Human Design Gate Transits June 2023

Human Design is a system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system. It uses a body graph to represent the individual’s unique energetic makeup.

human design chart image of body chart with shapes and numbers mandala  - circle around body chart with 12 zodiac signs gate numbers and I ching symbols all around
Human Design Mandala

The Human Design Mandala is a representation of the planetary positions and gate activations within the Human Design system. It is a circular chart that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, and the Human Design body graph.

In the Human Design Mandala, the inner ring represents the zodiac signs, while the outer ring contains the hexagrams of the I Ching. The body graph, which is at the center of the Mandala, represents an individual’s unique energetic blueprint.

When it comes to the transits of planets through the Human Design Mandala, it refers to the movement of celestial bodies in relation to the gates of the body graph. Each gate in the body graph corresponds to specific energetic qualities and themes.

As planets transit through the zodiac signs, they activate specific gates within the Human Design Mandala. These activations can have an influence on an individual’s energy, consciousness, and experiences. The transiting planets may amplify or highlight the qualities associated with the activated gates, bringing forth certain energies or challenges.

The specific effects of planetary transits through the Human Design Mandala are typically interpreted based on the gates that are activated, the characteristics of the transiting planets, and their interactions with an individual’s unique body graph configuration.

To understand the detailed gate activations and interpretations for June 2023, read this blog and come back as I update the upcoming transits. This will offer insights into how the planetary transits may impact you based on their Human Design charts.

human design transit june 2023 calendar
Human Design June 2023 Calendar

June 1 – 7

Sun in Gate 35 and Earth in Gate 5

Sun enters the Human Design gate 35 of Changes in Gemini on June 1st. This energy follows fantasy and desire. Experimentation and learning from experiences.Ā 

It is located in the throat, when you have this number colored in in your chart you are the truth teller. Phrases that come out may come from a jaded perspective. A lense of skepticism. You want to put your energy into something that reciprocate and give back in a relationship, a business endeavor, and more! 

Use your human design type strategy to determine what your next right leap of faith step is. If it’s a yes or no. If you are unsure what your strategy means, hit reply and reach out to schedule your free 20 minute coaching call. 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius Chart has the 35 / 36 channel. This is Transitoriness. The Manifesting energy as an emotional channel. Manifest with reasonable expectation. The challenges with this energy is boredom (attn Man Gens! šŸ™‚ ) and feeling jaded. This channel at it’s highest vibration waits for the right time to act on the right desire to have the right new experience. 

The Moon and Earth enters into Gate 5 this week of Patterns in Sacral and related to Sagittarius. Interesting enough, a Full Moon in Sagittarius is coming June 3rd.Ā 

When the Earth gate is in 5 it asks us to ground into rhythm. Do you have a daily rhythm? What do you need to do each day to honor yourself and the world around you? 

June 8 – 13

Sun in Gate 45 Earth in Gate 26

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The Sun enters Gate 45 of The King or Queen June 8th. The I Ching is : gathering together. This is the energy of natural leadership. If you have this gate circled (defined) you will naturally be recognized as a leader and influencer. This is regal, easy natural leadership.

A question for this person or time with this gate activating and amplifying in your chart is: What do you need to do to attract the right people into your life to serve your manifestation and creation of peace?

The Earth in Gate 26 the same time period is asking you to ground in integrity and truth. The Gate of 26 is called the Trickster. I Ching: The Taming Power of the Great.

Here we have the gate of the salesman. It is energy to orchestrate closing of a deal. Selling the dream. The trick is whether you sell the dream with truth or non truths. Integrity is selling the dream and fulfilling the offerings you promise.

In the will center of heart, and will power, make sure you follow through with the other energy circuits for deals and finances to not sell and run. If this is a hanging gate, team up with others to allow your sale to follow up into an actual product or offerings / dream.

Ask yourself are yourself, Are my words and actions in alignment with my intentions of using my energy?

June 14 – 19

Sun in Gate 12 Earth in Gate 11

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The Sun has entered theĀ Human Design Gate 12 of CautionĀ in theĀ ThroatĀ Center. This is a Gemini Gate and in the I Ching is called Standstill.Ā 

The root of this energy is shyness if the mood is not right and boldness if it is. This is a powerful energy when it plugs into Source. Those with this defined and in an open Throat center, you have a tendency to channel or prophesies.

Timing is everything in Human Design and this gate is no exception. If you share not in alignment with your strategy, you will not be heard and see what will happen. Then you will be resentful and have a “See I told you so” energy.

If you are always just speaking and not waiting, enough times you will then paralyze your speech from the lack of receptiveness and things that went wrong you saw happen before they did. The “standstill” in your voice is a real struggle.

But when the timing is right you are the ultimate wordsmith. Make sure to wait to respond (Generator / Man Generator) or Wait to be invited (Projector).

The Earth is in Gate 11.

Gate of Ideas. I Ching: Peace in the Ajna Center.

So if concepts and imagination is a stream, then if you have this defined you will have a giant bucket full of ideas, versus just a cup full.

This time is when we all will have much more inspiration and imagination. The Earth is the grounding energy of the week. So grounding into the experiences and lessons in life to plant a seed of your inner creative process to bloom and grow in the future.

You may find yourself seeking much more than actually finding. Peace comes with always being on a quest and knowing not all ideas and imaginations are for you. Keep a running list and be excited for who the Universe brings for you to give this idea to. Or implement or respond to, to make your idea come to fruition.

more gates to come. ….

June 20 -25

Sun in Gate 15 Earth in Gate 10

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The Sun has enters theĀ Human Design Gate 15 of Extremes. I Ching : Modesty in the Self Identity (G) Center. (the diamond below the throat center) And is also entering Cancer on June 22.

This cardinal water sign of the crab is very maternal and all about the home. Nurturing yourself during this season aligns with the deep feeling Extremes gate and water signs of emotions. Align yourself more with nature. And find projects or work that benefits the World.

Gate 15 is a powerful, multifaceted energy. In the theme of self, self love, and identity, the gate of extremes represents love for humanity. Those who have this gate have a big aura, and are labeled sensitive, passionate, and or intense. This makes them self aware and wish to hide their feelings, but they just can’t.

This love for humanity gives us this week a deep connection to others and the natural world. This energy shows us that our fate and the fate of the natural world are intertwined.

So this week, what contribution do you want to make in the world and to your fellow human souls?

The Earth enters Gate 10

Gate 10 is Love of Self in the Identity Center (G) and is a perfect pair with Gate 15 to make sure our empathy and connection to our fellow humankind is fighting for empowerment.

I Ching : Treading

This energy of self love is associated with empowerment. This is lived out by example. If you have this defined (colored in and circled) You naturally empower others to live out their magnificence by demonstrating your own awesomeness!

Be careful because this is energy in the shadow that is of blaming others and taking the victim stance.

This week ground in meditation, finding your soul perspective for empowerment rather than getting caught up in the ego’s victim trip.

So what old energies and “victim stories” do you need to release? Let go, know that resolution is not always with hearing an apology. It is by healing your inner self and being grateful for this soul awakening life lesson.

June 26 – 30

Sun in Gate 52 Earth in Gate 58

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The Sun Enters Gate 52 Stillness

I Ching: Keeping Still Mountain

The energy of gate 52 Stillness, in the Root Center, has the capacity to sit in concentration for long periods of time. Think the Nat Geo photographer in the wild hidden in camouflage to get us the amazing footage of nature.

On the negative side, you may call this person a couch potato. This is, however a highly creative energy that enables you to wait in stillness for the right time and to take the right actions then and only then.

This week, what do you need to create stillness in your life?

The Earth enters Gate 58 Joy

I Ching: Joy in the Root center

This week the Universe is asking us to ground into the energy of joy of life. Write your gratitude journal, focus on what you have now, and how you are blessed.

On the other hand, make sure you are making actions and choices according to your strategy. Wait to respond for Generators and Manifesting Generators. Wait for the invitation for Projectors. Inform before you act for Manifestors. And Wait 28 days for Reflectors.

Otherwise, you will hit block and know you can have joy but do not have it. This can make you very bitter, frustrated, or angry.

The magic is to ground into understanding and practicing your strategy and waiting for timing to experience the magic and pure beauty of living in joy and gratitude.

What has happened when you didn’t wait to respond? How can you practice this moving forward?

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