Understanding the Toxic Interactions in Human Design Types: Generators vs. Manifesting Generators |S5 Ep27

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“Not everyone can move as quickly as I can. I need to do many things at once. That’s who I am. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Manifesting Generator Affirmation

Raven Scott S5 Ep27

Are you curious to learn the differences between Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators? This guide provides an in-depth look at how they differ and how you can determine which type you are.

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Heal from abuse by understanding your uniqueness through your human design chart.

Understand the difficult interactions between Unconscious Generators and Manifesting Generators in Human Design in this insightful episode!

Learn to recognize toxic patterns within relationships and how to heal your negative experiences through affirmations.

S5 Ep 23

When the Generator clashes with Manifesting Generator

The Generator sacral being with Motor for doing and an Energize bunny.

The Generator has a linear way of thinking and doing things.


NO PATIENCE FOR THE LINEAR PROCESS. They see the end result and skip over middle steps to the end.

The clash arrives when the Generator views them short cutting and doing everything backwards.The Man Gen is designed to envision the end result.

pink purple gradient with black text The Generator has a linear way of thinking and doing things

Manifesting Generators know shortcuts and have a very hands on trial and error creative process. They are labeled as flaky or careless.

pink and purple gradient black text The Man Gen has no patience for the linear process

Relationships between Unconscious Generators and Manifesting Generators can be filled with love, but they can also become toxic when certain patterns emerge. In this guide, you will gain insight into the difficult interactions between these two Energy Types in Human Design, so that you can recognize these toxic patterns and how to handle them.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a form of spiritual practice that uses one’s birth chart and astrology to gain insight into the subconscious patterns and behaviors that unconsciously control our lives. It focuses on recognizing and transforming unconscious patterns in order to improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By understanding one’s Human Design Energy Type, which includes which type of Generator they are (i.e. Unconscious or Manifesting), one can gain insight into how their own behavior affects others and what types of conflicts may arise due to unbalanced energies between them.

Identifying Unconscious and Manifesting Generators in Human Design

In Human Design, Generators are individuals who have an innate energy to put out into the world. Unconscious Generators make up about 33% of the population and have a “wait and see” attitude. This type tends to be reactive in social situations, drawing from their inner reserve before responding to stimuli from others. Manifesting Generators make up the other half of the population and have an active approach in life. They take action based on their intuition and instinctive urges, which can lead them into difficult interactions with Unconscious Generators if they don’t pay attention to the signals given by their peers.

Comparing the Type of Energy Each Generator Brings

The Unconscious Generator’s energy is rooted in their inner reserve, while the Manifesting Generator’s energy comes from outside themselves. Unconscious Generators draw strength and stability from their internal resources, while Manifesting Generators are more enthusiastic and flexible with their actions. This could create a tug of war during interactions between the two types if neither takes time to understand the other’s approach.

Analyzing Patterns of Toxic Interactions

Whenever Unconscious and Manifesting Generators come together, it is important to note the patterns of behavior that arise in order to prevent any sort of toxic interactions. If a Manifesting Generator has been explicitly told not to act on something but does so anyway, this could create a difficult situation for the Unconscious Generator who may feel taken advantage of or disrespected. It is important that both types take time to learn each other’s perspectives and try to be understanding when it comes to resolving conflicts.

Using Self Awareness to Navigate through Difficult Situations

In order to have success in these difficult interactions, both Unconscious and Manifesting Generators need to cultivate self-awareness. Self-awareness will help them recognize their own emotions and how they affect their behavior, as well as that of others. Asking for help from a loved one or professional can also be beneficial in providing clarity about thought processes and guiding a path towards healthier relationship dynamics.

How to Determine Your Human Design Type
Knowing your Human Design type is key to unlocking your true self and unleashing your full potential. To determine which type just fill out your birth information in the Jovian Archive Human Design FREE chart generator.

Consult a Human Design Reader, like myself, to confidently identify whether you’re a Generator or a Projector.

Get your custom chart reading

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