Embrace Autumn’s Libra Season: A Time for Inner Child Healing and Balance

Enchanted Autumn and embrace the energies of Libra, a time of transformation. In the Human Design chart there are strong identity center themes

Reclaiming Your Energy and Feeling Whole Again: A Journey of Healing

when embroiled in a conflict with a narcissist, the emotional aftermath can be uniquely harrowing. Causing one to doubt themselves and their position within the relationship.

Life Slogans for Each Human Design Type & Line for Success

Are you tired of feeling drained and struggling to heal from narcissistic abuse? I want you to know that there’s a powerful tool that can help you. Human Design-… Taylor Swift is a Projector. And share each line meaning and each types life slogan. READ

New Moon in Virgo Human Design Gates with Tarot Reading

This New Moon provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back, tune into what is not working and your own needs, and make transformative choices. Tarot, human design gates for Sept 14, 2023 New Moon