Who we are.

Jessica and Raven are passionate about bringing you all the feels of this image. Relief, invigorating, intuitive, compassion, vibrant, and transform. 

You will gain all of these in this brand new community. 

A little about the hosts: 

Raven Scott: As  a survivor of narcissist abuse, the author of Empath and The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers, a Human Design Reader, and  a Certified Meditation Teacher, Raven Scott’s mission is to bring relatable connections and inspiration to your spiritual journey whether you are healing from a narcissist in your life, or finding your spark and purpose during a difficult transit.  She is passionate about empowering mothers and youth to break ancestral trauma, healing childhood trauma, extreme religious oppression, and end narcissism.

She believes knowing your Human Design while investing in your self development and emotional healing will allow you to gain back your power and sparkle to fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Learn more about Raven at http://ravenscott.show 

Jessica Schiller Silverman: I am founder and creator of Mo’Zen Wellness, an all-encompassing approach to wellness, mindset, and business coaching, centered on the three key components that made her successful. 1. Daily Movement in nature 2. Clean Eating and Proper Nutrition 3. Mindfulness Practice and Intuition. 

Her Digitally Savvy Membership was born for spiritual women entrepreneurs like you who are ready to get out of your mind + make money unleashing your creative passions…


for those women who have had an online presence and biz for a while and tired of playing it small, knowing deep inside that she was MADE FOR MORE! 

Learn more about Jessica at http://mozenwellness.com 

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