Can you, Dear Empath, Be Happy in Relationship With a Narcissist?

 Is it Possible or a Pipe Dream?

Navigating Happiness with a Narcissist:

🤔 Can you truly find happiness in a relationship with a narcissist? Let’s dive into this complex topic and explore strategies for maintaining your well-being while living alongside a narcissistic partner. 💪💕

S6 Ep 4

Navigating Empathic Resilience: Finding Happiness While Living with a Narcissist

Life with a narcissist can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially for empaths who inherently absorb and feel the emotions of others deeply. While the challenges are undeniable, there are ways for empaths to maintain their well-being and even find moments of happiness within the complexities of such relationships. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into three main strategies that can help empaths thrive while living with a narcissist.

Tools to live with a Narcissist

  1. Don’t Take it Personally
  2. Bounce off Their Guilt
  3. Relax Your Fight or Flight Instincts

Thriving as an empath in a relationship with a narcissist is undoubtedly a complex journey.

However, by implementing these three strategies — not taking their behavior personally, asserting boundaries against guilt tactics, and managing fight or flight responses through mindfulness — you can create a healthier emotional space for yourself.

I personally don’t think you could ever be truly happy under the fog of the narcissist. But maybe content…. Read More

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3. can you be happy with a narcissist?

3. can you be happy with a narcissist?


welcome to the Empath Rising podcast, where we are healing from narcissistic abuse, with human design, taro, and astrology.

I’m your host, Raven, Scott.

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[00:00:24] Raven: Navigating empathic resilience. Can you be happy living with a narcissist? This is the question I’m going to try and answer today, and if you’re stuck and you just can’t leave yet, for whatever reason, I’m gonna help you with some tools on how to live content, maybe happy with a narcissist. Because we all know life with a narcissist can be an emotional roller coaster maybe on the daily, especially for empaths who you I know inherently absorb and feel the emotions of others deeply.

While the challenges are undeniable, there are ways for empaths to maintain your wellbeing and even find moments of happiness within the complexities of such relationships. So in this episode, we’re going to delve deeper into the three main strategies that I personally feel would be the way to go , for you empath to thrive.

Well be content at least while living with a narcissist. These can apply to a relationship that may be toxic or needs work, and you’re just struggling and in a rough patch. So I feel like these apply to everything. I’ve applied these personally to my own life. In my current marriage when it was really a rough patch.

And honestly, , I didn’t apply them with my relationship with my narcissist because I was just so young, naive, not mindful at all. , but I think these will really help you with wherever you’re at in your life. So number one is don’t take it personally. Easier said than done. Right? As. My husband now would say, relating to being really stressed out by the narcissist is like, don’t give a fuck.

I’m like, how do I not do that? How do I, I don’t understand. I don’t know how to not care, but this is the key, key steps of helping me move forward and out of my slump. So it is one of the most important steps to maintain your emotional balance when dealing with a narcissist. And it’s to remember that their behavior, Is more about them than it is about you.

And so when you’re not taking it personally, therefore you’re not receiving their deflection because their behavior and their gas lighting, it’s all about smoke and mirrors and how they feel. It’s not about you. It’s more than likely you did nothing wrong. But they make you feel that because they’re feeling insecure or they’re triggered or they did something wrong that you’re trying to call them out on.

So that narcissistic tendencies often stem from deep seated insecurities and a need for control. They might use manipulation. I know they will. Definitely not a might, but you know, we’ll put a might in there just in case manipulation, criticism, or gaslighting to maintain their sense of superiority. As an empath, it’s crucial to detach your emotional body from their words.

Actions and even body language recognize that their behavior is a reflection, their own internal struggles, and it’s not a reflection of your worth. This doesn’t mean that you should accept mistreatment, but misunders, but edit. But understanding the root of their actions can help you avoid internalizing their negativity.

Number two is to bounce off their guilt from your energy body, bounce it off. There’s a cute little child’s phrase where it’s like, I’m rubber your glue. Whatever you say, bounce it off me and sticks onto you. That’s really what should energetically be happening when a narcissist is saying things to you because they are trying to get their toxic grossness out stuck onto you.

But you need to become rubber narcissists are known for their adeptness, adeptness, edit adeptness at using guilt as a weapon. That is their main way of getting at us. Guilt. Guilt through silence, guilt through lecturing, guilt through yelling, guilt through all their toxic words. They might twist situations to make you feel responsible for their feelings or actions, but it’s not your responsibility for how they feel.

That’s their body. That’s them. That’s their head and their brain. You’re not in there, so it’s not your responsibility. Dear Empaths. Being naturally empathic and compassionate, I know that we can easily fall into this trap, but to maintain your emotional wellbeing is vital to recognize and counter this tactic.

Setting healthy boundaries is key. Learning to differentiate between genuine guilt and manipulative guilt tripping is crucial. Practice assertiveness by calmly expressing your feelings and needs without letting their guilt tactics sway you. I go, it’s easier said than done, but if you can practice, practice, practice, you will find that you are testing their love for you, that you are testing their willingness to grow and change.

And if they can’t grow like you are and change, then they will be soon. Or in the near future in a chapter in your life that you’re gonna close the book on. But remember for now, your feelings are always valid and you have the right to stand up for yourself without feeling guilty about it.

And the last and the third one that’s really crucial is to relax your fight or flight instincts. Living with a narcissist can trigger the fight or flight response. So much so that you start to develop these autoimmune diseases, which can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. Now, I read an really interesting book by Anthony, Dr.

Anthony Williams. Oh, he’s not a doctor by Anthony Williams. He’s a medical medium, and that’s what his book’s called Medical Medium. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend checking, checking it out, reading it, because we all have these things, viruses in our bodies that we’ve picked up as children, which is good to boost our immune system, but some are really bad.

And it’s the E B V virus and it actually lays dormant in our body, in our nervous system. It loves our nervous system. It burrows deep into our nervous system, and then it lies dormant. So when we get, we get a flare up is when we get stressed, fight or flight or triggered. And when you’re living with a narcissist every single day, you are triggered and in fight or flight every single day.

And so that virus awakens, it becomes alive, it, and it transpires into a whole bunch of different illnesses such as, , celiac disease. , Lyme disease and

the other one that affects your nervous system. Ms. Multiple sclerosis. All of these are triggered from stress and toxins in our environment and in our food we’re eating. But also in our bodies. So all of us will say these quote unquote mystery illnesses or autoimmune diseases, is the fight or flight activating the virus, the E B V virus in your body.

Just a thought. I’m not gonna say it’s conclusive, but it’s really makes a lot of sense to me. And so I, I did the cleanse that was in that book, and so yeah, I would highly recommend you explore it. I’m now taking the herbal supplements and teas because as you may have known or may not last year, I had two skin cancer diagnoses in the same year and I’m like, what is going on?

Right? What’s happening? So, and I have been involved a lot in. This kind of stressful process of like interacting with a few narcissists in my life, taking it all in and then sharing it with you on the podcast. , I feel like I haven’t had a lot of that stress fight or flight, but I think the stress of, you know, trying to control and make life perfect for my children last year might have been a trigger.

So anyways, I digress with that. That that’s triggering living with a narcissist. This is maybe the why, right? You’re like, why? Why do I have this autoimmune disease all of a sudden because I’m with a narcissist? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s not scientific. Well, I just gave you the science behind it.

So you don’t, you don’t like, oh, well the narcissist is causing my illness. It’s not really exactly that simple. So empaths with your heightened sensitivity. You might find it challenging to remain calm in the face of a narcissist, aggressive behavior or emotional manipulation. And I understand. That’s fine.

I get it. And we explode because we don’t wanna keep tolerating and putting up with their bss, and then we explode and then they call us out as the abuser because we’ve all hasn’t exploded. And now we’re internalizing the guilt and the frustration and the shame of it all. And all of that’s also negative, triggering emotions, triggering all of these toxins in our body.

So practicing mindfulness and grounding techniques can really help you stay centered. Deep breathing, meditation. My personal favorite is yoga, because you’re kind of doing both. You’re moving and you’re, you’re squeezing out all the toxins in your body. While breathing and moving the, your body and your mind, it’s like a moving, moving meditation.

It’s perfect. I love it. And my Akashic record reading shared with me that that’s the best for me personally to help heal self-care activities, maybe such as eating properly, doing a cleanse, um, watching what you put in your body or on your body, taking baths with an Epsom salt. Getting outside, walking, doing an activity, getting together with groups, maybe a, a book club or a garden club or something of the sort to help you fill your cup up.

It can reduce the impact of your fight or flight instincts, and if you start to kind of feel like your fight or fight is welling up or starting to trigger because you’re in the house with a narcissist. Put on some headphones, put on this podcast or some calming music that helps you relax and take a walk.

So instead of reacting impulsively, these, all of these techniques I just mentioned allow you to respond thoughtfully and maintaining your emotional equilibrium and protecting your overall wellbeing, which is so crucial when you’re living with a narcissist. Thriving as an empath in a relationship with a narcissist.

I think thriving in is, is an ideal word, however, thriving as an empath, doing your thing, letting your light shine still with a narcissist. It’s undoubtedly a complex journey, and I think a high aspiration. I think you can achieve contentment. Maybe, and still when you feel contentment, you’re gonna feel like you’re settling, but that’s okay.

When you’re ready, the time will come, or that chapter will be done of being content. However, by implementing these three strategies we just talked about, by not taking their behavior personally, asserting your boundaries against the guilt trips, and managing your fight or flight responses through mindfulness and self-care practices.

You can create a healthier emotional space for yourself while you plan, save money and figure out your next chapter in life to transition out away from living with a narcissist. I personally don’t think that you could ever truly be happy under the fog and the darkness of narcissism because it’s.

Beyond the person, right? It’s deeper, it’s bigger, it’s heavier, but maybe content just for a time. I’m gonna say not your whole life, but remember, your empathic nature is your strength. You have the power to find happiness and resilience even in the most challenging of circumstances. Remember that.

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