4 Ways to Decondition Your Subconscious through Human Design After Narcissistic Abuse | S5 Ep16

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“Our deepest unconscious security needs are linked with repeating clusters of prior life and early childhood feelings and experiences.”

– P 21 Healing the Soul Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes – Mark Jones
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Transform yourself through deeper understanding of human design practices. Follow these four methods to help decondition your subconscious mind and live more authentically.

Raven shares on the podcast today. How to Decondition your subconscious to manifest life of dreams after narcissistic abuse

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How to Decondition your subconscious to manifest life of dreams after narcissistic abuse

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Seven Ways to Decondition Your Subconscious Through Human Design

Transform yourself through deeper understanding of human design practices. Follow these seven methods to help decondition your subconscious mind and live more authentically.

Unlocking the power of the subconscious mind is essential to crafting a life that better reflects your true self. With human design, you can learn seven methods to decondition your subconscious and align with the energy that manifests your greatest potential.

Know your Human Design type and Stratgey

There are 5 types of energy type people in human design. Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, and Reflector.

Listen to know what each types strategy are.

Incorporate Visualization.

Visualization is a powerful tool to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. Regularly identify scenarios that reflect the desired outcome of what you want and picture it clearly in your mind’s eye. Visualize specific details, including how it looks and how it feels. With consistent visualization, you’ll be able to picture the changes as if they have already taken place, helping create an internal space for them to realize.

Practice Self-Acceptance and Compassion

Acceptance of yourself is the ultimate act of self-love. Deconditioning your subconscious mind begins and ends with loving, accepting and forgiving yourself, even if you are consciously aware of the mistakes made in life. There’s no need to be perfect and we’re all capable of making mistakes. By practicing self-acceptance and compassion, you can transform how you perceive failure or challenges; fostering a sense of growth instead of shame.

Try Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a great tool to help restore balance in the body and mind. It works by shifting focus from an analytical state of thinking to an open, accepting inner-awareness. When we clear our minds with meditation, we de-condition deep subconscious patterns that are no longer serving us. This practice helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and embody our life’s purpose. It also reduces anxiety or any other mental roadblocks we might be facing. To start, find a comfortable seated position and focus your attention on your breathing for at least five minutes each day.

Raven: You wanna just follow the breadcrumbs, keep taking experimental next steps that may be right or wrong, but listen and observe and experiment to what are you responding to? If you’re a generator, what are you being invited into if you’re a projector?


Unresolved Trauma from the Past

One of the biggest contributing factors to negative relationship patterns may be unresolved trauma. As humans, we bring our baggage and our past traumas into all of our relationships, whether subconsciously or not. Our past experiences shape the way we see ourselves, others, and how they see us. We may form beliefs that are based on those negative experiences, which contribute to our behavior in current relationships.

Lack of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

It is possible that someone may find themselves in the same negative relationship pattern because they lack the self-awareness or emotional intelligence to recognize they are repeating it. Without the tools, awareness, and understanding needed to identify when you are attracting the wrong person or circumstances into your life, it can be almost impossible to break free of an unfulfilling cycle. It’s important to keep in mind if you begin to identify patterns in your relationships that don’t bring satisfaction, such as feelings of unhappiness, that it might be time for a change.


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