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On this healing journey, Some days will be better than others. 
Don’t be discouraged,
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Receive positive affirmations, daily, in your inbox to empower you in your healing journey from narcissism and emotional abuse. You lost your life, your way, your friends, but using the law of attraction and rewriting the narrative in your head, you CAN and will transform into a powerful light beam that no longer will take damage from those negative and toxic people in your life.

How do I Know? Because I too felt low, hopeless, and lost. And I was able to redeem my life and self worth with all the tools I share in my show and coaching program.

Get daily empowering affirmations directly to your inbox.

lovingly from Raven Scott

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Excited to announce the Community Library

I am working on the community library to provide education, mediations, co-parenting information, self care and more! I’ll post the link in the comments once it’s live. 

Recommended Healing Somatic Music

This week on the podcast we are talking about elevating your vibration to repel the narcissist. I wanted to share my favorite playlist to recenter myself and connect to my Higher self. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6wRrXEbJ0S8QG8lj0FUK2P?si=a2f37609295e4f69Enjoy and comment below which is your favorite song? 

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