Human Design Gates Explained: In Aries

green and purple gradient background with human design chart Aries symbol and text saying Aries Season

4 ways transits will affect your relationships

Did you know transits through the Astrological Zodiac of Aries activates the Gates (personality traits) in your Human Design chart?

This Fire sign is one that can cause great tension, yet if harnessed can be immense power for balance and change for the greater good.

Happy New Year empaths and happy spring Equinox

“The symbol and element that represents Aries is fire. So it’s the initiator. It reminds me a lot of the manifesting energy ” [3:00]

Use an example chart to go through Gates correlating to Aries:

Gate 21 : Will Center – The Treasurer [8:00]

Gate 42: Sacral Center – Finishing Things [12:00]

Gate 51: Will Center – Shock [14:00]

Gate 17: Ajna Center – Opinions [18:30]

Discernment is really important when we are receiving information from people during Aries Season.

Affirmations for Each gate [22:00]

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