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I make promoting the podcast easy. I will post a reel in the morning and tag you. Please comment and share this to your stories. I will post another reel in the afternoon and invite you to collaborate.

From your DM or notifications, click on the invite notification to go the post, once at the post click accept beneath the video, and the reel will be automatically added to your feed.

You can then share that to your email list and share the link to your guest page that I will email you.

Ideas for sharing the week your episode airs.

  • The day of recording share a short story/reel, and email your list announcing you just finished your interview and for your audience to check out the podcast in anticipation for your episode.
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Cheers to another guest feature! Today I wish to share that I had an amazing time being a guest on the Empath and the Narcissist Podcast with Raven Scott! This podcast is helping you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. We talked about (insert: TITLE that will be emailed to you) and I promise it will be empowering, and impactful in your spiritual healing journey. Listen today here!: unique page emailed to you)

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As a guest, you will receive your own guest feature landing page. It will link to your website and socials. And also the blog I will write for your episode which reaches 225+ WordPress blog readers.
In addition to this guest landing page and blog, I write an article on Medium sharing your episode and the key take aways to share with an even farther reaching audience that grows 100 followers per month.

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Gate 5 Patterns – Trust in Time

The Sun is in Sagittarius’s Gate 5 Patterns (Dec. 3-8, 2023)  I Ching: Waiting Zodiac: Sagittarius Gene Key: Shadow: Impatience – Gift in the Lesson: Patience – Enlightenment: Timelessness This is in your Sacral Center.  If you have it defined (circled in a color) then you have a consistent ability to wait and be patient.…

YouTube Channel:

This is an interview I published when I recorded video.

a People pleasers worst nightmare narcissist leaves you high and dry in jail with Amanda Acker of The Let Good Things In Show