Kidnapped by psycho ex!: The 4 Best Practices for Empaths Dealing With Anxiety After A Tragic Experience| S5 Ep 20

It’s not the traumas that made us stronger. It’s our choice to heal every day that makes us stronger.” 

-Ozzin Jun
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Are you an empath dealing with anxiety after a tragic experience from physical abuse, emotional abuse, or even kidnapping or rape as our guest today experienced? Then listen to these 4 tips for understanding, addressing and healing your emotional pain.

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How to Decondition your subconscious to manifest life of dreams after narcissistic abuse

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Kidnapped by psycho ex!: The 4 Best Practices for Empaths Dealing With Anxiety After A Tragic Experience

Being an empath can be a double-edged sword. While heightened empathy may have its positive sides, it can also make you more vulnerable to anxiety after a traumatic experience. However, there are certain steps that you can take to manage and heal your emotional pain. Here are 4 ways empaths can cope with anxiety after a traumatic event.

Recognize Your Empathic Ability 

First and foremost, it is essential to recognize the fact that you are an empath. Acknowledging your empathic trait can help you better understand why you may be feeling more sensitive or anxious than others around you. It’s important to remember that fears associated with empathy are valid, but they can be worked through with proper guidance and support.

Check In With Yourself Regularly

In order to cope with anxiety as an empath following a traumatic experience, it is important to check in with yourself regularly. Notice the way you’re feeling and use that information as a guide for behavior. Check in with your physical body, too. Are you tired? Hungry? How are your mood and energy levels? Be conscious of how you’re responding and reacting to your environment in order to better understand when it may be time to take a break or seek out help.

 “That thing gave me the bravery, the forgive. The gratitude, the love towards even that abuser to still love this guy. I don’t need contact with this guy, but I fully forgive him. I release myself free from it. And my big vision, my calling, because if you have a calling that you cry for on a soul level, this is where you get ready for anything  nothing and no one can destroy or stop you.”
“True love is very different. It’s very timeless and you will feel it.”

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  • Accept the Feelings quickly
  • Feel it deeply – 
  • Release it by – cry, yell in pillow, dance, clean, journaling
  • Gain support system, SW, therapy,  friend
  • Practice mindfulness through visualization and imagination near a body of water

Create a Support System

Empaths need healthy supportive relationships to keep their mental health in check. Surround yourself with people who will listen without judgment or bias. Reach out to your family and friends when you’re feeling distressed, talk it out and take comfort in being around those that understand. Encourage positive self-talk, replace any negative thoughts with positive ones as much as possible. Additionally, connect with an understanding therapist who can help you work through the emotional symptoms of anxiety that are often caused by a traumatic experience.

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Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care 

Mindfulness, or being present in the moment and observing one’s thoughts, feelings and circumstances without judgment, is a useful tool for empaths dealing with anxiety after a traumatic experience. Devote time each day to check in with yourself. Connect with your emotions by identifying how you’re feeling, what might be triggering any upset and practice deep breathing to calm your body and mind. Supplement daily mindfulness practice with self-care rituals such as yoga, creating art or listening to music.

About our guest

Ozzin Jun is the number one international business celebrity mentor . She wasn’t always this successful C E O of her own company. Jun International Coaching. She was a university dropout. She was kidnapped three times and then got back into university to really achieve her dreams and to conquer the trauma that she experienced in her past.

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Transcript: 20. Kidnapped by her Ex: 4 Ways to Ease Anxiety after Traumatic Experience Ozzin


Welcome to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast, where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host Raven Scott, 

a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I’m empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. and said, I’m kidnapped, please help. And this is where he took the phone and he crashed it down on the floor tap into that badass is to take a clear cop decision. , it’s the same thing with healing. Friends can tell you this guy is abusive or things.

Ozzin Jun: However, you have to make a choice. I’m gonna get out . 

This is season five, episode 20. 

Raven: four best practices for empaths, dealing with anxiety after a tragic experience. 

Just reminder. This podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional help. 

Raven Scott: This episode is sponsored by Better Help Who offers licensed therapists who are trained to allow you to talk to your therapist in a private online environment.

Raven: Are you in empath dealing with anxiety after a tragic experience? Follow these four tips for understanding and addressing and healing your emotional pain. With our guest today, Ozzin

Ozzin. Jun is the number one international business celebrity mentor . She wasn’t always this successful C E O of her own company. June International Coaching. She was a university dropout. She was kidnapped three times and then got back into university to really achieve her dreams and to conquer the trauma that she experienced in her past.

Being an empath can be a double-edged sword. While heightening empathy may have its positive sides. It can also make you more vulnerable and to anxiety after a traumatic experience. However, there are certain steps that you can take to manage and heal your emotional pain. Here are four ways empaths can cope with anxiety after a traumatic event.

Let’s dive into the conversation with Ozzin.

Hello Ozzin welcome to the show. How are you?

Ozzin Jun: I’m doing great. Thank you so much, Raven. How are you doing?

Raven: I’m well, thank you. , we’re really gonna be inspiring the listeners here today, that no matter what they’ve gone through, they can shift from, releasing the pain of their past and shifting into a badass, which I love that latest reel that you had posted.

It was so raw and beautiful. , share with us a bit about your journey and becoming your own badass as a c e o of your own.

Ozzin Jun: Yes. I love to thank you so much. And I would say, in life, there’s so many things that, that just happens in terms of circumstances or certain traumas, and I think it’s, the choice how to flip that in different ways that serves us with different perspectives. And to give a bit more context about my journey, where I started, before I started my entrepreneurship, that was when I.

In corporation, I work in hotels. I did my apprenticeship here in Switzerland, until I realized I’m an artist. I’m very creative driven and that was when I was 18 and I dropped out. So I’m a uni need drop out. I’m not here encouraging to drop out, but I’m just encouraging, you gotta follow the path that, calls you the most.

And then in 2000, ,, that was where a lot of, horrible experiences happened to me in terms of abusive relationships and including the whole kid story, which I will dive deeper into it in a minute. And that changed a lot. And, and I think that one of the things I do wanna highlight, after you went through a lot of traumas, the things that people say the most is, oh, you’re so strong.

You’ve overcame all of this. You’re such a strong woman. But my view on that is, is I wanna tell people, you are strong now because, The things it does, it’s not the traumas that made us stronger. It’s our choice to heal every day that makes us stronger. And that we knew that when you go through such a massive things, it just shows you that you can conquer this.

You can flip that and it, it gives you a lot of courage and when you go really down in your life, then it also means you can go really high in your life and that you’re probably a history maker when you have that. Cause you get this gift and empathy level. So. When I was 18, I decide to be an entrepreneur.

I dropped out, I was a freelance artist. Throughout one year, I’ve learned languages. It was the year of exploration to me that brought to my purpose. And then I tapped into, digital marketing copywriting and shifted since one and one and a half years ago as a business mentor because I could combine all my various skill sets into one thing and become the badass.

And that’s a. That happened in a process of the past, I would say months and years. But the first takeaway I wanna give to the audience to tap into that badass is to take a clear cop decision. It’s the same thing with healing. Friends can tell you this guy is abusive or things.

However, if we are convinced the other, you can never get out. Is very unfortunate, but you have to make a choice. I’m gonna get out and I’m gonna raise my levels. That, so it’s a power of choice. And the second thing is, is to make your badass list. , think of the things that you are really proud of that was really hard to conquer, and you write things down.

Virtually on a paper and whenever you are lacking the confidence, pull up the list and remind yourself how badass you were. Because if you can do this, you can do the other. And you stretch the comfort zone to maintain, to be a badass as well.

Raven: Mm. Powerful. Yeah. Our words and our thoughts do create our experiences. So writing that. And setting an intention in making that decision. That’s exactly it, yes. So tell us about, you said you’ve experienced some abusive relationships.

Before you share your kidnapping story. 

And we get into the commercial break. Right. I’m going to share an inspirational audio clip Don’t focus on changing anything in your outer world, but rather focus on changing your relationship with yourself and the outer world lines up. 


Was that a, a romantic relationship? You, did you meet them in uni or tell us more about your story.

Ozzin Jun: Yeah. So in, in terms of the whole thing, it was, it all started in 2018. So I was, working in a hotel and this is where I got to know this guy who was back then, my boyfriend and we were in a romantic. Relationship together, but very early. I also realized that it was very unhealthy. The jealousy level was high.

The control, he was a control freak and he would stuck stalk me everywhere. And so after raising multiple conversation, I knew that this is something I had to put an end to. But when I raced this, the sky would go even more insane. So this is. Things started to escalate more on next level, where I got a hundred calls a day.

He stalked me and followed me to school. He came to the train station and there were multiple ways on how he harassed me and threatened me. And after going through that, I had stole my choice, which is I don’t want to be with this guy anymore. And I’ve did it many, many times with good intentions.

A lot of women have that. You, we believe we can change a guy. We’re, we can build and change that and heal this. , and I always have this intention to make it as a good end, but people who don’t have the emotional capacity to comprehend that and to lead in is, it’s just not possible.

So with this guy, after I’ve said multiple times, , no, no, no. , have to break up, this is where he just dragged me into the car and, Kidnapped not just one times, it happened three times on a row and I, and I went missing and I didn’t go to school for three months. And the third time it escalated so much.

That was in 2019, where I got also raped, where he dragged me into a hotel room. And where, into other places that were. To physically abuse me, to mentally abuse me. I was in dark rooms, locked up in cars for hours, screaming and crying. And I was emotionally in such a point where I almost fainted because you’re too shocked and your body just cannot take it anymore.

That was where I was in and I could not, , my hands were injured, body parts also. And, this was where I mentally saw. To this is it. I, I cannot get out of this anymore, and it was really hard. And what specifically happened, especially on the third kidnapping, was that after he took me and, I was in a car, I was , hitting him to let me go, to get me out of the car.

But if we couldn’t, because we were literally in a mo motor freeway way, and if I would hit him, we would have an accident. So I had to control myself and the moment, he stopped in a petrol station, that was my chance to get away from. And this is where I ran out and I flee from him. And it was literally at 2:00 AM in the morning, in the midst of nowhere in Switzerland.

And he came after me, and tried to pull my hair, get me back into the car, and I had my phone and I went on WhatsApp. And because I was such in a, urgency to survive, I texted my first. Sent the GP p s location and said, I’m kidnapped, please help. And this is where he took the phone and he crashed it down on the floor.

And this is where I lost contact with everyone from that moment on. And, and then I was there, crying on the floor for hours and hours. And it’s a, it’s a long story, but how I got found was, a guy, he found me actually on the street back then. . And, and he, and he was by chance a police officer. So it was something really godly or angelic that was protecting me.

And that guy said, , I’m not abusive in any form, I’m a real police. He showed these things and built a trust with me and, and also that friend that sent this location to, it was not even a good friend of mine, not even a close friend. But this guy, he took it serious and he also came as soon as possible.

He found me up. So the timing was really lucky on how I could get out of this, because before my, ex returned and attacked me back in ways, I was already with the police and we could put it in. Spot or place where, we could take the situation directly to the police office station. And then from there, from there on of course through the police, he had no other choice but to stop because he got warnings.

And I went through a court trial that been three years on. And the consequence that has left is just very heavy because that left me with anxiety, panic attacks, trust issues, crying day overnight that comes by. So that’s kind of as for the incident that happened to me. And, yeah, and there’s a lot, now going on.

Now I’m in a loving, good relationship, after all of these things, which I didn’t expect, but it took a massive feeling and it’s still sometimes a process.

Raven: Yeah. That is an just an incredible story of survival and yes, there was definitely divine timing and serendipity there for you , to get into contact with that police officer, just so that Right. Timing before he could come back and after smashing your phone, I’m, is this within 24 hours of him smashing your phone that you ran into the police officer on the street?

Ozzin Jun: Yes, yes. That was very lucky. After I snatched down and I was there around, and then the police officer came a few hours later, and then also my friend, so that was. Orchestrated really well in terms of the timing. However, it seems really good, but it’s just, it was not the end because this guy would threaten me, my family, wanna commit suicide attack me and so many different other ways.

And yeah, that was really hard to get out of it, but, Now, fast forward 2023, I’m done with that. It’s okay, and I’m able to publicly speak up and it’s actually the first time that happens this year. So I’m happy to share that. And, not happy for the woman who goes through this, but I, I do wanna inspire people that it does not matter how dark your past is or how horrific, because many women, many people suffer through that.

but it, it’s your choice to make it light. It’s your choice to accept it as a gift as well. So, yeah.

Raven: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for being an inspiration and being so brave to speak up there. There are women out there who have never said anything about what they’ve experienced and they have experienced what you have, even if it isn’t physical kidnapping into the car. But I, I’m sure it happens so much more often than not, and it is always with somebody who was in our life that we know, that we trusted.

And , it’s so traumatic. So as we were going through this process, how were we able to. First have that bravery to continue on in the court trials and to ease your anxiety throughout that process.

Ozzin Jun: Yes. So I would say the whole thing was the court trial. That was unfortunately later, not a choice anymore because here in Switzerland, according to the laws, The moment the police knows that it’s an official delict because it’s a sexual, raping and, other things. So I actually regret that it went to the police, because of the whole Hazel you have to go through as a victim.

You have to tell your story over and over again. I was literal. Sitting on my own birthday for 10 hours at the court, crying my heart out and and trying to express. And then you have other lawyers on the other side. They’re confronting you. Oh, you did this intentionally and why didn’t you just , call the police?

And I used to trying to explain them. When you’re getting kidnapped, you don’t have much time. You don’t have much time to call. Take your phone. And people who didn’t go through this, they don’t get it. Of course. On that level and the emotions around it makes it really.

But my bravery was, I think it came from a place of love because when I chose to forgive myself, forgive that abuser, it released me and, and also the bravery came for the people who are going through that because. When I was in this dark phase of going through this physical pain, I was even at that point, I could not even open my jaw.

And that was due stress. I was , crunch my teeth together and I could not open it. And I, I cried so much that my eyes would hurt and my physical body was destroyed. And that is the power of thought. You can literally destroy your own body. And I got literally physically destroyed from this guy because of the abuse as well.

Raven: Mm-hmm.

Ozzin Jun: It was all of the thing that, the pain was so, not bearable anymore that I was thinking. Wow. And they’re actually every single day women going through that. And that’s the thing I wanna change, I wanna stand up for, it’s not just here to motivate people or to do beautiful, positive talks, but , it is a serious thing that is going on daily in people’s life.

And, and it requires a lot of context. And that thing gave me the bravery, the forgive. The gratitude, the love towards even that abuser to still love this guy. I don’t need contact with this guy, but I fully forgive him. I release myself free from it. And my big vision, my calling, because if you have a calling that you cry for on a soul level, this is where you get ready for anything nothing and no one can destroy or stop you.

That, and, I would say that’s the. that helped me. And in terms of my anxiety, I think that’s not a one off thing, how to deal with it. I, I have a process and one of the things is to accept it fast because often we kind of fight back. So whenever I feel angry or resentment or any of these.

Things, or I feel emotional or sad, I would just accept it. I’d rather cry for, half an hour and literally burst out or cry in my room or scream around, instead of dragging it down the road for the whole day or for whole weeks. So I’m very, I can be very deep and dramatic. But then I just, do it in that moment.

And after I’m. Just continue the things. So I would say accept it, accept it fast, and then, feel it intense. Express it fully, whether it’s for someone music, whether it’s sports, whether it’s for you, talking to a friend or just be really angry and get the things out. And then from there, reframe that and put yourself into a different frequency that inspires you.

And that’s where also my podcast emerged with inspiration science because it’s the highest frequency, it’s love, gratitude, and enlightenment. And if you can turn that things after filling in intense, into an inspirational things, into what’s possible now, that’s something that always uplifted.

Spirit and from there, I, I could handle a lot of things better as well, and the faith as well too.

Raven: That’s amazing. Yeah, I’ve listened to it. Excuse me. I listened to it and one of the ones, just the la latest, episode about the heart you’re a guest on about the electro frequencies in the heart was so incredible. So it’s definitely a good listen cuz it, it, it connects that science and the healing of the energies together.

Yeah. I love it. So definitely go check her podcast out. What was it again?


science. Yeah. Inspiration Science. Yeah.

Ozzin Jun: wanna add on actually something else because it’s something that people don’t know because they asked me what’s actually the purpose, why inspiration science? And I just pointed it out because of the frequency that is so high in spirit with inspiration, but it actually emerged from a really, really dark place.

There’s a whole different story that happened with a girl that is indirectly associated to me, and it was on that night when she wanted to. Suicide and she was very creepy. I still don’t know until today who she really is. However, the term inspiration science coined from the day on. And, I, I realized when, if you wanna go really high in life, you have to be, Able to hold the power also in your downs.

And many people when it comes to the personal power, they only hold it up when they are very successful. You make a lot of money, you’re very high. Then it’s easy, you’re super in this wide, you get on people’s calls, but then when things punches you down and you get low wipe, this is where you’re tested with the whole personal.

And I really realized in healings, it’s such a sensitive topics, you hear a lot of different perspectives. But what has worked for me doesn’t mean it works for others. And this is where the science come in to evolve your own science. And this is what I mean by your foundations of how you have relationship, how you run your business.

And, that, that’s the point to, to know you have to get rid of all the shoulds and to know that there is a universal path that is right for you.

Raven: Mm. Yeah. That’s amazing. That science of experimenting and being curious rather than staying and wallowing in that victimhood, and this is gonna defeat me and always defeat me. Yeah, just that repetitive time. It’s , so, okay, so you kept on getting pulled back in with your ex, right? It wasn’t he kidnapped you one time.

It was three times. It’s test number one. Test number two. Same thing with our listeners. If you’ve been in multiple relationships with narcissist, which is very common by the way, so don’t feel horrible about yourself. It’s , all right, each, each. Relationship. Each experience is a test and a trial for you to come out even stronger and even brighter.


Ozzin Jun: I love that. Yeah, but it’s, it’s very true. You know what you mentioned with the patterns, I think that’s an interesting thing to zoom in because. Many times, , with I, I think also with narcissists, I have friends who also experienced that, they say their father was a narcissist, and then they attract girlfriends who are a narcissist and they have friends or other people and even their romantic partner end up as a narcissist and they cannot stop the thing.

And in my case, I. I mean, before I had other boyfriend, but they were not on a level , very toxic or thing. It just didn’t align with me back then, or the guy that I would see my life with. But with that guy, I feel that, it, it keeps you in a devil cycle. It’s you wanna get out and you know it’s not good for you.

So what you do is the logical things you break up or you. If the communication fails and you don’t see a way out, well you gotta end it If that costs your peace. However, what people don’t get and say, yeah, just end it, , it’s so easy. It’s not easy because that guy, if he’s not able to communicate and comprehend that, acceptance.

Then he will go after you. He will, do the stalkings and even the things that you, mentioned I broke up with this guy probably 25 times or 50 times. But this guy didn’t , physically leave me alone. He didn’t spiritually accept it. And with harass. and, and then I was in midst of my exams back then as well in school, in my year of doing my economics and law studies.

And, my thing was I have to get through my exams and to the, the reason why I could go back in my first one and two kidnapped, the way I got back home was to act along with that guy. Because if I would make him mad, I would probably not get home. But if I would act along and just give what he wanted, I.

Be home. So as bad it sounds and for everyone, going through that, I, I’ve learned throughout my journey, there’s one thing I can get, get, , give away is document everything. Especially when it comes to abuse. Document, make screenshots, do the evidence. Even if you don’t wanna go to police, you never know because sometimes.

The police comes to you, sometimes other things happens in life and you need to back it up. In this world, unfortunately, to bring this out, it’s not just enough to say, I went through this. And the way your ability to communicate it upwards and then from there on, be strong because in the process it’s gonna be many times painful.

You have to explain to your friends, your family, to the courts, the. , I’m, there’s gonna be a lot of questions back and I’ve just deal, learned with how to, , think about my MD goal, which is, , I wanna empower people in the world. I’m doing it not just for myself. I’m talking on behalf of many million women.

So I’m an ambassador for that, and that gave me the power. And then from there on, basically , move forward with, what can be done now. So that has helped, enormously.

Raven: Yes. And I wanted to ask you, did you have a support system? Did you have your family to lean on throughout the trial and really healing from your P T S D? Really? I’m sure you had P T S D from this circumstance. Did you have that support system or how did you find that?

Ozzin Jun: Yes. So in terms of my support system, I actually, after I actually re returned back from that night, from the kidnapping that happened on the third time, it was actually funny cause my mom and everyone, , they, they are so much worried and they would cry and. Say , what happened to you?

And I was so under pressure, it was literally the weeks of the finals and I missed out three months in school. And I missed out 30 exams. And my school director people would say , , you have to repeat your ear. You have to go to therapy. You are not in the good mental state.

And I told them I will do it. So I. I, I ex, , I actually convicted my school director that I will take all the exams within just one week and just do whatever it takes and try. And I still graduated as a second best student in school. And the ways I did it is I, back then I just told my mom, I’m really sorry that all these things also happened, and to make her worry however, I need to study now.

And after I got to graduation, after when things happening, it all came. Together and in the court journey and, when this went on, in Switzerland there is actually an instance where even the people from the government, they have socials, worker, they’re really nice. One of the amazing women, she came with me and supported me.

I did have some , close best. Who came to me on the nights and just listened to me as well. I actually scrub on the street because of so much sadness and things. And for my mom, that is a very complicated thing, she’s very caring, very caring. And she worries a lot.

However, it’s a different story and something that I had to learn with, that she, I felt something that she was attacking me in a way of, I told you he was bad. I told him You should have broken up earlier. And then she would come with all type of phrases that would make me double upset. I was cry more and so I was already burning, but it’s mom was putting oil to the fire and it blew up.

And, and that came across to me as not supportive. Whereas friends or strangers, they would support me more. That’s the funny thing in the journey, people who are neutral to the things, they’re sometimes even a greater listener because they’re not your mom, they’re not that close. And she did this only because she was so worried, you know?

Because didn’t mean it because she was traumatized too. It traumatized my whole family. 


Raven: I remember when I first left my ex how I lost everyone and I felt alone. We are not meant to go through these extreme hard times alone. We are meant to heal in community, in ritual, in circles, and to have people pull us out of our holding patterns. This is why I’ve created the Empath Healing Community.

I believe that you need, and you will receive a group of like-minded empaths on a similar healing. , your questions answered in q and a. Events live meditations, inspiring music that you can listen to and pump you up while you’re working out. Education on healing as empaths and how to use your human design as a tool to do so and a monthly group healing ceremony circle.

The next one is February 25th, 9:00 AM. PST. 

Raven: You can join the community today click the link and the show notes.

Ozzin Jun: that’s the thing. And obviously the last instance where I got support was my current boyfriend. So while this whole thing was going on, my mind was programmed. I don’t want to have a boyfriend, I don’t need a guy right now.

And especially after going through that, I’m now career women. Focus on your career. No boyfriend, no problem. And, and 


Raven: boyfriend, no problem. I love that

Ozzin Jun: Yes. Guy came. I was , where are you coming from? Disturbing my peace again. I was , no, but, but that, he was different. He was different. And from the get-go, we clicked and he gave me so much understanding and he empowered me to heal.

I empowered him to heal because he didn’t have good experiences either. In the past, and this is where in the last court trial that I. Before this thing ended, he was actually part of it. He came after the whole court trial to pick me up and, it was very releasing. I cried, as well a lot. But, I would say also with the current relationship, just, after this horrible things, I had a lot of nights or weeks where I just cry out.

My boyfriend knows that I sometimes still have panic attacks that comes up. I have, enormous protection walls around me in terms of. , oh, I really love him, however, I don’t want to get hurt. What if he does that? What if that, and before that even happens, what I would do is just to break up, get away.

I don’t even want to indulge into that. So you, you love a little bit less, you commit a little bit less and you take back because of the fear. And I learned and as coordinate sounds, my boyfriend says this phrase every time to me, he always says, are you fully holding my hand? Do you. And I always see that as a thing, as a met tougher, that in a relationship, I, I was holding his hand, but my other arm was stretching out to the pool of, the pool to the edge of it because you kind of wanna make sure in case you think you still have the edge.

But to give fully my hand to him, that, that took me a lot. And sometimes I still, , have, fears around other things such as living together, doing next level things in relationships.

Raven: Yeah.

Ozzin Jun: But this patience, it, the right people who love you, they will understand it. And back then I had an illusion that the other thing, that this was true love.

And when you literally experience true love, you will be shocked. True love is very different. It’s very timeless and you will feel it. And. That’s kind of the beauty in it, that you can heal and I’m doing really so, so much better. So it’s an ongoing process, but yeah, 80% it’s much better.

Raven: It is a beautiful soul connection, soulmate, karmic, very similar to what I experienced. I had met mine just a couple weeks after I moved out and I had . Zero energy on the radar to be dating at all. I was just, just , you, , just focus on myself, my career, just getting back on my feet. And then Poppy appeared and it was , well, okay, here it is.

, let’s see what happens. And it’s , neutral, beige, old sweater, right? There’s no flashy sparkling lights on it. There’s nothing that’s going to be distracting you. It’s there when you need it. It gives you space when you have those kind of worry moments and panic attacks, it has the patience. And there is someone, for all of you listening out there that is that, but they’re not flashy. They’re kind of boring and that’s actually a good thing. That’s the struggle, right? It’s you think the flashy is true love. You think that that’s real love. That’s the first thing you’ve maybe really experienced in that connect.

what do they call it? The is it the soul fire? What is that term? Oin that goes around everywhere?

Ozzin Jun: So fire, so bond 

Raven: Yeah. It’s The fire, something about a fire soul. It’s that’s not always good. . Usually the fire soul is the narcissist in the empath coming together to teach them something, but it’s very traumatic in this experience.


Ozzin Jun: Yeah, but , it just reminds me on another thing and I think that’s the, the thing I would share with people, whether you are a guy or a girl, if you haven’t met your soulmate or whatever you wanna call it, your dream partner. Yet, I think one of the best ways when it comes to healing and attracting your partner, both in one club is to.

High mission and purpose. If you become your best self, and let’s say in a practical sense, how do I mean it? It’s you show up. It could be online, it could be right now the show that Raven does, doing a podcast, being on stage and speaking your truths. If you are bubbly, edgy, then show it to the world.

That’s who you are. If you’re someone very sassy and things in your controversial, you have your ways, you’re very funny. Show this to the world. I, I really believe the more you show the true self of yourself, and get yourself out there is kind of the visibility level. Of course, the likelihood of you being discovered by the right guy, will increase.

It’s not because you’re doing it for the sake of attracting him. You’re doing it for the sake of the purpose that you’re dying for. And when you do that, it’ll come always in an unexpected. And the people that the person that you attract, is gonna be in match with, your high vibrational vision.

And it’s gonna understand it because, , , it, it’s just aligned to that because you spoke your truth. There is no mask to that because on also in social media, I’m the same person now. I’m the same person with my boyfriend. I don’t have to fake this thing. And if you try to be someone who you’re not, it’s very exhausting.

It’s very exhausting. And it’s, it’s, it’s gonna be almost difficult to make more money. And the, the moment you. Holy shit. I can be really funny and I can be very edgy and I have my ways, but people actually love that. While you can still be professional and do your thing, that’s what my boyfriend loves about me, the quirky parts of me, but also my clients who know, wow, she’s professional, but she can be very serious and go deep in things.

That’s the 360 degree of us in June. And also when you speak your. Many people, they leave out parts of their story. We can speak all stories, but we leave out these two, three parts of the story. But maybe the left out parts are the ones that people need to hear the most. The things that feels very illegal to share are the very legal things you should be sharing.

Your mess is the message to the world. And this is where realize you start to. The expressions start to heal and you will have your dream partner, and until then, you are your own best husband. You gotta marry yourself and own yourself worth.

Raven: I mean, Ozzin, you’re so wise. You are amazing. Absolutely. I’m so many amazing quotes I get to pull out and feature on and it’s , oh my gosh, you can put that on a . T-shirt. Your mess is your message. Yeah. And talking about that vibrational frequency you do attract. The same frequency of energy as you’re operating at, you attract the same frequency.

It’s kind of magnetism, so always focusing on being mindful of, your higher virtues, your meditation practices. We had Sanjib Nandi . On the show recently in episode 12, talking about five powerful techniques for increasing your vibration to repel the narcissist. And of course, as we’re talking about Ozzin, attracting your soulmate, and that is the key to it.

So if meditation’s boring, Ozzin, do you have other ways that you’ve increased your vibration in your mindfulness?

Ozzin Jun: Oh, absolutely. It’s actually funny to say that because me and my boyfriend, we actually always laugh when I tried to do meditation. I always laugh my ass up because I cannot see Sears. I always have the, crazy thought that pop up and I always found it so boring and I was , how do people do that?

So I will find out, , meditation happens in many ways. Some people it’s for walks, some people it’s playing music or writing can be meditative, journaling. So you gotta find your way. And the best way is to do it because you have to experience it. Either you need a guide to do it properly or just to do all of these things and then choose the things that sticks or lends the most with you.

But , the way I do it to be in high frequency, the first thing is imagination. That’s been for me the biggest. , imagination is when you’re in a bad spot or a low vibe, I, I can close my eyes or I can do it even with open eyes. I go to a place where, for me, water kind of calms me down or I go out and I imagine the world where it, it’s very inspirational to me because I can be in a dark.

Spot. However, the place I’m going to, the place I feel married to with the whole, kingdom and the world itself, the things are much more glittery, they’re much more, beautiful and I create the things out of me and it’s not as. Gaping. It’s creating a reality around you and actually marrying into that.

And then in the literature world, you’re moving with that frequency as if it’s already done. So the company I wanna build, the things I wanna do, it’s already done. And the people I want on my show, whether it’s celebrities, high level people, I see them as the equal. , and this is with the things, when you put this energy out, You attract those people.

, it comes with ease. The money comes with ease and the things. So meditation for me is imagination. To sit down, to go to water, doing these things and feeling it. And also with, people say how, , you can be very superficial. You can imagine a luxury villa and, and then so what?

It’s not gonna change. I don’t feel better. Sorry. So I always say, tune into a feeling that was similar to you. For example, when people say, I want to have a happy marriage and that soulmate, but it’s really hard for them to imagine that because obviously they haven’t married in their life yet. So what I do.

Think about your current boyfriend when you’re in a loving relationship, when you kiss them, how does it feel? It feels glitter. It feels awesome and things. You feel the magical twist. You feel the things and you take that sparks and tune it into the same feeling of a happy marriage. And the same thing with money.

If you haven’t bombed your pancake a hundred K, if that’s of course what you want and people say, I cannot, imagine I don’t know how it feels to make a hundred k. How would I be able to do that? And then I asked them, when was the last time you received any paycheck? 5K 2k? Doesn’t matter what K but in the moment you, were you happy?

And then you tune the same feeling into translating it into the hundred K and , you have to use similar feelings, similar his and stuff that is on the match of the vibration of where you’re going to and when you do that, I hate really the advice. Fake it until you make it. And I change it to make it until you make it, you know?

And that’s how I do it, imagination. I make it until I make it. I’m here, I’m there. I’m this powerful woman. And, and also I’m, I’m, before I had my boyfriend, I always believed I had my own husband. I’m married to myself, and this guy was existent and he was walking with me in a imaginative state, and now he’s literally walking with me in a physical state. So that’s kind of the, beauty, how to, use your imagination and, not saying it’s fake or fake affirmation, but you have to feel it and you have to believe it.

Raven: Yeah, feeling the baby steps and then visualizing and manifesting the bigger steps. It’s the same feeling. It’s just a different number. 

Ozzin Jun: Yes. 

Raven: Thank you for that. Ozzin, us about your work. What, do you have any, free things to offer to us? Some resource?

Ozzin Jun: Yeah, sure. So I work with high performing, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, who want to scale their business. To, money-wise, profitability, optimization, all thing when it comes to marketing and a specialization when it comes to big ticket sales. So I also do low mid ticket, the brands.

The people that I work with are visionaries. People who really wanna go big, people who get the big results in making more money because it goes deep, the self worthiness, it goes into a healing process, aligning your purpose to your , big wish.

And then on top of. I’m sharing in my micro celebrity program, all the tools covered from A to C on how I scaled my business within eight months or six figures. And then most importantly, how I could, sustain it because I could not sustain it first. So it’s one hit and then I go down. and then the stress comes up you’re feeling millionaire.

The next day you feel homeless. So if people want more insights on that, I do have a Facebook group that I can share, with you as well. So you can link this, where I have free trainings with people, free content that people get.

Insights Toru, my whole year. Just follow me on Instagram. I always share their content on business, personal growth, and time by time announced new master classes. Some are paid, some are free. 

Raven: Thank you so much and thank you for your wisdom and your vibrational frequency here on the podcast, Ozzin.

Ozzin Jun: Thank you so much as well for having me, Raven.

Raven: So those are the four best practices for Empass dealing with anxiety after a tragic experience. Number one is to accept the anxiety, feel it deeply and quickly. Number two is feeling it deeply. Number three is releasing it. Number four is gaining a support system through a social worker, therapist, or close friends.

And a bonus she shared with us that practicing mindfulness is through your imagination, visualization, and it’s always best to be near a conduit of water. Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed this podcast, take a screenshot, share it to your socials, and tag me at Raven Scott.

Show and rate and review this podcast. And remember, always keep your unique light shining.

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