Understanding the Toxic Interactions in Human Design Types: Generators vs. Projectors

“If you wish to find the path of ease and abundance, befriend a Projector and ask them how you should do something before you do it.”

Raven Scott S5 Ep23

Are you curious to learn the differences between Human Design Generators and Projectors? This guide provides an in-depth look at how they differ and how you can determine which type you are.

Heal from abuse by understanding your uniqueness through your human design chart.

S5 Ep 23

When the Generator clashes with Projector

The Generator sacral being with Motor for doing and an Energize bunny.

The projector is am amplifier of that Motor and observes everything fast to know the most efficient and best way to work.

The clash arises when the generator expects everyone to be just like them, an energize bunny, and view the projector as a sloth and labels them lazy.

This gets aggravated more with the narcissists’ criticizing tactics to continually put the Projector down for being uniquely themselves.

Human Design Generators and Projectors have different energies and propensities, allowing each to make unique contributions to the world. Understanding the differences between these two types is essential to understanding your own design, therefore it’s helpful to know how a Generator may respond differently than a Projector in certain situations.

What are Human Design Generators and Projectors?
Human Design Generators and Projectors are two main archetypes within the Human Design System. Generators have a centralized life force and a mirrored energy that is best used to receive information and be of service, while Projectors have an outward-oriented life force, which means they are often more adept at reading the environment and directing others.

The Key Differences of Human Design Generators vs. Projectors
Human Design Generators and Projectors have different orientations within the energy of Human Design. Generators are designed to be receptive to outer energies and feedback to access inner wisdom, while Projectors are focused on initiating interactions and leading with their projections. That being said, both types will benefit from accessing their subtle body energies for guidance and self-understanding.

Characteristics of Human Design Generators
Generators are here to receive information from the external world. They respond to experiences with patience and in their own time. By learning to recognize subtle body cues, they can become fully informed and empowered in their decisions. Generators move through life by surrendering to the ebbs and flows of life around them. They rely on staying open and being a source of inspiration for those around them.

Characteristics of Human Design Projectors
Projectors serve a very different role in the world, as they are meant to interact with people and share guidance and wisdom. Rather than deep personal fulfillment, their drive is more focused on external appreciation and recognition. Their energy works best when they allow others to come in contact with it, through observation or interaction. Projectors tend to observe situations before acting, seeking to discern where their genuine contribution is best used. They are highly sensitive beings, who rely heavily on external feedback loops when making decisions.

How to Determine Your Human Design Type
Knowing your Human Design type is key to unlocking your true self and unleashing your full potential. To determine which type just fill out your birth information in the Jovian Archive Human Design FREE chart generator.

Consult a Human Design Reader, like myself, to confidently identify whether you’re a Generator or a Projector.

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