in this sign is going to carry even more meaning related to these areas. Which is a good message or a good sign for us empaths really trying to heal our relationships, heal ourself, find balance and harmony. , because that is the focus, which is a good thing. It's gonna give us a boost and to wake us up, to shock us out of our stupor.

I talk about in the exclusive, , gate transit, the human design gate transit empowerment podcast episodes. If you become a member, you will go in and you'll listen to how amazingly supportive each of these gait energies are here for you. You don't have to have it defined in your chart. You can still gain this energy and power.

No matter if you have a planet in Libra or not, you are getting this energy to say. Bye bye. I drop everything that does not serve me, and I move forward into my next chapter into healthy partnerships, into self care, into balance and harmony for myself. And so that's exactly what the themes are for us. So, where is your relationship focus?

Are you stuck? I also pulled a tarot for this exclusive episode that, , I'll play a clip for you in just a bit at the end here. So you can preview the tarot card reading I did and you can listen to it. What it talked about was, is your relationship just a twisted up mess, like a forest of thorns? Where it's so dark you can't see a way out.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel in this relationship. Then you may need to turn around and walk the other way. Just drop trying to fix it. Drop trying to create whatever you thought the illusion of this relationship was. So this eclipse brings you the powerful, bold steps you need to take to change existing relationships.

Maybe end the relationship, turn around and walk away. Or if you're already out and you're on the healing journey, beginning new supportive relationships with friends, with soul family, in order to bring you joy and just true connection and freedom. So this time is here to give you clarity through your intuition into a much needed Re evaluation of the dynamics in your relationships and Libra is a sign of balance and harmony.

So this eclipse in this sign is going to highlight areas in your life where you need balance. Where you're giving too much of yourself, and not taking care of yourself enough. And it's time to assess whether you are giving all the time in a relationship, and they are not giving back, so you don't have the opportunity to receive.

, or, , Maybe you're receiving too much, and you need to start stepping up and giving back in relationships. So harmony is everything, balance is everything in life, and also, you may be finding themes about justice and fairness, maybe in the world, maybe in the narcissist healing community where there's this law they're trying to pass with the Um, in all the states so that there's no court ordered reunification with an abusive parent.

And it's time to assess, really, what is legal? Like, what are the legal issues that are broken that we need to fight for? Just like that one law that they're trying to get passed. It's, the system's broken, the court system should not be reuniting children with abusive parents because the reason that they even started, unfortunately, started to initiate this law was because a mom lost her child.

Her, her abusive ex husband, um, had custody of him and he smothered him to death. So, this is not an easy task, this is a task that needs to have that cardinal, powerful energy of, this is not right, we need change, and initiate that change with this Libra energy. Decision making is also very difficult for Libras, however, they also know how to make important decisions pretty well because of the cardinal sign.

I know, it's a bit of a conundrum and that's just how it is, but you may find yourself during this eclipse facing choices related to your relationships, partnerships, maybe work collaborations, and it's a time to carefully weigh your options and make decisions that align with your values. And long term goals.

So all in all, this is an astrological event that this eclipse in Libra on October 14th that really can affect you in really powerful ways. A little bit here, we're all going to experience it a little bit different depending on what's happening in our lives and what is in your natal chart. What gates do you have defined in your human design chart?

But all of it connects. All the dots get placed together, and whatever path you need to take, your intuition right now, if you pause and listen, will give you the clarity this time in order to start the next chapter in your life. As always, consult a professional astrologer or your chart or human design reader like myself to get a personalized reading that can provide you deeper insights into how this eclipse is going to impact you personally in your life.

Now I'm going to share with you a clip of the exclusive podcast membership content all about the Human Design Transit Gates and how to understand and read your own personal chart. Here, right now.

Welcome back, dear empaths, to Empowerment Through Human Design. This week we are covering the dates between October 9th, which is a Monday, through Saturday, October 14th, 2023. And, at the very end of this week, on October 14th, there is the eclipse, the solar eclipse in Libra. So, we're going to cover a little bit about that today, and the three gates that will be impacting us all this week.

No matter if you have this gate to find, any of these gates to find. Or undefined, we will all be feeling this energy and amplifying this theme and harnessing it to empower ourselves to evolve in our emotional intelligence.

So I just want to take a moment and go back into both of those combined are powerful. And if we go back and we take a look at the shadow of Gate 57 in the Gene Keys, it is unease. Unease is what you feel all the time with a narcissist, when you have cognitive dissonance, when you ignore your intuition.

And then the gift of that is, okay, I'm listening, I'm uneasy, I'm feeling uncomfortable, what message do you have for me in this moment? That's why I love tarot. I'll pull a card for us in this episode. Of gaining clarity. I need clarity. Spirit, tell me the clarity. And your intuition, through your spleen, gives you the clarity.

And it really does get to the heart of the matter every single time I ask. I go to my spirit tree. She always just, it's very simple. It's always a very simple answer. It's very cut to the chase. It's very wise. It is not logical or practical, but it's always very soothing and it gives me the clarity that I need and that is the SIDHI, S I D D H I, SIDHI.

Which is the enlightened state of this Gate 57 in the Gene Keys of Clarity. We all desire clarity. That is our big theme that we are receiving this week with the Eclipse is clarity. You have it, you just have to listen to it. Sit with the uneasiness. Grasp it, listen to your intuition, and then gain the clarity that you need from spirit consciousness.

And what's interesting to note is that on the solar eclipse at the end of the week, Gate 57, which is in the Sun Gate, shifts over and Mercury enters into Gate 57. So this illumination of clarity and intuition gets to then shift over to Mercury. Mercury takes the baton and says, I've got it. Here it is.

And I can now help you conceptualize it. Logistic, you know, make it a logistic, and apply your clarity into live action. Apply your clarity into communicating what you need to happen, to heal, to leave, to do whatever, right? Whatever clarity you have, uh, Mercury gets to take the baton, which I think is really fascinating and I think just a beautiful energy to find Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Universe.

Allow the message to come through, as I shuffle these tarot cards, to bring a message of intuition and clarity for this week.

Ooh, what comes up is the Ten of Wands. This is a dark card, there's a lot of shadows in it, there's a whole jumbled up mess of wands. Can I go? Bird's nest, almost, but not neat at all. Very jumbled. Like a thorn forest. It is blocking the way. You cannot see through, you cannot move through it. This card represents burdens, blockage, and difficulty.

The Ten of Wands is a difficult card to face. Mental or physical burdens have been weighing on your spirit to your impact. Burden of narcissistic abuse. Over time, this leads to hopelessness and depression. You simply can't get through, you can't get through to what you want, you can't see your way through, you can't gain the clarity, but the eclipse is on the other side.

You cannot see the way.

This card is appearing to basically tell you as a clarity message, it may be best to simply walk away. You can't fix them, you can't send them to therapy, you can't untangle the mess of a life. That has been created between you, can't unravel the trauma bond and still be together. It's just not possible.

And this card also does indicate that you may be attracted to negativity, that unintentionally and subconsciously, due to probably childhood trauma, you choose to walk the hard road. But fear not, dear empath, because the next card that comes up is the Four of Cups. Where there is a crescent moon at the top and a little rat climbing across four cup goblets.

And this appears to be greed and discontent. The Four of Cups warns you not to take your situation for granted. Maybe the people who are supporting you, uh, this podcast, uh, anyone else who's helping you along the way. Don't take that for granted. Don't focus on the negative, don't focus on the trying to push and fix and prod your way through the forest of thorns with a ten of wands, but to find that support that you need.

And don't take for granted your power within. You're greedy for more, you're discontent, yes of course you're discontent with the narcissist. But, what are you truly longing for? Are you longing for that perfect, euphoric relationship that they promised that they never could have given you and no, no sane, responsible human being would ever promise?

Because life is hard, life is messy, and we're not all perfect, so we can't promise euphoria to each other in relationships.

And really, this third card that pulls up, this three card spread, is kind of like, The journey that you find in friendship and in joy and in bounty with the Three of Cups. So don't long for something that can't be fixed and you need to walk away from. Invest, and don't take for granted your power within, but invest in friendship and joy.

So if you do this and you... Embrace the messages that come through from intuition, like pulling tarot and listening to your own intuition. You will then find yourself in the Three of Cups theme. It really is a lovely theme. It has, on my set, three beautiful birds sitting in a sunset scene on a branch together.

Kind of like besties, friends on a branch. And of course the Three of Cups. And it foresees you in the company of amazing friends, creating new memories together that you'll forever hold dear. These are not any old friends. These are soul friends. This is your soul family. And they are people with whom you feel a rare connection with.

You feel truly yourself with them. You feel free, you feel alive. This is what you deserve and should have. So enjoy each minute of your company with them and know that that is the light at the end of the tunnel when you can turn and walk away from the mess of the Ten of Wands. And, this card indicates an upcoming celebration, because love abounds, and you deserve love to your empath, and you can attain it, you just have to sometimes turn around and walk away.

So, happy eclipse,

in Libra, that's so exciting because Libra is all about relationships and love and balance. And it's just a beautiful time to start anew, start something fresh, and we'll be surprised to see what it is. I'm very grateful. Thank you so much for tuning in this week to this gate transit, and until then, keep your unique light shining.

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One thought on “Finding Clarity on the Path to Freedom with Eclipse Power: Astrology, Human Design Insights + Tarot

  1. Hello! Let’s create a supportive group here. Leave your current status with a Narcissist and what you are intending to heal at the moment.
    I am currently in no contact with my ex Narc for 12 years now. And my Narc SIL has pulled away after I created a boundary.

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