Empowering Empaths

on Their Healing Journey from Narcissistic Abuse🌟

Join us as we embark on a transformative path in Season 6 of self-discovery, resilience, and healing. Through the guiding light of Human Design, Tarot, and Astrology, we’re here to empower empaths like you to rise above the shadows of narcissistic abuse and reclaim your inner strength and joy. 🌌✨

Let’s uncover your unique blueprint, unlock the wisdom of the cosmos, and find the strength to carry the Six of Wands in your heart. 🏆 This card reminds us that victory is possible, even after the darkest battles. 🌠 Together, we’ll celebrate your triumphs, honor your journey, and light the way to a brighter future. 🌈💪

Season 6 Episode 1

Six of Wands Wisdom Card: 🏆

In the aftermath of darkness, a glimmer of light appears. The Six of Wands heralds your triumphant return from the abyss of narcissistic abuse. Your spirit, once wounded, now shines with newfound strength and resilience.

With every step you take on your healing journey, you rise above the ashes, emerging as a symbol of victory and empowerment. Remember, your worth is not defined by the shadows of the past, but by the radiant spirit within you.

Let the world witness your transformation and celebrate your courage. You are a beacon of hope and a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Keep marching forward, for the path to healing leads to the brightest of futures.

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Today I share some insights and wisdom tailored to your unique journey as an empath, along with the guidance of a powerful Tarot card.

As an empath, you possess a remarkable ability to connect with the emotions and energies of others. While this gift is a source of great compassion and understanding, it can also make you more vulnerable to the effects of narcissistic abuse. It’s essential to recognize that your empathy is a strength, not a weakness, and your healing journey can lead to profound transformation.

Now, let’s delve into the wisdom of the Tarot, specifically the card that I believe resonates with your journey: The Strength card.

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Strength Tarot Card:

In the Tarot, the Strength card represents courage, inner strength, and the power to overcome challenges. It shows a woman gently taming a fierce lion, symbolizing the harmony between our inner and outer selves. This card is a reminder that true strength comes from within and can help you navigate the complexities of healing from narcissistic abuse.

As an empath, your journey towards healing requires tapping into your inner strength and finding the balance between your sensitivity and resilience. The Strength card encourages you to embrace your innate power and to trust in your ability to transform and heal.

Your empathy allows you to connect deeply with others, and as you heal, you can also help them find their strength. Remember that you have the capacity to not only heal yourself but also inspire and uplift those around you.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or in need of guidance on your journey, I encourage you to connect with your empathic community, seek support, and explore tools like Human Design and Astrology, which can provide valuable insights into your unique path.

Always remember that your journey is a testament to your resilience, and every step you take brings you closer to a place of healing, growth, and empowerment.

If you have any questions or if there’s anything specific you’d like to explore further, please feel free to reach out. Your path is unique, and I’m here to support you in any way I can.

Wishing you strength, healing, and abundant self-discovery on your empathic journey.

With warmest regards,



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Season 6 Trailer

Season 6 Trailer

[00:00:00] Welcome back. This is season Six of empath and the narcissist. podcast I cannot believe we are here. And I cannot believe that I’m actually back and rejuvenated and in full steam, because the last episode that you heard was the season finale of season five and like a podcast finale, like a farewell. I was getting so burnt out. I was getting so down and I think I was also just sick quickly at my point of like, I cannot. Stay in the muck anymore. So I’ve, reshifted the name of the podcast to empath rising, because I really want the focus to be us rising into our new chapter. Moving forward. Stop ruminating and pulling up and dredging up old wounds. Being able to heal them through the process. But for me talking about it is not always going to be the best solution to move forward. And same for you. You can do all the shadow work, do all the healing that I’ll be putting out in the new workbook. Um, but then there’s just a time and this is where I’m at in my healing journey. And you will get there to where it’s like, yeah, just want to move on and talk about the things that really matter. Right. Because life is too short. And. It is not about dwelling on the past is about living in the moment. Loving yourself. And your life now that you are free and if you’re not free yet. This is, these are tools in here in the work to help you free yourself. From the grip of the narcissist so that you can love your life. You can live in the moment. Have more fun. It’s so not fun being around a narcissist, they always just suck the air out of the room. Unless they’re feeling really high and they’re, you know, having fun with you. It starts to become less and less as you progress in the relationship. And. It’s also a time to think less about the bad,. And more about the rising. Why are you here? Do your impact, what is your life’s mission? And we’re going to be focusing a lot on human design this season, because that is where you’re going to gain insight about yourself and also your astrology chart. You’re going to be gaining understanding of, okay. Who am I? I’m here for a reason. We have a guest. , speaker that will be coming on and she’ll record an episode for us. And she’s already submitted. You can go and get your astrology chart. , written by Stephanie Johnson and you can get your astrology chart on, on her website. And it’s like a full report. I have a 28 page report of my astrology information as much as I’ve studied myself and my chart. And know so much about myself when I re-read through this. I thought, oh, this is it. Sometimes I’ve interpreted things about my aspects that were just not right. And this felt very. Enlivening and emboldening in my own self and going okay. Like.

it talks about life goals, relationships you motivations. Purpose and joy. Okay. Challenges in life. Right. So for instance, it talks about what Pluto is. Pluto’s in the third house, the planet Pluto is near third house. And I have this in my first book. It’s like, this was really profound. , it really indicates that I’m a powerful communicator. Hence podcasting is one of my faves. , and you may not realize the forceful effect that your words have on other people. And it’s true, but now I really see that that is something. So it talks a lot about, you know, even Pluto in whatever Zodiac sign it is for you. So I wanted to go through that human design for you, and then have her obviously on the show. To have this season be so much more lighter and brighter, be more empowering for you to your empath to rise. So this is why it’s empath rising. We’re rising out of the ashes away from the narcissist I’m focusing in on. Healing ourselves and more so like closing the door on that chapter and moving forward, live in the present. Do what lights us up. Study, what lights us up. Find your true purpose through your human design chart, which we’ll be sharing more of this season. So that’s just a bit about what’s going to happen this season and I’m so excited. And ready. To take on the season. As I have been. Healing and recuperating and actually doing a huge amount of cleansing of all of the crap and toxins out of my body. Through, , the book medical medium. Using all of his tools and then using also my intuition. And consulting any doctors I need, which cleaning up your diet. I didn’t feel I needed to consult a doctor, but I’m just saying always, always. , if you’re like, Ooh, medical, medium. What is that? But I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, an exercising, and then yoga. And then of course my terrible. So I’m going to kick us off with a Terra message for you today.

As I shuffle these cards or just going to soak in. And ask. You’re fine. Universe. What message needs to come through.

For these lovely dear M paths. Who may be feeling pain or frustration. Grief.

Any sort of kind or confusion or lack of clarity.

That. Uh, message channel through.

Every time. The six of ones is absolutely the message for you, dear. Path. I will post this. Carr. And so you can see how beautiful it is and . The episode website page, which will be linked in the show notes for you to take a look at this card. And this deck I’m pulling from is the wild, unknown Terrell bike him a Kranz.

And what I’m seeing here is a stack of jumbled sticks, which are the ones. Dark. In a shadow with all of this black. Pencil. Like shadowy, dark, dark, heavy shading over top of them. So you can barely see these wants they’re in the dark. And then it gets a little bit lighter, a little bit lighter in this pencil, shading, as it goes up and it hits a rainbow. And the rainbow starts with the purple blue green as you’re going up yellow, orange and red. It’s a rainbow. And I know that the six of wands, I pulled this so many times for empaths. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a rainbow after the storm, you may be feeling trapped and struggling underneath the confusion of your situation right now. Feeling like you’re claustrophobic. You’re buried. And. This card is showing you that there is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry, I’m just looking at my reference book here. And it’s says I’m like six of wands. Yes. That is the six. That is the symbol, but there’s a butterfly above the wands. The one I’ve pulled is the swords. It is so dark. You can’t even tell if it’s a sword or a wand down there. But this, this symbolizes hope at last. This symbolizes possibly even travel. The six of swords is a card indicating a recovery from difficult times. And I do know from less than to the moon maiming podcast. If you haven’t found that, I suggest you go take a, listen. She talks a lot about the chariot card. Which is the card. That is signifies the energy for this year. As a seven year.

So this six of swords is talking about trend. The reason I bring up the chariot, the chariot is travel. Chariot is standing up for yourself. The chariot is. Finding, you know, the lot of north node in Aries energy, which is what’s happening right now. Finding the energy and strength. To recover from difficult times and hope is on the horizon. This is what the rainbow is above all of this cluster of darkness. Things will get better. I promise you if you keep taking the next right step towards the light. Listening to your own intuition, stop believing all the lies outside in the culture or in the relationship you’re in.

But it is important to rest revitalize. And surround yourself with joyful friends. Do what’s healthy for you? Just like I have done. And this summer is I’ve taken a break from the work I’ve focused on laughter and joy with my children, which is a really. If you have kids, that’s a really great way of helping you heal as well. Gathering together with friends. Getting yourself healthy, start drinking a whole bunch of water in the morning. Not out like not, I guess a whole bunch would be a whole giant glass, but not five jugs. Well, what I’m saying is just every little step of you pouring into yourself is going to take you from this dark place. You’re in. And bring you to that the better place. Right. And it does take a bit of leap of faith. It takes a bit of leap of faith of. Jumping out over the chasm. And there’s this. I always say, you know, like that you imagine yourself in front of a canyon and there’s no bridge. How do you get across right now? You’re being. You know, confused, abused, Gaslight you’re. So your head is so twisted up with the narcissist. You’re looking back and the enemy is coming towards you and you’re like, how do I get out? How do we get across? Otherwise I’ll be trapped again and pulled back into this dark forest. And this is the way you do it is one step at a time of faith. And every time you step out over the canyon, another magical plank of bridge appears and another and another. But it takes you believing in yourself. You investing in yourself. And really tuning into what do you need and what is your true voice? What is your truth? So this symbolizes the six of ones. Maybe a trip, right? Planet trip, short or long to help you. Revitalize and rejuvenate. Even getting out of town for the weekend. We’ll further lift your spirits. So maybe that’s just a message for any of you maybe sitting on the fence. Should I stay? Should I go? Just go enjoy the trip. And that actually is what brought me to the point, the breaking point of saying no more. I’m not going to believe your BS anymore. I’m not going to let you control me with your lectures all the time. And tell me what to say, who to be friends with, how to look even how to think. Once I came back from that family trip. Up to my aunt’s house in Washington and my cousins. And I just felt like. The piece of not being in constant. Battle with my own mind and with his agenda. And his control and his own depression and all of the darkness that I was getting pulled into. I was like, oh my gosh, this is what it feels like to like have a peaceful, normal life. And it does actually exist. Like it felt so good. And I remember even being on the trip and he called me and I was like, I don’t want to talk to him. Like I picked up the phone of course, out of habit, but I was like, I’m done with this conversation. I was like, I’m so over this, like, let me get back to joy. Right. Let me give back to life. So there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. And sometimes it takes a well-traveled trip. All by yourself without the narcissist with you. To see. How life can be free of such darkness. So I challenge you to do that short. A short weekend. This is the labor day weekend, by the way. And it’s the very beginning. So I’m posing this the day as a record and I’ll be having everything else. Ready for you and scheduled out. So that you can listen to /him. Twice a week, I have planned out episodes. So we’re going to cut back on the episodes. But I’m not going to just do once a month. I’m here for you twice a week and I’ll be recording these on the weekend. And like I said, I’m still going to be putting a lot of my energy during the week into my interior design business. So I’ve got my main job. And then I have this, the books I’m even going to finish off this workbook for you. So we can keep supporting you through that literature and this podcast. And maybe just, maybe we’ll do Patrion, but I’m gonna need to take a poll to see if there’s any information missing or any like behind the scenes or . Deep dive into your charts. Maybe we can do a Patrion kind of system that way. But that my dear empaths, I’m a generator. So I’ll need you to tell me so I can respond to make /that. that is the summary of season six of what we’ll be covering. And I’m so looking forward to the season, I’m feeling so optimistic, refreshed, and energized for it. And I hope you are /too. So make sure if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast. Hit that follow on apple or subscribe, whatever app you’re listening to so that every episode pops up into your feed and you can keep tabs and keep up with. The, , empowering information, I’ll be bringing to you twice a week.

If you wish to sign up and join our community for free. Then I will give to you this season. That 10 day living narc free workshop. It’s free. And on my website, I’ll give you that direct link. So you can go through all the audio coaching there, and I’ll be preparing a free copy of the workshop that I’ll be. Publishing very soon so that you can join the review team to help me launch this workbook. With power empowered for every impact out there. Until then. As always. Ki unique light. Shining.

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Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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