Embracing Your Restless Soul: Human Design & Finding Inner Peace for a 3/5 Emotional Generator

Do you feel guilty for blowing up the status quo “all the time?”

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In this insightful Episode, we delve into the world of a restless soul and how she can find inner peace through the wisdom of Human Design. If you’re someone who constantly disrupts relationships and living situations in search of expansion and evolution, this episode is for you.

🌟 Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the Restless Soul: What drives the need for constant change and growth?
  • The Power of Emotional Inner Authority in Human Design: How can your unique design guide your decision-making process?
  • 3/5 Profile: This profile is known as the “Martyr” & “Heretic” It combines the natural talent for experimentation (3rd line) with a knack for gaining wisdom through trial and error always in need for expansion (5th line). People with this profile tend to learn through a process of trial and observation, and their experiences often lead to valuable insights that can be shared with others.
  • Open Spleen Center: Having an open spleen center means you are highly sensitive to the anxieties and fears of others. This center is the seat of our survival instincts, and when it’s open, you can absorb and amplify the fears of those around you. Understanding this can help you establish healthy boundaries and avoid being overwhelmed by the emotions of others.


Join us on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and discover how to find peace within yourself while embracing your unique restless spirit. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with our latest content. Your path to inner peace begins here! 🌌🕊️

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The Restless Soul: A Quest for Inner Peace for a 3/5 Emotional Generator | Ilona's Human Design reading video

The Restless Soul: A Quest for Inner Peace for a 3/5 Emotional Generator | Ilona's Human Design reading video


This episode is airing on Samhain. Others may call it Halloween. I wish all of you a happy Samhain and to just take a moment and pause with me here. To honor our ancestors.

And if you're listening to this. a different day it's always great to honor our ancestors we don't have to just do it on Samhain. Happy Samhain when this is An ancient, the holiday.

Celebrated up in the Northern Europe. Specifically. Scotland. Ireland. Area. holiday, where we celebrate. Our ancestors, we honor the dead. All the wise people who came before us. Who sacrificed so much for the advancement of the next generation. And so I here wanted to honor. All of the ancestors here who have tended to the land that I soil that I am on. Locally here in California. As well as honoring my ancestors who sacrificed everything. Risked their lives. Take a boat. To head on over. To the brave new world.

uncharted territories. for a new and better life. And that's what every single generation is trying to achieve. A new and better life. So I honor them. I honored my healed ancestor who was already here and America. .

whose tribe was banished. Disregarded. And then forgotten.

But, you will never be forgotten. The, Cherokee live on. All of the native Americans live on.

And today.

I welcome my healed ancestors.

So be a part of this day to come. And. Eats the treats and the bread and commune with us. Too. Impart their wisdom.

To whatever needs to come. For the next generation. To be healed. And evolved into.

Uh, a stronger generation, healthier generation.

To fix just a little part of the world that right now is in so much turmoil.

Now into our human design reading for today.

Yes, I'm so excited. And that's why I'm starting to do more of these because... I mean, it's just, it helps people kind of process it through example, but also, like I said, I say it in the email when I send it to you, I'm like, this is like alien language. So yeah, yeah, it's like really crazy.

Actually, I should get my I should just go back to the email cause I, cause I know I sent you my. Yeah. Design chart so I can actually look at it. 'cause I, I was so confused. . I know. So your type is a generator. What that means is that you have a red square. In simplest terms, you have a consistent motor. Okay. You're a busy bee, and then you sleep, and then you wake up and you're a busy bee, like, and you just keep chugging along and chugging along, and that's how we work as generators.

Yeah. So what that And it's exhausting at times. It can be exhausting at times, right and depending on what you're experiencing, what you're experimenting with through life yeah, you can just go, okay, I'm done with this. And that's fine, because The generator is meant to follow the breadcrumbs. Okay.

We're not always meant to like invent something or come up with an idea and like completely follow through all the way to fruition because maybe that idea wasn't even for us. Like that's where sometimes it gets exhausting like where do we put our energy because we have a lot of it. Okay. Your biggest question, I wanted to just present here for others because I know other people are experienced this as well.

But your biggest question was, you know, why do I create huge change in my life? And you put in parentheses that disrupts others. And I wanted to ask you, of course, we all have our viewpoint of how things affect people, but why do you feel like that's. A negative thing that you create huge change in life?

Because I have always got, I've gotten to places of, I guess places within myself where I feel not content or secure in the, in the space that I'm in. So I, I have to create. Like a newer, a different space for myself and I realize now that that's a lot of part of my, my growth and my healing and my, and just elevating to different levels in my life.

But the reason why I put in, it disrupts people is because. I have in my ex, like with my ex husband, I broke up with him six times in order to make a move to do something different in my life. And now I'm, I have been in a, another relationship for six years and this is now the third time we've broken up because I also now feel like I'm in a space.

Now I'm not saying that that's only the only reason why these relationships don't work. You know, obviously they're very, it's very layered. But I am, I will literally like, okay, I got to make a move and I'll figure out anything I can do to make a move. And, and sometimes it's quite drastic, which can then affect other people.

So that's why I say that. So like to the point where I'll end a relationship, if I'm not feeling like I see, you know what I mean? Like I see obviously a future or it's not aligning with. How I'm feeling inside. Yeah. Yeah. If that makes sense. I hope that, like yeah, if that makes sense, but yeah. I think so.

I think so. Okay. I, I, and I see two parts to the, the major whole of your chart that can contribute to that. Okay. One last question is when you get to the point where you want to break up, what is your main negative emotion? Frustration and and basically like, I, I, I'm feeling like I'm on the verge of a shift of something and if I feel like if I stay in the relationship that I'm not going to reach that, that what I feel like, like, intuitively what I'm feeling, I'm on the verge on and my expansion, I feel like the relationship, and in both situations have kind of dimmed me to the point where I feel smaller than I know I am.

And yeah, so I end up breaking up because I want to be bigger than I am. And I, I'm a huge rift taker and I'll just up and move and I'll just do whatever. And I know that it's, it is very disruptive for the other person specifically. You get my blind side of them. Yeah. Yeah, and I, I mean, I don't like just wake up one day and say, okay, today I want to break up, but, you know, I mean, obviously there's other factors.

It's not just that specific thing. Otherwise, if it was, you know, but You know, so it leads up to it, but it's, it's this, this gut intuition that's telling me, okay, Lona, it's time to do something different and make a move and be, because I get very, when I'm, things are too stagnant and too, what's the other word?

Oh my gosh complacent. I get very, I need to stir up the pot. And I don't know why I do that. So I'm hoping you can help me. It's just your superpower. Oh my god. You need to embrace it, but yeah, not feel so guilty about it. Oh, and the guilt is overbearing sometimes. Yeah, bring love to it. But here's the thing I'm going to share with you.

So you have your profile, which is three, five. Which I feel like you kind of described to a tee, like, so the three is the experimenter in life. You, you try, you, you know, life calls an error, but you try and you pivot. You try and you pivot, and that's literally the three line. You're like the scientist who's constantly experimenting, like living life through experiences.

Yes. So this is why you're like, Oh my gosh, like this isn't working. I need to do something. I need to pivot. I need to like, this is no good. And then combined with your subconscious profile line, so this is why you might not be completely aware of like what's happening and why do I keep being destructive?

It's just your, your five line, they call it the, the heretic. The heretic essentially is the, the white witch, the expansion, the like, you connect like your ideas that are expansive beyond this world's realm of comprehending, like you embody it and you see it, you have a vision and yes, you feel very stifled by a person who may be stuck in this 3d realm or someone who's very negative.

And you're just like, I just need to blow this popsicle stand because there's like so much more to life, right? Yeah, yeah. That's how you profile to a T. Yeah, oh my god, and that's so, that's so crazy because it's totally... I am I allowed to ask you questions now or should I wait? Yeah, yeah, ask me now.

Okay, so I have a question because this was very interesting I found and I'm hoping you can... So... When I was, when I was investigating the three, five profile types, and I was, I was specifically watching a YouTube video specifically on profile type three and all of the traits and the, like, kind of the, the qualities of a three you know, traits I was diagnosed six years ago with borderline personality disorder traits, and so When I was listening to that and the correlation, the parallel between the two traits were quite like similar and then I was thinking, well, then is this just me and my human design or do I really have like borderline personality?

Like I was just like, because it was so similar. Yeah. Well, I think it's a, it's a matter of viewpoint and this is where human design. Can be great and also a hindrance and even diagnosis is right like right you can be diagnosed something just because they want like you want an answer I need to find the answer of why I'm behaving this way.

Yeah, I call it just will say okay well you have traits that seem to be in this box here right check the box right you're now in this box, and that just. That's just a viewpoint of what they're observing. And then, yes, there's this profile line three of all the descriptions that, you know, Ra'u Hu pulled together and that describes that.

So, there's this thing where sometimes these two things correlate, but it's also just a earthly construct to try and, like, give ourselves answers for things. Okay. Okay. So, and it's, you want to be tricky not to like put yourself in a box and say, well, I'm a three, five, therefore I'm always going to be destructive.

What it is, is it's now bringing awareness to maybe your shadow, right? So the other thing you brought up was frustration, which is your not self theme. Every single generator, this is your hint. If you are not. operating within your higher self, within the, your highest virtues of your soul and love. If you're operating in your ego and the shadow, then you're going to experience frustration.

I always liken it to trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. Cause I, yeah, same thing. I'm a generator. I'm like, dang it. I am not within my higher self. I just need to like, let go. And I need to do some introspection. I need to go back. And listen to my inner authority and yours is emotional. So you need to wait and feel through everything and see how things feel to you after you've experienced the highs, middle and low.

And so it's just, it's just a awareness. tool, right? It's like, okay, I'm, I'm kind of like operating out of this quote unquote diagnosis I've been given. Now, what do I do with it? Now you get to expand and you get to evolve through it and say, I'm not that person that they diagnosed. Yeah, I'm bigger than that.

But yeah, it's just like a little sign. It's like a little signpost from from your soul saying like, Hey, wake up. Hey, pause. Hey, listen to me. Hey, like, let's just take a step back from your ego. So, that's how I see it. Okay, okay. That's helpful. Yeah. Well, and I don't like to use the label. I don't like to put myself in the label of that.

Like, I just, I know it was something that was diagnosed, and I'm conscious of it, and I've been working very hard at Especially my, the emotional dysregulation part of it. So but I obviously when I read this that I'm emotional. I'm like, yeah, that's me. It's been like that since I was a child. You set the emotion in the room.

Yes, I, yes, yes. And I can go from zero to a hundred very quickly depending on, with emotions. Well, yeah. Yeah, I'm learning to kind of. Get a hold of all that, you know Yeah, I would say that because you're you have it defined and it is part of your inner authority This also operates on a motor. So imagine like the tides of the ocean So the more conscious and the more calm you become the more connected you are to yourself your higher self Yeah, we'll start to see the pattern you can even journal down like gosh.

I'm really low right now Like just start a journal. What time is it? I'm really high What time is it and then start to see a pattern and with you? Normally, there is a pattern with someone who has it open. They can go from zero to a hundred emotionally as well. And then farther because The ones who have the white solar plexus expand and amplify your emotion that you're feeling at the moment.

Okay, okay. So when you said I'm the red, this red square that you had mentioned that earlier, that's the... That is your defined sacral center. This is the motor for the doing. The red square is the doing center. Okay, okay. So is that why a lot of times I act out like... My, it's my feeling or my emotion that leads me to make the moves that I make.

Is that, yeah, or like, like what, especially like the big disruptive ones where I'm like, okay, time to just move to another country and try and see what that's all about. Like, because that I'll do stuff like that. Like I'll, I'm already thinking about doing that right now. So I'm just like, I love it. I love it.

Let me just check double check your, your sun sign. May. Oh, Taurus, right? You're a Taurus. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So interesting. Taurus is typically are very grounded. So you must have, I have, I didn't pull your astrology chart to see, but you must have a bunch of Sagittarius in there somewhere. That they're the, you know, the adventures, the travelers, but what I would say, actually, it's your incarnation cross, not so much your centers down there.

Okay. That create this this just, like, boom, mobility, and you were talking about disruption amongst your life and other people's lives, number one, because you're constantly experimenting, so you're like, okay, that experiment didn't work, throw it out, forget about it, let's move on, new country, let's go, like, that's it, let's move on, and then combined with your And your Incarnation Cross is like a major life theme, like a personal, for yours it's a personal life theme.

So, this is what you talk about, like I'm always just like, doing new things. And it being the, the Incarnation Cross of Contagion, I'm just going to read to you a bit from my favorite book. Okay. Is the Book of Destinies. Okay. And each page is an Incarnation Cross. There's so many different variations. So essentially, what this means is that you convey concepts of potential interests to almost anybody.

The depth of your commitment to making a contribution that benefits humanity will be either tested or enhanced by your desires. So if you're planning on moving, that's part of your expansion of your, your five line.

And I don't know your history, it could be part of just like your coping mechanism, right? Like we all kind of develop a coping mechanism of how we deal with something. And if you're constantly on the move, running from something and not sitting and feeling it through it, that that may be it too, you know, I don't know if there's anything in your past that kind of triggered that, like, well, I feel safer if I just keep moving on and throw out that experiment rather than sitting with it.

And learning from it like yeah, well, I think, yeah, I think, well, I think that you know, I, I, I don't really, I guess I, I make these moves because I feel like there's something bigger for me. And. Like, you know, and there's more opportunity in these moves that I make so, and I'm always open to opportunities and, you know, and, and when you're saying I'm, I'm an experimenter that I get that.

And I guess my hardest part is that I don't always, I try something and I, if it doesn't work I, you know, or I don't stick to it long enough. For it to kind of, you know, come to fruition, I guess. So maybe that's part of my frustration too, is I, I don't know why I do that. I start, I get really interested in something and I start it and I do it, and then I, and then it's like, okay, now to the next thing.

And I don't know if that's from my childhood. 'cause my mother used to put me in all sorts of different activities. Like, and then when, you know, when that activity kind of. When the funds ran out for that activity, she'd try a different activity, because that's what she could pay for, and then, so I don't know if that's from that, or, or what.

Yeah, I mean, you have that defined yellow. Square, that's your identity center. So you no matter where you are in the world, you're solid within yourself. You're like, I got it. I'm me. I'm good. Okay. Multiple ideas is going to come from your open head center and your Ajna, the two top triangles. So, those things are open.

So they're conditioned, like you said, by Childhood from your other things. It's also something that you may pick up from somebody around you or a video you watched or, you know, information you you've gathered and you think, Oh yeah, I can do that because you're confident within yourself. So you're like, I'll try that, but it doesn't fully come to fruition because you maybe did not use your emotional inner authority to feel through it and be like, is this idea really for me?

Like, is this really something that. I should take on and experiment with, or is this somebody else's idea? So, okay, feeling through that emotional cycle of like, Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to try this, you know, new idea, this new project. And then you get into the trenches of it and you're like, okay, this is okay, neutral.

And then you've already started it. So now you're like, well, I regret all of this. Like, why did I start this? This is too much work. This is not for me. This, this doesn't feel right. And so that's your emotional low cycle I'm describing. And so then you reach the neutral point, you're like, Yeah, this isn't for me.

I don't need to finish it. Which is perfectly fine. That is literally how that three line operates with an emotional cycle. Okay. So if you wish to save your energy and not always be putting your energy into something that's not right for you, it's best to wait and contemplate, envision yourself doing that thing, but don't actually do it yet, like wait and see how you feel after you've experienced the whole emotional cycle.

Okay. Okay. That's that's interesting. I was just thinking the first thing that also what I was thinking is that sometimes I, I try things and I stop because I get bored. So, like, that's also a part of, you know, I mean, not on everything. Sometimes I just fall off at something, but sometimes I just get bored and I want to try something else.

I guess that's because I'm a generator and I always try something. Exactly, exactly. You have enough energy to try it, so might as well. Right. Yeah, that's just totally normal. Okay. And your, your Incarnation Cross is also, because you have a flood of ideas, you can pass that idea on to someone else. Like, that's one of your main life themes is like, you're a torchbearer for ideas, for things that, you know, you love and you inspire others as well.

To kind of take those on. Okay. Okay. That's, like, it's very interesting and, like, so the ones that are colored in, those are more concrete, like, those are kind of defined, you said? Like, those are already defined... Yeah, those are personality... Spaces? Yeah, those are personality themes within yourself that are pretty solid.

Okay. You can still be conditioned by an outside stronger force into, you know... In those areas, but once they're gone and out of your sphere, you, you find yourself again, you find your center again really quickly. Okay. And if you're a stronger personality, then you're, you're the one kind of influencing others with that motivation.

Yeah. Yeah. That sounds familiar. Yeah. I tend to motivate others and not always but not always. Stick to motivating myself. I'm always, you know, like that's that's your contagion. That is your life theme. You're like, this is so exciting. Everyone do it. But you're like, you're not going to do it because there was like boring after a while.

Your theme is to kind of get people excited and whoever is meant to do that thing will stick with it. And that's like your legacy is like you inspire them to do it. Okay. Okay. That's very interesting. Okay. So Janet Jackson also shares your Incarnation Cross theme of contagion. Okay. So if you look at some of the, her ways she's used it in her life, or Pierce Brosnan the actor.

Yeah, he is that too. So, okay. Okay. Very interesting. And and so, and then the ones that are white, you said those are not defined. So those, those can be expanded on, or those are like, how does, I was trying to figure out all the numbers. I was like, Oh yeah, so that's like a whole other reading and video, but the numbers are other parts of your personality.

So, where your planet is, that's where that, it's called a gate, and that is another personality theme. A place that you can self develop, right? Work through your shadow, and find the gift out of it, and then kind of come to your virtue. But when your center is white, This, just for example, the head, like I said, you, you have lots of ideas and with your life theme, your ideas that may not always be for you are for you to share and inspire others.

So you have that white center. I am, I liken it to a radio. So the white centers are the radio in your home and the defined colored in centers are like the radio station that are pushing out the sound waves. So you can turn up the volume and sometimes the, it's usually. The volume is very much up when you're a child and you're very unconscious about what's happening and like you're just receiving these, these like impulses about like ideas, inspiration, connection, you know, this, this is connected to the crown shopper.

So connection to source, maybe you get like crazy downloads if you're really super connected to God or the universe and it comes in a whole variety of ways. It just enters in in various ways because it's, you're receiving the energy and so you do have the power to, once you're aware of it, right, I told you now, so you're like, I don't want so many ideas.

So you can have a conscious intention of like, okay, I'm going to go into a room, like, or a mall full of people, and like, I don't want to hear all the stuff that I normally hear. You can kind of, like, put a bubble around yourself, like a spiritual intention, shield yourself up, and turn down the volume. Okay.

To that particular center. It takes practice, it's definitely a spiritual practice to do, but it's possible now that you're aware of it. So just. Yeah. Even just knowing like, wait, I just got this really crazy thought when I was at the mall. Like, was that mine? Or was it not mine? Because now you know, you amplify, you know, ideas and thoughts from outside.

Okay. Okay. Okay. That's, that's very interesting. That's and helpful. Yes. Thank you. Definitely. Yes. So you have the Ajna center, which is all about ideas and, you know, conceptualizing those ideas into an actual like hypothesis. And how do we manifest this into an actual being in the world? Your throat center, it's, it governs what you talk about that center.

You have the little triangle down below the yellow. That's the will center connected to the heart center. So. That, it pertains actually a lot to resources, sales, the willpower to do something like to, to develop a discipline or not. And then the one on the left is your spleen center. So you are more of a sensitive body.

If you start to, you know, catch a germ from outside or something to do with survival, like a fear of survival or something like that. That feels really amplified in your body, right? Like you're very sensitive to your immune system, like if you're catching a cold, or if you're, if you have a fear, like sometimes that fear feels excruciating, which could actually lead to why you jump ship and travel somewhere else, is another idea?

Where that comes from? So yeah, just creating the awareness is like if I just like push through the fear, like as long obviously that this whatever you're afraid of is not going to kill you, which it feels like it when you have an open slain, but like logically, is it going to kill me? No. Okay, I'll push through it.

And then that's where the lesson and that's where the gem, right? And the weirdness comes from in life is pushing through the fear. Yes. Okay. Well, which I, I seem to, and when you said survival, I mean, I guess, I don't know if this has any correlation, but I just, I feel like I've, I mean, I've all, I've been in survival mode since I was young and I'm reaching a place in my life where I'm.

And I think that's another, I think every time I jump it's, it's because I'm, I'm so tired of being in survival mode. I actually want to start living. So I feel like if I try something else, it'll get me to a point where, you know, I'll, I'll actually be living and living in my purpose and my passion because sometimes I don't even, you know like I've been in the same career for 30 years, which has been a big passion.

But now that passion is kind of starting to kind of, yeah. Not be as heavy because there's other things that are coming up, but I'm not sure, but this is all I've known for 30 years. So it's kind of like, where, where am I? What, what am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing half the time. It is scary. Yeah.

Yeah. But I'm open to it. Like I'm open to like, like going through the fear and because I've always been a risk taker and I've always been someone who's like, I'll jump off a cliff because I, I know there's only two choices. And the one choice for me is never to fall and hit the ground. It's always to figure out how to grow wings and fly.

So that's how I've always operated. So I don't know if that's part of that. I love that. No, that's just your. Your faith in life and your superpower. Absolutely. Okay. Yeah, I think as it pertains to this spleen center, I think what you're describing, yeah, is, you know, you're like, okay, I just want to like feel at peace.

I want to feel. Yeah. I want to feel like calm. And that is a place an area of growth for you to feel it within yourself. At the moment, still, you're not conscious. That you have this open spleen center, which makes you feel like, got to go, keep running. Don't get caught. Don't die. Don't like, don't get stuck in stagnation, especially with your son in gate eight.

Don't get stuck in mediocrity. No, no, no. That's your shadow talking to you with your spleen center open. It's like, Whoa, like volume is turned way up to this full shadow talking to me. Like, don't get stuck in mediocrity. But the diamond, the truest. Treasure in the lesson in this open screen for you with your, your gate, this, this top right personality, the sun being okay.

Eight is. To, to lean into finding your calm within yourself, because wherever you go, that open spleen follows you. Like you can't, you can't, you can't run [00:31:40] away from your open spleen. Yeah, I take myself with me, yes, that I know. Yeah, so finding your calm and finding your, your serenity, your peace. And your style of how you find that is, is within you, it comes from within.

So being able to push through that fear of mediocrity, be like silencing that and say, know what, no matter where I am, this is how amazing I am. Like, whatever you do, you know, that you are contagious to everyone else. You inspire people, not even knowing you inspire people. And you're just thinking, you're just trying to find like the next, next safe space.

Yeah. And the safe space really truly is within yourself it's just, it's, it's dampening the sound, turning down the sound to the survival fear and an open screen and saying, I am whole, I am one within myself right here, no matter where I'm at, it's here within inside me right here. Right. Okay. That, that's very helpful.

That's very helpful.

That's cool. And so so the, so I'm trying to, I know we're probably not going to go into all of this, but so the, the one on the block on the side, the personality, when that's. Your conscious personality, correct? Yeah, so those are all personality traits. Like if I, you know, if you've ever got your astrology chart pulled, this relates to where all the sun, the, the, the planets are in your astrology chart, which zodiac and like how that talks about who you are.

But then the, the left side, which takes human design, takes us even deeper into our psyche, is 88 days approximately. Before you were born, these planets were here and that imprints your subconscious mind, your subconscious, like who you are subconsciously. Okay. You know, like if you were just, when we're, when we're just going about our day, we're not thinking about it.

Okay. Okay. Very interesting. Yeah. So these, you see these little lines connected to these numbers. So each number here on the right and left will be. A circle in one of your centers, then the numbers inside the body graph stay the same always that, but each person has different numbers circled. And that is that particular personality trait for you highlighted in your chart.

And then it kind of, takes a form of a colored line. So like, like that red line that's like connected from the yellow. Yes. In the middle to the red like that one solid red line. Does that mean that it's that is completely connected or they call this a channel? Okay, connected. So it's creating a very strong voice inside of your personality, connected from your sense of self, your, your love of yourself, connected to your doing.

This is what essentially is this is what energy that pumps out to people and says. Like this is inspiring like you should do this because it's not something you say It's not something that you can really like talk about. It's the sense of self connected to your doing. Okay, okay so those are called channels and Yeah, you have Two, yeah, you have a split definition, so you have two different groups of centers, two voices within yourself talking to you.

So you have your sense of self and your doing, and then you have your root center, which is your adrenaline like the pressure or like when to get stuff done is connected to your emotions. So I really think the key for you. Is to tap into and really practice, like, listening to your inner authority.

Practicing jotting down, like, when you're feeling high and low. Try and see if you can track your cycle. Okay. And feel. Just, like, feel it, right? No more thinking for a while. Just feel it. Okay. Like, I feel this. I feel this. Like, really tune into your emotional inner authority. Just observe it. Okay. Just like a passenger in your mind, in your body.

Because that's, that's going to be the key to your spleen over here feeling safe. Okay. Okay. Wow. That's like, it's, it's still so light. I'm sure like it's. It takes a long time to really understand everything. Yes, exactly. And you will have this episode that I'll send you the link to it that you can just keep listening over and over like, wait, like, I think it makes sense now, let me go re listen to this.

Yeah, yeah. For years, where I was just trying to figure out my Incarnation Cross, like, what does that mean? I don't know. Is this it? Is this giving me a clue? And you just keep revisiting and re learning. Yeah. To gain consciousness really is what it's doing. It's like waking us up. Yes, exactly. Well, and it's helpful to understand yourself a little bit more for sure.

Yeah. Oh, that's certainly great. And now is it, do you find that it's like, I mean, the, is there a specific person, like, you know, I've been, I told you, I look at the YouTube videos to try to understand it a little bit more, but do you have, like, yourself, do you have videos that you put up that are, that Can you all the different centers and gates and, you know, all those things to understand more?

Yeah. I'm, I have created a whole bunch of episodes on the podcast and human design videos. If you go into my YouTube channel, Empath Rising YouTube channel, then I have a human design playlist and you can kind of take a look through that and see which ones apply to you. Which. Okay. What's the, sorry, what's the YouTube called?

The YouTube channel is called Empath Rising. Oh, Empath Rising, yes. Now is that, is that part of my just a question, because I am a very deep feeling empath. Is that part of the, the emotional, like when you said I take in lots of stuff, lots of energy. That's part of your open, yes, your open white centers.

That's also part of your five line I would say three in line too. The three, the threes we live life through experiences. We feel everything, right? We don't kind of like go through life like braille. Yeah. Yeah. So you've, you've got quite a bit of, yeah, empath imprints here. You're emotional, your profile and all your open centers.

Yes. Okay. Which I'm learning how to protect a little bit, definitely more as I'm getting older and understanding, understanding my, my empathetic. Characteristics because I can get very, it can be very overwhelming at times. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, even now's, I can't, I can't watch the news. I can't watch the news.

I can't, yeah. Like I gotta, I, when I am in certain spaces, and if I feel a certain energy from somebody that's not like I'm, I'm just feeling it, like, I'm like, if it's not good in, you know, I have to remove myself or, you know, like, it's just really, like I can feel it, you know, . So, yeah. And on my meditation playlist there, I have an impact.

Oh, good. aura protection Okay exercise that you can do that helps shield your empath aura Okay. Perfect. Kind of like a daily spiritual hygiene ritual. Yes. Yes. Yes. And I, and I do, I have been doing meditation a lot, like over the last definitely over the last while first. So that's been really helpful.

So that's great. Okay. Less than a minute. Just give you a head. Yeah. Yeah. That's so good. If you have any other questions, you can always email me after this. Okay. Okay. And I hope that this has helped you. Yeah, that's, well, it's good to understand a little bit more for sure, so thank you. I'm sure, I'm definitely going to keep looking into it even more so, so I really appreciate that.

Yeah, and my new book that I'm writing is coming out with all of the gates, like describing every single number gate in there. Oh good, okay, and when will that be out? It's going to come out December.

If you wish to get your human design chart, read on the show for free email me for limited time. At RavenScott show@gmail.com. And if you'd like to have a private reading. On special offer for only $50. Again, for a limited time only. Then email me . At RavenScott show@gmail.com

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So all of that is in the one link in the show notes, head on over to the episode page. Until next time, keep your unique light shining. Swear.

I This thoughts are feeling endless. Sitting, bump this anxieties infectious, anxious. I feel so defenseless, betrayed, and embarrassed. I hate being open. I hate being broken. I feel like an notion filled up with emotion. Angering of potion. Rub it on like lotion. I can feel it. Soak and reopen. The scars have awoken.

I can't move on until I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go. I can't move on till I let go. I feel so lost. Never at home, need to be strong. Every breath held cause I can't move on till I let go.

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