How to Break Free from the Fear the Narcissist Plants in your Mind S5 | Ep 25

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“I’m not saying you must forgive and forget on the contrary forgive and always remember. ”

Raven Scott S5 Ep25
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How to Break Free from Fear the Narcissist Plants in your Mind

Do you find yourself stuck in negative patterns due to fear and feel you cannot leave the Narcissist?

S5 Ep 23

Inspiration and Empowerment for Healing

Today I share an inspirational empowerment message so you can break free of your fear and being able to leave and live Narc Free. In doing so you become the strong anchor your children need when dealing with emotional abuse from their narc parent.

Here are some key moments:

  • It’s okay to let go of the resentment.
  • Being a good example for your children.
  • How do I stop hurting after narcissistic abuse
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25. Break free from people holding you back

Raven: Welcome to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast, where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host Raven Scott, 

a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I’m empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. This is season five episode 25 break free from people holding you back. 

Break free from people or patterns that are holding you back. In fear in comfort. . Break the bonds that bind you to mediocrity and keeping you from your authentic bad-ass self. 

Do your empath? Fear is the number one thing holding you back. I know as I’ve been there. This is your empowerment reminder. That only the monsters in your own head are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. I know your struggles. I am. In enough chat forums with survivors of narcissistic abuse. 

And I myself have moved through the anger and sadness that occurs when you grieve the loss of the person, you once thought they were. But it is your anger and resentment that will hold you in the toxic holding pattern, preventing you to fly free and live authentically. 

I’m not saying you must forgive and forget on the contrary forgive and always remember. So you may see the signs coming in the next relationship and teach the next generation what to look out for. But what I am saying, it’s okay to let go of the resentment. Yeah. 

And if not today, then set an intention that one day you will. They are human too. And they will face judgment day or karma and justice for the most part. Is out of your control. So focus on what you can control. 

Your peace of mind, your soul, your sanity. Any example that you set for your children? 

And love will set you free. 

I don’t know, expand a bit on this topic. Of being a good example for your children. I know a lot of you. Uh, going through this heartache and struggle. As a parent and you’re watching your children suffer from the abuse of your spouse. Because they’re still in their life. And of course it is not a perfect world where there’s going to be. You have them 100%. 

You know, they do have to interact with the narcissist. And what you can do. Is the best you can do for them. 

As much as you ache and desire for life to be perfect for them. They are just as you. Went through and are going through. This process of becoming a very bright diamond. You were the rock. The steady rock and root. That is. The anchor in the storm. 

Continue to work on yourself and your healing. And your connection to your authentic self and divine source. And they will see as they get older and going through all these different trials. That. The narcissist parent is wrong. And they’re going to go through their own process of rage and anger. After they’ve awakened, how much brainwashing that they experienced from the narcissist. 

They will push and fight away. They will hate them. Maybe they won’t talk to them anymore. And this is all just a process. And I know you want. Their life to be perfect. And you don’t want them to suffer at the hands of this horrible. Toxic person that unfortunately you feel like also you’re beating yourself up about that. You did make this baby with. 

But just as you you give your child, grace. Give yourself grace. You are. All on this karmic journey. Going through this. Very difficult situation for a reason. And all I can say is continue to have hope that you will get through it together. 

Continue to work on what you can control and the resources that you have to do your best. To raise the healthiest, most balanced child that you can in the midst of chaos. And as the storm calms. And they pull themselves away from the narcissist as they get older. They will be stronger and wiser for it. 

So keep the faith, keep hope. In this really difficult situation that you’re in right now. 

Thank you so much for all of your reviews. You guys. And I wanted to highlight a listener. This week. Shout out to live March. 

The review reads really important show. If you’ve been involved with a narcissist, you know, how isolating it can be. And I’m so glad this podcast exists, I’ll be sending it to many people. I know Raven is a fantastic host and she’s so warm and empathic. I love the meditation aspect of all the healing tools. 

Thank you so much for your reviews. And keep them coming in that we look forward to looking through all these and highlighting one of our listeners each week And if you were like me, you were probably asking yourself if you’re. In the midst of this pain, how do I stop hurting after narcissistic abuse? Because this abuse and the turmoil that happened while you were with doesn’t just end. Now that you’re gone, it doesn’t poof away. . 

They’ve made such a mess of wires and your system nervous system and your thought patterns in your brain. That now after you leave the narcissist, you have to untangle all the wires. You have to it’s actually feels like a longer process than being able to finally break free of. Becoming your authentic self and knowing who you are. 

I, one of the reasons why I love human design is it gives you that big, like light bulb aha moment. To untangle some of those wires. As well as the 10 day, how to overcome the pain of your past from narcissistic abuse. Audio series that I’ve created for you, and I’m offering this to you free. 

And you can grab that link in the show notes. It guides you through how to overcome the pain, how to release the anger. And how to live narc free. It’s a mixture of mentor teachings. It’s every day you have an audio to listen to some days you’ll have a healing exercise. Other days you have a meditation. 

And it just gives you support. And. 

Every Friday, I’ll be hosting live Q and A’s. In the empath healing support Facebook group, so don’t wait, grab your free 10 day audio series and the link in the show notes. I hope that this information was helpful and useful to you to live narc free. 

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